Review: Hotel Romazzino Porto Cervo

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For our last night in Porto Cervo we decided to change hotels. Starwood has four properties in the Porto Cervo area, and while Cala Di Volpe is generally regarded as the best, I was curious to try another one. Hotel Romazzino looked like the next best property based on the pictures and reviews, so we decided to stay there.

While we booked a half board rate at Cala Di Volpe, we decided to book a Luxury Privileges rate for our one night stay at Hotel Romazzino. The rate for the one night stay was ~350EUR, which came with the following published Starwood Luxury Privileges benefits:

  • Complimentary standard in-room internet access
  • One 200 USD food and beverage credit per room, per stay
  • Daily buffet breakfast for two guests
  • VIP Treatment
  • Upgrade on arrival, early check-in and late check-out which are all subject to availability

That seemed better than the half board rate, given that the half board rate wasn’t eligible for Luxury Privileges. Besides, for a one night stay a ~$200 credit would cover the cost of a meal anyway, and we’d get breakfast as well.

Hotel Romazzino is just a five minute drive from Cala Di Volpe, though unfortunately there’s a taxi mafia in town with fixed pricing, so the very short drive cost 35EUR. Ridiculous, and I wish we had rented a car.

As we drove to Hotel Romazzino I realized it had quite a different setting than Cala Di Volpe. Hotel Romazzino is on a hill, so rather than feeling like you’re directly on the water, you have more of an elevated view of the bay, surrounding landscape, etc.

The hotel’s exterior was beautiful, and certainly more prominent than Cala Di Volpe’s.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 1
Hotel Romazzino exterior

The lobby was huge, and had a similar general design to Cala Di Volpe. It was perhaps a bit less whimsical and felt more like a “straightforward” Mediterranean resort.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 2
Hotel Romazzino lobby

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 3
Hotel Romazzino lobby

Reception was located inside the lobby to the right, where we were helped by a very friendly associate. He had us checked in quickly, explained the benefits we’d get through Luxury Privileges, etc. He also explained that we had been upgraded to one of the nicest premium rooms.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 4
Hotel Romazzino reception

Our room wasn’t far from the lobby, though did require going up two sets of stairs.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 5
Hotel Romazzino stairs to room

We were assigned room 452, located at the far end of the hall.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 7
Hotel Romazzino walkway to room

As you can see on the below floorplan, the floor we were on had only a few rooms.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 8
Hotel Romazzino floorplan

This room was gorgeous, even nicer than our room at Cala Di Volpe, in my opinion. It featured a king size bed with drapes, a desk, and a small living area.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 10
Hotel Romazzino premium room

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 12
Hotel Romazzino premium room

I loved the bed with drapes.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 13
Hotel Romazzino premium room bed

The sitting area featured a two seat couch as well as a couple of chairs.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 14
Hotel Romazzino premium room sitting area

On the opposite end of the room was a desk.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 15
Hotel Romazzino premium room desk

Then opposite the bed was the flat screen TV, as well as the minibar.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 16
Hotel Romazzino premium room TV

The room’s bathroom was back near the entrance, and had beautiful tiles. The lounge had double sinks, a toilet, bidet, and a shower/tub combo. I thought the bathroom was beautiful, except for the lack of a walk-in shower, which I generally expect from a hotel of this caliber.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 19
Hotel Romazzino premium room bathroom

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 21
Hotel Romazzino premium room shower

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 22
Hotel Romazzino premium room toilet

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 23
Hotel Romazzino premium room bidet

Toiletries were provided by Acqua Di Parma.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 24
Hotel Romazzino premium room Acqua Di Parma toiletries

While the room itself was beautiful, the highlight was the outdoor terrace, which featured a couch and two lounge chairs.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 25
Hotel Romazzino premium room terrace

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 26
Hotel Romazzino premium room terrace

The view from the terrace was stunning, including of the resort, bay, and surrounding countryside.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 28
Hotel Romazzino premium room terrace view

From the back of the terrace you could see the tennis court and surrounding countryside as well.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 29
Hotel Romazzino premium room terrace view

