Yum: Brussels Airlines To Serve Fries & Belgian Waffles Onboard

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I’ve long admired Brussels Airlines, as they’re different than other airlines in Europe. They have some fun edge to them, like their ridiculous Tomorrowland party flights they operate during the annual music festival.

Unfortunately they’ve been hit especially hard by the recent Brussels terrorist attacks, which completely shut down the airport for several days, and greatly limited operations for an extended period of time. That’s especially hard for an airline like Brussels Airlines, which has just a single hub, so they couldn’t easily change their operations to a different airport.


Continuing with their theme of being ambassadors for Belgium, Brussels Airlines will soon be offering fries on intra-Europe flights of over two hours, and in their next catering cycle will offer Belgian waffles.


Per the press release:

Belgium is known for Tintin, for surrealism, Tomorrowland, chocolate and above all… fries, something Brussels Airlines did not offer yet on board, until today. The airline has put fries on its in-flight menu, wíth mayo or ketchup, of course.

The Belgian fries are available on all European flights with a duration of over 2 hours. After the fries, another Belgian specialty will be added to the menu: warm Belgian waffles, which are a big hit among foreign travelers.

Yum! I’m not sure whether I’d be more excited about fries onboard, or the Belgian waffles which well be offered afterwards. There’s some novelty to having fries on a plane — I ordered them on my recent Etihad flight, for example — since it’s not something you usually get on a plane.

Etihad-A380-First-Class - 39

I’m sure the cabin will have an interesting odor after these are served, though I suspect it pales in comparison to when Japan Airlines served KFC in economy on their flights for a limited time.

What do you think of fries and/or Belgian waffles as an onboard snack?

(Tip of the hat to Economy Class & Beyond)

  1. Fries will taste like garbage, I guarantee it.

    Even on the ground they have a short window of deliciousness. I can barely make it home from the drive-thru without them getting soggy and limp. On a plane using a convection oven? Pfffft… good luck.

  2. They relocated many flights to Frankfurt and Paris during the events and shuttling passengers by bus.

  3. Oddly enough, despite having been to Belgium several times, I can’t say that when I am asked to describe the country or its culture that “FRIES!” ever even registered although neither did Tomorrowland (which I had never heard of until you posted about it).
    Beer? Yes.
    Chocolate? Definitely.
    Beer? Of course.
    Waffles? Naturally.
    Beer? Duh.
    Pissing off Nigel Farage? Probably the most important thing the Belgians do since the Germans no longer need an express route for tanks entering France.
    Did I mention beer?

    This is going to bite them squarely on the ass and make the cabin smell like a White Castle. Hopefully this is short lived.

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