British Airways unveils their preliminary Airbus 380 seatmap

The BA Source has unveiled what is supposedly British Airways’ preliminary Airbus 380 seatmap, once they start taking delivery of them next July. I’m curious what you guys think of it.

First class is on the main deck, but what’s strange is that business class is on both the main deck and upper deck — it’s in a 2-4-2 configuration on the main deck and a 2-3-2 configuration on the upper deck.

If I’m not mistaken, this makes British Airways the first airline with middle seats in business class on their Airbus 380.

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  1. Are they shooting themselves in the foot or what? 2-2-2 on the upper deck is already quite a turnoff, let alone 2-3-2.

  2. It’s not 8 across like UA as this is a staggered configuration. So I feel there is something to be said about that. They do it on the 747 already anyways. If you ask me LH not using flat bed C seats is a way bigger turn off.

  3. 2-3-2 seems tight, though they already do 2-4-2 on their 747s/777s.

    Look closely, the middle seat in the 3 section faces backward while the 2 aisle seats face forward. Therefore, it’s still a solitary seat.

  4. I don’t care about flying backwards. I like lie flat. But I don’t like BA’s J – or F for that matter!


  5. At first glance, if you were to assume the white squares were a permanent obstacle, it seems as if the middle/window seats cannot get out. I think its drawn badly. I’ve seen some 2-3-2 business configurations and does not seem bad. Its nice for couples as they can see each other uninterrupted for the entire flight. I do not think they would’ve make it like 2-3-2 in coach where you would have to climb over someone to get out.

  6. There’s a tiny aisle for window seats and middle seats to exit that don’t bother aisle seats.

    Lucky, have you seriously not flown BA yet?

  7. Very disappointed with BA’s decision not to update the Club World seats on the A380s. They are innovative when it begins over decades ago, but now the seats are horribly outdated with lack of storage room (well the drawer is larger now but…) and the 2-4-2 seating in the main deck is not very attractive. With so many choices out there, BA should have settled for one of the new generation of lie flat seats. Yes BA will be the only A380 operator with a middle seat in business class.

    About aisle access, you still need to sort of climb over the stool of your seat mate in order to reach the aisle from the window or middle, when the aisle seat is in a full flat mode and when the stool is down.

  8. Looks like a pretty conservative approach – basically the same as what they offer now, with the drawback of the extra middle “loner” seat upstairs in Club World. The white “squares” are the foot rest of the seat, so you will have to climb over that from the person next to you to get out. As with the B744s the CW cabin back row A and K seats look best as they are the most private.
    they surely could have done better, but I guess they want continuity across their fleet(unlike LH who had to design a new J seat for their B748s).

  9. @Points loverrrr – the BA Chairman recently said that Hong Kong was likely with Madrid for getting crew trained up, etc.

  10. @Lucky – your post is a bit misleading, since the “middle” seats still have direct aisle access. It’s not unlike what they already have today, which was the best biz seat back when they launched it many years ago now. I’m interested in seeing what refresh they’re giving it, though, cause the current design is now a bit tired — though still very nice.

  11. @ AK — Only Club World London City and short Club Europe flights so far.

    @ A. S. — Direct aisle access, yes, but a middle seat that will feel claustrophobic nonetheless.

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