British Airways “Visit Mum” Campaign For Mother’s Day

I thought one of the most touching airline advertisements ever was British Airways’ “Visit Mum” campaign, which they launched last July. I’m sure most of you have seen it by now, but if you haven’t, here’s the video:

It was just brilliant.

British Airways followed that up with another video focused around India, entitled “Go Further To Get Closer:”

I didn’t think it was quite as effective or emotional, but it was still a nice video.

Anyway, I’m happy that British Airways is continuing their “Visit Mum” campaign in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Here’s their “Celebrating Mum” video:

And their “Mum’s Favorite Stories” video:

And their “Taste Of Home” video:

And their “A Mother’s Wish” video:

Cute campaign, though certainly doesn’t measure up to the first one.

Still, moms rock!

Here’s the press release on the series:

Just in time for Mother’s Day, British Airways launched the next videos in its ‘Visit Mum’ campaign, which previously launched with the widely successful ‘Ticket to Visit Mum’ featuring ex-pat Ratnesh as he surprises his mom by visiting her in India for the first time in 15 years.  The video of Ratnesh and his mother garnered nearly 1.2M views on YouTube, 56M+ Twitter impressions and 127,000+ shares on Facebook and reminded us all that the best gift for any mom is time with their children.

The first video in the campaign launched today, reminding us Mother’s Day is a great time to Visit Mum. The other three will roll out on the BA site over the next three weeks. Like Ratnesh’s video, these new videos feature real moms talking about their sons (their favorite meals, favorite childhood stories, top advice, such as “Get Married”) and show us that it’s always a good time to head home.  The videos are a beautiful and emotional reminder of how much our mothers love us!

In addition, British Airways will support the campaign with a sale on flights from the US to India through May 22, helping more people get home to ‘visit mum.’

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  1. Wait…so are you visiting Mum this weekend?

    OK, even if not, I think we can agree you are a sehr gut son to her. (Not that agreement on anything has been widespread on the site this week.) 😉

  2. Lets get a kickstarter campaign started to raise money so you can visit your mum in Florida.

  3. The first video is a tear-jerker. As I mentioned in my other post, would be nice if somehow you/readers can figure out a way to incorporate something similarly warm & fuzzy into your Residence trip 🙂

  4. @ Peter — Not this weekend since I’m still in Europe, but I am early next week. 🙂

    Hah, and doubt there’s ANYTHING we can all agree on here, but appreciate it!

  5. Slightly ironic given that Mother’s Day in Britain (and I think the rest of Europe?) was weeks ago and we didn’t see the adverts there at the time!

  6. Unsurprised by BA launching such campaigns in India, because of 2 reasons: 1) Indians are very emotional lot, and such campaigns strike a chord instantly. I’m a big sucker for the Visit Mum campaign for example.

    2) India is the second largest market for BA, after US, thus marketing dollars keep flowing in.

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