British Airways First & Business Class Sale

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British Airways has just launched a summer companion fare sale, for anyone looking for a last minute gateway.

British Airways fare sale basics

There are some things that make this sale unique:

  • It’s mostly for last-minute travel
  • It’s a companion offer, so it’s only valid if you’re traveling with someone
  • It’s for travel originating in London, which is great since oftentimes fares out of London are outrageously expensive, as it’s a prime business market (also keep in mind that fares out of London are subjected to the high UK Air Passenger Duty, so the fact that these low fares include that is awesome)

While you’ll want to check the terms for each city pair, the sale is mostly valid for flights booked through August 19, 2019, and for travel through September 30, 2019. There’s a Saturday night minimum stay required for these fares.

In all cases, you have to originate in London to take advantage of these fares, so this is most practical for people in Europe.

Business-class fare sales

Just to give some examples of the fares that are available, you can fly roundtrip business class for two people for £2,019 (or about ~$2,440) between the following city pairs:

  • From London to Abu Dhabi
  • From London to Dubai
  • From London to Las Vegas
  • From London to New Orleans
  • From London to New York
  • From London to Philadelphia
  • From London to Washington

British Airways’ 747 business class

There are some other great fares available, though the above are the best in my opinion. Check out the sale page for all the city pairs on sale.

If you do book a business class fare sale, British Airways makes it easy to upgrade from business class to first class, so for planes operated by planes with a first-class cabin.

Furthermore, keep in mind that British Airways’ new Club Suites debut between London and Dubai as of early September, so this is a way to score an incredible deal on a flight in that cabin.

British Airways’ new A350 business class

First-class fare sales

There are also some excellent first class fares. You can fly roundtrip first class for two people for £3,019 (or about ~$3,645) between the following city pairs:

  • From London to Houston
  • From London to Miami
  • From London to New York
  • From London to Toronto
  • From London to Washington

British Airways’ 747 first class

Earning miles from British Airways flights

These flights should credit as “I class” in business class, and “A class” in first class, so here are some options when deciding where to credit (you can earn even more miles with status):

  • Alaska Mileage Plan: 150% elite miles and 250% redeemable miles for business, 250% elite miles and 450% redeemable miles for first
  • American AAdvantage: 200% elite miles and 125% redeemable miles in business, 200% elite miles and 150% redeemable miles in first
  • British Airways Executive Club: 150% redeemable miles in business, 250% redeemable miles in first

Just to give an example of first-class mileage earning with the Houston deal, you’d be traveling ~9,670 miles roundtrip. If crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan you’d earn 43,515 Alaska miles, and you could be earning up to 55,603 miles with status. At a valuation of about two cents per mile, that’s half of your ticket cost back in miles.

Bottom line

Typically the best premium fares are available out of secondary markets, so to see a sale like this out of London is pretty remarkable. While it won’t be for everyone, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a last-minute getaway.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these great British Airways fares?

  1. I just flew 777 Club World to SEA. This was my first ever business class experience on BA, and it was a huge disappointment..

  2. Lol at “Premium class”, presumably that refers to BA’s pricing of said cabin rather than anything else, because the idea that Club World counts as luxury is hilarious.

    Club Suites will at least make it feel like it’s a business class cabin designed this millennium.

  3. Just flew in business YYZ to LGA in one of their 777s. The whole junk cabin is falling apart. Dirty seat, no kidding, the bottom right corner of the super tiny monitor was missing, broken off, never repaired. The monitor was so old, you could barely see anything anymore. No wonder they are giving the seats away. It’s truly crappy, as far as business class goes.

  4. Lucky, theluxurytraveller’s post should be deleted. Having such blasphemy as the first comment really misrepresents BA in a way that would harm general consumers.

  5. Why don’t you check out the luxurytraveller on Instagram- I think Jarvis knack of gaming the points system for some fricking amazing luxurious escapes sets a high bar…. peanut gallery too quick to judge here!

  6. @JonH

    Jarvis is a below-average writer who doesn’t provide any information you can’t get better elsewhere

  7. Udo,

    Gatwick is for leisure flyers and so the standard is lower, and BA has its oldest planes on vacation routes.

    Heathrow flights have better planes and higher standards.


    I’d still rather fly BA CW than J on any US airlines.

  8. In full agreement with Jarvis, the rear facing window seats on a BA club flight is one of the best sleeping seats going. It’s great not to have to put your feet in a box. Sure direct aisle access you be nice but if you can do a sprightly hop, who cares.

    To go from 8 across front and back to 8 across with your foot in a box doesn’t win you much except a bit of elbow room, aisle access and storage space.

    Sad to see the old club world go.

  9. Surely BA wouldn’t encourage people to book during what would be the prime BALPA strike period?

    So does this mean they’ve resolved it?

  10. Not sure why so many people dislike BA. I fly Biz most of the time and BA is still one of the best, at least for me. One important factor is that you do not need to sleep in a coffin class so your leg will not be restricted. can you name one other airline which is not coffin class and also provide kind of privacy? PS: Just flew BA11 and best sleep in the air again….

  11. @ Ed even those that can manage a ‘sprightly hop’ don’t like the BA CW seat. I don’t want to hop over people and nor do I want other people hopping over me. It’s hardly a premium experience these days.

    The new cabin will be 4 across not 8 and the seat (excluding the box) is something like 6 foot 6 long so very few people will have their feet in any sort of box.

    @ theluxurytraveller – your posts here are just snobbish and unpleasant. I’m certainly not going to up your hit count on instagram or wherever you post your nonsense

    My issue with this sale is the lack of cheap fares for solo travellers. I priced up LHR-JFK and it was £1,500. Why should I have to pay almost £500 more just because I fly solo v a couple.

  12. The only first class product I can think of as being as dated as BA is Air India.

    But they also price it appropriately. This should be the normal price for BA First current hard product.

  13. Booked!!!!!

    So good that i booked 2 round trip tickets from london to dubai from 9th to the 12th

    Came to approx £3000

  14. Wait till you get downgraded on BA to Premuim and refunded 280 euros as compensation! Their argument being they overbooked Business and as I did not hold a frequent flyers card with them was the first to go.

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