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Hello from Brussels! Why am I here?

Well, lets go back to last Thursday for a moment. I was at Amsterdam Airport about to get on my KLM flight to Chicago when I saw my friend Bart Tweeting about Brussels Airlines’ Tomorrowland flight.

Quick background — I love electronic dance music, but I’d never dance (no matter how much alcohol I have in me)… at least in public. As a result I limit my dance parties to completely empty first class cabins when the galley curtains are closed.

One of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world is Tomorrowland, held just outside of Brussels. The whole standing on a field shirtless while dancing and using portable toilet thing isn’t really for me, but in theory I’m intrigued by all of it.

For example, here’s the “movie” of last year’s festival:

Even more fascinating than the festival itself (at least to me), is Brussels Airlines’ involvement with it, as they have special Tomorrowland flights. During the festival they have a plane that flies a few routes as “Tomorrowland” service, with passengers consisting solely of those going to the festival.


To give a bit of background, here’s a video Brussels Airlines made of one of the 2012 Tomorrowland flights:

And here’s a video of one of the 2013 Tomorrowland flights:

Does that look crazy, crazy, or crazy?

So when I Tweeted Bart to let him know how jealous I was, Brussels Airlines invited me to join in on one of this week’s Tomorrowland flights.


Tomorrow morning I’ll be joining them on their Tomorrowland flight from Frankfurt to Brussels. I’ll actually be originating in Brussels and simply fly a “turn” in Frankfurt with the plane, and can’t wait to cover this.

Be sure you’re following along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for all the updates! And thanks of course to Brussels Airlines for inviting me to cover this flight!

Would you take a Brussels Airlines Tomorrowland flight? What level of madness should I expect? šŸ˜€


  1. That lineup looks amazing! European dance festivals destroy their American equivalents (ie Electric Daisy or North Coast dont hold a candle to this). Have fun on the flight and at the fest!

  2. Very Jealous! Have an awesome time! They are actually holding a Tomorrowland outside of Atlanta in September as well! Enjoy it!

  3. It’s tough for me to think of anything I’d less like to do, but I am very excited to see someone else review it!

  4. Good job it’s a Schengen flight! Imagine how heavily staffed Customs would be ready for its arrival!!!!

  5. Soooo PB and Jelly lol. With that many people having a great time I bet your bound to let loose a little Lucky!

  6. Looks nuts.
    Just remember that rapid shifts in an aircraft cg is not good for the handling of the aircraft.
    Party on!

  7. It *looks* fun, but in reality I imagine it’s like being on a flight to Vegas with a plane full of bachelor parties.

  8. O.M.G! So jealous.. but super-excited for you! Looking forward to reading all about it! Have a blast Lucky!

  9. Wow… you just moved up in to my rotation of top 3 travel / miles blogs i visit daily. Can’t wait for your coverage on this, I’m so jealous haha

  10. Quick background ā€” I love electronic dance music, but Iā€™d never dance (no matter how much alcohol I have in me)


    That’s all I will say.

  11. Ben you will enjoy it :-)! There is nothing better after reaching 10000 ft than starting to party and pop up a bottle of Champange. The overhead bins will be open by the flight attendants to let the special installed speakers unfold their magic and they make sure that all window blinds are close. Immediately after that the madness starts, the DJ is in full swing and all people are screaming and dancing on the aisle and seats. Best flight I ever had and I would taken it again unfortunately I have to work this year. At least I made it into the after movie of 2013 ;-).

    Enjoy it and have fun. Love Brussels Airlines for doing such special flights.

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