Wifi in the room was fast, and we had a rather generous welcome amenity, consisting of an over-the-top cake, prosecco, fresh fruit, and chocolates. While the cake was a nice touch, it would have been perfectly fine if it were also about a quarter the size.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 30
Hotel Romazzino welcome gift

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 33
Hotel Romazzino welcome gift

While I’ll cover dining here in a separate post, in this installment I’ll talk a bit about the rest of the hotel. Off the lobby was tons of seating, both indoor and outdoor.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 34
Hotel Romazzino lobby area

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 35
Hotel Romazzino lobby bar

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 36
Hotel Romazzino lobby bar

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 40
Hotel Romazzino terrace

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 41
Hotel Romazzino terrace

This is also where one of the hotel’s bars was.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 37
Hotel Romazzino lobby bar

The bar area had two gorgeous outdoor terraces, with amazing views of the surrounding area.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 42
Hotel Romazzino terrace

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 43
Hotel Romazzino terrace

The hotel also had two pools — one saltwater and one freshwater. The pools could be accessed by a few different paths, leading through the hotel’s beautifully manicured lawn.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 44
Hotel Romazzino walkway to pools

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 46
Hotel Romazzino walkway to pools

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 47
Hotel Romazzino exterior

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 48
Hotel Romazzino exterior

Both pools were quite large. One was on the far left of the resort, which seemed to be more popular with guests.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 54
Hotel Romazzino pool

Then there was another one on the opposite end of the resort.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 55
Hotel Romazzino pool

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 56
Hotel Romazzino pool

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 57
Hotel Romazzino pool

The hotel also has direct beach access. The beach was quite nice — certainly not to the level of the Maldives, but still very nice for the area.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 59
Hotel Romazzino beach

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 60
Hotel Romazzino beach

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 61
Hotel Romazzino beach

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 62
Hotel Romazzino beach

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 63
Hotel Romazzino beach

Much like Cala Di Volpe, the hotel also has a huge outdoor gym, which is pretty awesome. It’s much more fun to exercise when you have a view like you have from this resort. I wish more resorts would offer this.

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 49
Hotel Romazzino outdoor fitness

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 50
Hotel Romazzino outdoor fitness

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 51
Hotel Romazzino outdoor fitness

Hotel-Romazzino-Porto-Cervo - 52
Hotel Romazzino outdoor fitness

Hotel Romazzino bottom line

Much like Cala Di Volpe, Hotel Romazzino is beautiful. After staying at Cala Di Volpe I was expecting to be disappointed, though I wasn’t. The hotel has a completely different view thanks to the higher elevation, so if visiting Porto Cervo and staying in the area, I’d consider splitting my time between the two hotels, as they’re each charming in their own right. I especially loved the gorgeous room we had.

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  1. I’m confused about something I’m new to this rewards program and I just got the Chase Sapphire reserve I was reading someone’s blog and they said that you can use star alliance one world and sky team when you transfer your miles but I don’t understand how that works do I have to sign up for those things?

  2. Was a very interesting read. 🙂 (Not my world though, I would happily try it for a night 🙂 ) Seems like these luxury trips give an isolated experience. (or that is my feeling) What do you think?

    I mean I cannot stop thinking about reading the very same trip with the following set-up: traveled Y; took public transportation and on-foot mechanism to the place; hotel, and a simple BB, or a nice touch hotel with a good paid discount rate around ~200 USD (for 3-4 nights) some local street food etc. And what type of an experience this would have provided about the experience, the place, the impressions, the beaches of Sardinia, etc. I tend to think that if you pay so SOOOOOOO much for 1 night stay you have a strong desire not to leave the hotel and discover the place better. Again was a very insightful reading nothing negative and thanks for sharing these nice pics.

  3. Boy what a dump. You overpaid for this hotel hands down. Even with the 200usd i imagine you bought two appetizers given the prices there

  4. Viva Rock Vegas! Flintstones hotel number 2!

    I agree with Jay that it’s better than the last place. Can’t see anything about this hotel which is either gorgeous or beautiful. Thanks for taking one for the team – I will not be bothering with Porto Cervo. .

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