Japan Airlines to serve KFC on select routes…

Via The LA Times:

KFC is taking airplane food to a whole new level, pairing with Japan Airlines to serve its fast-food chicken on holiday flights between Tokyo and eight U.S. and European destinations.

The chain’s Japanese operation will provide a meal of a drumstick, chicken breast, flat bread, coleslaw and “special mayonnaise” to passengers on select trips out of Narita Airport from Dec. 1 through Feb. 28.

The so-called Air Kentucky trays will be served during the second mealtime in the premium-economy and economy-class sections of planes bound for Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Paris and Frankfurt.

Note to self: Don’t fly Japan Airlines between Narita Airport and Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Paris and Frankfurt betweeen December 1 and February 28.

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  1. More than the actual food my issue is with the smell, which I’m sure will even seep through the curtains. 😉

  2. KFC is tied with Arby’s for most disgusting fast-food. I have an acquaintance who sued KFC years ago for labor issues and during discovery they found reports of maggots living in the breading. That KFC is now the fabulous Rancho Bravo Mexican restaurant which I definitely recommend for the next time you make it across 520 for a night on Cap Hill. Best late night drunkchies.

  3. @BrewerSEA yes! RB Mexican has fantastic late-night drunk munchies (sorry, not combining words, betch.) It feels so gross on the inside though…so much like a KFC (krappy fuckin’ chicken).

  4. I believe they are also introducing ice cream from the New York supermarket Dean & Deluca.
    If you’ve been to Japan and know what Yoshinoya is, they will introducing their beef bowls onboard as well.

  5. I live in Japan and the whole Christmas time is a rather surreal experience in this country. Being a very secular country, Christmas in Japan is a purely commercial event with no religious undertones. I’ve seen it all here: From a client telling me that Christmas is a ‘time for lovers’ to seeing Santa Claus on a cross!

  6. It’s a conspiracy! You know the Colonel puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly! I always hated him with his wee beady eyes and smug look on his face…

  7. this is the best idea in all of aviation history, and I’m nit being sarcastic. this has got to be cheaper then those catering companies, and fast food usually with stronger tastes are better for Hugh altitude, and if people don’t like them, they can blame the fastfood chian and not the airline, I want to fly Japan air now just for some friking.

  8. Based on the health inspection reports I read about the caterers to many airlines I do not know if KFC can do much worse. Of course it might not be any better.

  9. Kentucky Fried Chicken smells as bad as Taco Bell! I agree with Lucky don’t fly between Narita and the US during that period. Just the smell would make me want to barf. They better put out more barf bags in the seat pockets.

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