British Airways’ Latest Emotional India Video

Last July British Airways uploaded a short video entitled “Visit Mum,” which left me speechless and almost in tears. I think it’s a video we can all relate to:

Well, just today they uploaded another amazing video, entitled “Go further to get closer,” once again centered around India:

Incredibly well done, though I don’t think anything can match the original video…

What do you think?

(Tip of the hat to Live from a Lounge)

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  1. Made me cry. Also reminded me that I used to complain about my in-laws but at least I never had to live with them.

  2. the real question is will they actually deliver my luggage to me if I go to India again? or will it sit in Delhi again for 6 days only to be reunited after I return home. BA, just say NO!

  3. Love the advertisement. I also really enjoyed the bitchy response by BA to a comment someone left on the video.

  4. @ dginchelsea — Hahaha, just saw that now. Love it:

    “Thanks very much for your comment. We’re sorry if you didn’t enjoy the video, but we’re glad you woke up in time to give us your feedback. We hope you’ll enjoy some of the other videos on our channel more.”

  5. I am not the teary eyed type, but the first one ‘almost’ got me there. It could be due to the fact that I am from India and I visualized my mom in that video.

  6. I am laughing at your post. This is never any emotional video. It is another attempt by BA fool frequent fliers like you. It is saying fly with us even though we are a rip off company. It is a biggest rip off airline company for their rip off fuel surcharge on award flights.. please wise up

  7. Not nearly as good as “Visit Mum” (which, I am not ashamed to admit, made my teary-eyed). I guess, I perhaps don’t get why they couldn’t have had a vacation by themselves before?

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