British Airways’ “Visit Mum” video

Okay, I’ve gotta give it to British Airways, this is damn well done. Kudos!

(Tip of the hat to David)

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  1. Lucky, thanks for for sharing that. With three adult children all older than you and a bunch of grandchildren, I can confirm it’s powerful advertising.

    I’d write more but some dust has kicked up from my keyboard and gotten in my eye.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Really well done ad. I’m a huge “Momma’s Boy” so this really resonated with me 🙂

  3. Well, now I’m going to have to get in a car and pay mom a visit. I guess I shouldn’t need an airline ad to inspire that.

  4. I guess that answered my question of “how the heck are they growing to get that through customs?”

  5. Lovely. My mum lives in Australia, my work brought me to California 7 years ago, and I settled here after I married. I lost my Dad last year. I love going home to see her.

    This was a particularly moving piece to watch – it certainly puts life into perspective and reminds one to prioritize loved ones.

    Thank you for sharing Ben.

  6. All the carrots I ate aren’t helping my eyes stay strong today. Damn you Ben…this one hit a little too close to home.

  7. Ben,
    Are you on a flight to Tulsa yet?
    Man, Kleenex should be happy about this one. Very touchy. Well done BA.

  8. Ben

    My Mum is “up there”, and unfortunately not even the best first class can make me to get with her physically. But you made my connect with her tonight, so I really Thank You. It has been quite some time since I have cried this much by myself!

    As an emigrant I miss a lot of my family and friends and obviously this video was touching to me. Thanks for sharing this video and some techniques through which some of us can be closer to our family!

  9. This made me think of my mum who I haven’t seen for 2 years 🙁 good job BA very well done

  10. Brilliant concept. Awesome Job by Ratnesh and Alka they were brilliant…Alka made me cry she represent all the mom’s of India ..Kudos British Airways…

  11. Wow! So, so powerful. Not ashamed to admit it made me cry because this is so similar to my situation. Fortunately, my mom is here but, due to various reasons, haven’t been able to go back and visit my dad & the rest of my family for 15 years 🙁

    *reaches for Kleenex*

  12. This was waay better than their new video for sure! *sniff

    I was wondering how they will bring the food over and how “fresh” it will stay…nice trick on Mum! ;p

  13. In case anyone was wondering whether the family is real or simply actors, this is a comment from video’s YouTube page:

    Aparajeeta Dubey 1 month ago

    I am Alka’s daughter and Ratnesh’s sister and live in Denver,USA. Since it was released,I have seen this commercial atleast a hundred times and end up sniffing and wiping a tear every single time. That is my brother and my mother and that is their chemistry..thanks BA for making it immortal!I love you…I can’t fly you because of Visa restrictions for transiting passenges in London, but the first instance I can, I will be on that BA plane!!Thanks again.

  14. I have been travelling with Ba for a few year now and have yet to have a bad experience, either on the flight or with the booking agent.

    This morning, my experience with a booking agent (based in Florida)was exceptional. I felt I had to pay my compliments to Terrence (6D)for fantastic customer service. Thank you Terrence, great job!! Keep it up.

  15. Well I never. Not a cynical or disparaging comment in sight. Well done to all you OMAAT correspondents for writing nice words, and well done to you others, who may have thought of being ‘amusing’, for keeping quiet. Right, where’s that handkerchief?

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