British Airways’ Strike Gives Muscat Passengers A Nice Upgrade

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Since June this year, British Airways’ mixed fleet crew have been on strike.

Thankfully, the impact hasn’t been as large as when it happens at Lufthansa or Air France. In fact, for passengers the experience has been quite positive. Many intra-European passengers have been enjoying Qatar A320s on certain routes. This was an especially big upgrade for Club Europe passengers.

On my visit to Muscat yesterday, Oman Air CEO Paul Gregorowitsch pointed to an article noting that British Airways had suspended their Muscat service until 23 August.

The good news? Passengers are being rebooked on Oman Air. “We’re taking a nice premium”, he said.

They didn’t operate on August 16th and have canceled flight through August 23rd.

What I find funniest about this is that Club World passengers will be rebooked into Oman Air’s industry-leading Apex Suite.

Not only is the seat far superior, but so are the service, food, entertainment, and amenities. Even in economy, passengers will go from getting British Airways normal service to Oman Air’s — with amenity kits, power ports, wifi and more.

Oman Air Business Class.

It’s been a lot of fun reading passenger feedback on the substitute intra-European Qatar flights. Now another Middle Eastern airline is getting thrown in the mix, and I can’t wait to hear what people think about their flights.

Going from Club World to Oman Air Business is like night and day – the latter will probably see quite a few new loyalists from this in the future.

Is anyone scheduled to fly to Muscat on British Airways this week?

  1. I’m sure all if those passenger will support BA’s crew strike forever…. lol. Free upgrade with qatar and oman….

  2. I was wondering why BA prices fir departure 25th august jumped up so sharp from £197 eco to £683 OW.
    Would have been more logic to rebook them on partner Qatar airways.

  3. The London route is the “old” business class until the 787-9’s join the fleet next year. Still miles apart from Club World.

  4. My experience with Oman Air business class (MCT – CDG) was mixed. While the plane is new and the Apex Suite was phenomenal, the service/ food was otherwise mediocre for my flight. I only had 2 out of 4 main course choices, and The “Omani specialities” chicken dish I had was very dry. My drink was not refilled and the service was not particularly friendly. I ordered coffee with my second meal but the coffee never came. Quite disappointing.

  5. My husband just flew back from Work in Muscat with Qatar business class as the BA flight was cancelled. He was very impressed with the service and the lounges. It really puts BA club to shame.

  6. when will BA take the hint? Their product is abysmal. They’re even using superior products during the strike. BA needs to wake up and get it head out of its behind.

  7. @n

    BA is listening to the sound of cash registers*.

    It has a near-monopoly on landing slots at LHR, which has some of the most lucrative premium traffic in the world. BA can have a relatively shitty product, but the sheet mass of its network from LHR makes it one of the world’s more profitable airlines. And the “profitable legacy airlines club” is pretty small to begin with.

    So, while it makes huge profits, there’s little incentive to improve the product.

    Maybe – maybe – there are the first stirrings of improvement; after years of cut-backs, we’re finally seeing some investment in CW product: first relatively trivial things like the new linens from The White Company. Perhaps more significantly, the first. new A350 being delivered later this year promises a CW seat with – at last – direct aisle access for every seat. Let’s see what that’s like. Though I suspect it ain’t going to offer much of a challenge to QSuites.

    * For younger viewers, perhaps I should say the sound of a contactless credit card reader beeping a payment … Nope, that’s not as snappy.

  8. Paul,

    100% correct and, if you can fill 8-across in CW at full fare regularly on Trans-Atlantic routes, and BA can, then why on earth would you make it 4-across?

    Not to mention that BA has better planes, including the A-380 and soon, as you note, the A-350. Maybe I can get 4-across on an old AA 767, but would I want to?

  9. I don’t know. The Oman Air business class certainly appears to have plenty of legroom, but, at least in that photo, it sure looks cramped width-wise. Maybe it’s the perspective or camera angle, but from here it looks barely wider than a coach seat.

  10. People seem to be surprised that BA is using superior products to cover their strike dates… I think the situation sums up BA… they are not afraid or worried about their passengers flying with a superior airline and product, because their customer base will remain, despite of it! The monopoly, the business contracts… it’s not BA’s product that keeps their customers returning!

  11. Hi. …#Martin
    Oman air is noy a dry airline.
    They have nice Champagne. Good food and most importantly LFB.

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