Review: British Airways Lounge Rome Airport

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Even though we really didn’t need to leave so early, we decided to head to the airport at around 6AM for our 8:05AM flight. We had naturally woken up quite early, and figured we might as well go to the lounge and have coffee rather than stay in our room any longer, given that everything at the hotel was closed.

We had checked in online for our flight the day before, so already had mobile boarding passes. We headed straight to security, which was surprisingly efficient. It’s not that the line was especially short, but rather that I was impressed by the efficiency and friendliness of all the staff.

After clearing security we followed the signage towards the “H” concourse, since that’s where our flight was departing from. I was searching on my phone as we walked to try and figure out where the British Airways lounge was located, and struggled (though it was early in the morning and I needed coffee). Even the usually useful oneworld lounge finder only indicated that the lounge was airside in Terminal 3, without a more specific location.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 1
Rome Airport terminal

Fortunately as we kept walking towards the “H” concourse we eventually saw signage for the lounge on the left.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 2
Rome Airport terminal

The Alitalia and British Airways lounge were one level up from the concourse, so we took the escalator up.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 3
Signage for British Airways Lounge Rome Airport

The British Airways Lounge Rome is open daily from 5:15AM until 8:30PM (in winter it only opens an hour later), so at this point had already been open for over an hour. We presented the attendant with our mobile boarding passes and she promptly admitted us, though she briefly held onto our passports as she verified them.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 4
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport exterior

It’s my understanding that the British Airways Lounge was recently renovated, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. After looking at pictures of the old lounge it does indeed appear like the new one is a considerable upgrade. Still…

Anyway, the lounge consisted of one big room, though fortunately it had a few pillars and walls to create a (slight) sense of privacy.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 5
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport seating

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 6
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport seating

There were self serve food & drink stations at the far ends of the lounge, and then a food station in the middle of the lounge.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 7
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport seating

Seating was split between dining tables with chairs, couches, and leather lounging chairs.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 8
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport seating

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 9
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport seating

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 10
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport seating

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 11
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport seating

On one side of the lounge was a smoking room.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 12
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport smoking room

Across from the smoking room was a small business center of sorts, if it can even be called that. It just had a printer and a single PC, without any real desk space to sit at (personally I value a real desk with an outlet over a PC or a printer).

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 13
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport business center

The self serve stations on both sides of the lounge had espresso machines, filtered coffee, juice, liquor, wine, and soft drinks. There was also yogurt in the fridge below the buffet.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 14
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport buffet spread

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 15
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport wine & juice

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 16
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport espresso machine

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 17
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport liquor selection

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 18
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport yogurt

Then in the center of the lounge was the very underwhelming food spread, which consisted of cereal, fruit in syrup, pastries/croissants, meat, and cheese. It’s a bit puzzling that the airline spends the money to have their own lounge, but then skimps so much on the actual offerings. Or perhaps with the volume of British Airways passengers departing Rome, operating their own lounge is just the cheapest option.

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 19
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport buffet

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 20
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport buffet

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 21
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport cereal

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 22
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport pastries

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 23
British Airways Lounge Rome Airport bread, cold cuts, and cheese

We spent about 45 minutes in the lounge, most of which we spent working. Fortunately the wifi in the lounge was serviceable, so I had no issues in that regard.

At around 7:20AM we left the lounge and headed to our departure gate for our flight to London, which was about a five minute walk away. Within five minutes of arriving at gate H3, fast track boarding was called, which seemed to include about half of the plane (business class went through row 12, and on top of that there seemed to be a lot of elite members in economy).

British-Airways-Lounge-Rome - 24
British Airways departure gate Rome Airport

British Airways Lounge Rome bottom line

While the British Airways Lounge Rome is fine physically, I was underwhelmed by the food & drink selection. On the plus side, at least the wifi in the lounge worked fine. If you wouldn’t otherwise have access, there are a couple of Priority Pass options in Rome, where a credit card with lounge access could be useful.

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  1. I flew BA out of FCO a week after the fire last year and they were using the Alitalia/ Skyteam lounge temporarily which was much nicer- larger and more modern.

  2. I flew Rome – Vienna today, spent 3 hours in the Alitalia Lounge in Terminal C, D section, which is open to Star Alliance Gold (when they fly Lufthansa or Austrian). While the waiters were friendly, it was terrible all in all… Really small, really crowded, and only a very limited selection of food during lunch time – and that very small area of the lounge was always crowded. Hated the whole experience. Please consider reviewing toilets also when reviewing Lounges, Lucky! Today in my lounge, there was basically always someone waiting, because there are only two flush toilets for men and nothing more!!

  3. I can confirm that the BA lounge has been recently “renovated”, in the sense that it took a large brunt of the damage from the fire at the airport in 2015 and had to be refurbished. It was closed when we flew out of FCO in July of last year. It was annoying that BA provided no alternative arrangements until they could re-open their own lounge. Thank goodness I have PP and could use the Le Anfore lounge, which frankly looks better than the BA lounge, anyway.

  4. What’s with the “eligibility” for this lounge? Club Europe, BAEC Gold travelling on OW seems fine… then Silver/OWE/OWS travelling only on BA?

  5. I’ll also be departing FCO in Nov on BA 551..
    I’ve had better buffets in ex soviet states, than what was represented here..
    Glad to have PP thru CSR….

  6. Hello, I would like to share my visit to business launch in FCO airport Rome. On April 4, I returned UIA from Rome to Kiev PS 0308. Me and my wife had businessclass tickets (Dmitry IvanovPanorama Club 1000158084, Irina Kravchrenko). After the passport control we were not allowed to stay in the business lounge (as usually partnership of UIA the business lounge British Airways). Representative in the business lounge checked our ticket, phoned the front Desk and then said that we had no invitation it was in her room, she’s not interested in that we are businessclass tickets, refused to show her badge (said badge at all not her), refused to be presented (photo in attachment). At our request to visit toiler she promised to call the police if we will not get out of the launch. Similarly, she didn’t let another couple from our flight to stay at the lounge. Could you, please,explain the situation for me as frequent business flyer? Best regards, Dmitry Ivanov Dmitri D. Ivanov, MD, profProfessor in NephrologyHead of Nephrology and RRT DEPP. L. Shupik national medical Academy of postgraduate education (NMAPE)

  7. Although it’s a limited selection, I found it to be pretty much what hotels I have stayed at in Italy present for breakfast buffets. Fruit, yogurt, cereals, meat cheese and rolls

  8. Nice’s way too warm and they need to change the beer glass. A few with chip off on top. Before someone cut their lips. I am not a regular but see that’s dangerous.

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