Excellent British Airways First & Business Class Sale Fares From London

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British Airways has launched a winter sale for departures from London, with excellent fares in all classes, but I especially wanted to point out some of the best deals in business and first class.

While British Airways may not be your first choice when looking for premium revenue fares, and some of these prices may seem ‘good, but not amazing,’ there are a few reasons this sale is definitely worth a look:

  • Flights are on sale until January 31, 2019, so you don’t have to drop what you are doing to book something immediately
  • Dates for travel do vary by destination, however there’s great availability across many months for most routes
  • These are advertised sale fares, not mistake fares
  • These flights depart from London, so these fares include the luxury APD tax, and will not require positioning to mainland Europe to start the fare, like so many premium fare deals do
  • These are direct, non stop flights
  • There’s excellent crediting options which I’ll discuss further below
British Airways 747 First Class

There are dozens of destinations available on sale — some are barely discounted, so barely a deal, but I’ll list those destinations I think provide great value.

These are return, per person, from London (no minimum number of travellers).

First Class

  • Chicago – From £1,874
  • Nashville – From £1,793
  • San Jose – From £2,455
  • Sao Paulo – From £2,984
  • Seattle – From £2,227
  • Washington D.C. – From £1,890

Business Class

  • Cancun – From £1,645
  • Chicago – From £1,474
  • Lima – From £1,679
  • Miami – From £1,676
  • Nashville – From £1,377
  • New Orleans – £1,551
  • New York – From £1,476
  • San Francisco – From £1,583
  • Trinidad & Tobago – From £1,711
British Airways First Class

Where to credit?

These flights should credit as ‘I class’ in business, and ‘A class’ in first, so here are some options when deciding where to credit (more with status):

  • British Airways Executive Club – 150% redeemable miles per mile flown for business, 250% for first class
  • American Airlines AAdvantage, or Japan Airlines Mileage Bank, which both earn 125% for business, 150% for first class
  • Alaska Mileage Plan 250% for business, and a whopping 450% for first class!

Using the Nashville deal as an example, it is 4,192 miles flown each way, so 8,384 return. If crediting to Alaska, that would earn 20,960 base miles in business class and a huge 37,728 redeemable miles in first class!

Based on Ben’s most recent valuation of Alaska miles of 1.8 cents each, that’s around £535/$680 worth of miles for one return flight in first class, which brings the price down considerably!

In terms of the price differences between first and business class, you’ll see with the examples of Chicago and Nashville that there’s about a £400 price difference between the two classes on the same route.

If you’re crediting to Alaska you’ll earn an extra 200% miles for first over business, so with the Nashville example, that’s an extra 16,768 miles. Based on the valuation that’s about £237/$300 extra. So if I was crediting to Alaska I would definitely look at paying the extra £400 to travel in a much better class of service, and earn more than half the additional cost back in the extra miles.

Here are Ben’s recent reviews of British Airways first and business class.

The aircraft type will depend on the destination you choose.

British Airways 747 Business Class

Bottom line

Most premium fare deals I write about are departing (mainland) Europe. It’s much rarer to see these deals departing from London, especially for non stop flights.

Unfortunately these deals are not available in reverse.

If you wish to book, head directly to the British Airways website. The sale runs from now until the end of January 2019.

Are there any first or business class fares that stand out to you as being especially good?


  1. APD is not a ‘luxury’ tax so stop calling it that.

    In any case BA’s price gouging carrier surcharge (i.e. basic profit) is a lot more than APD is yet you make no comment about that.

    APD on a CW flight (post April 2019) = £176

    BA carrier surcharge = £400

  2. Yep, just bagged LHR-LAX-LHR in First for under $4,000. It was $8,000 when I looked a week ago,not that I’d ever pay that.

    Plus I earn 37,000 Avios (OW Emerald) plus over 10K Ultimate Points for booking using my Chase card.

  3. (1) what is the EQM on each airline (which honestly is more important than RDm for paid tix) ?
    (2) does this extend to summer instead of low season winter (sounds like a no from comments) – should put off peak in title
    (3) can you get Chase BA card discount?

  4. Not sure if BA’s 747 upper deck is a realistic presentation of Club World. Show the downstairs (or non-747) dorm instead.

  5. What’s cheap about $ 2,008 in Biz from London to SFO? 2 years ago I paid $ 1,460 return in Biz with United from Dublin all the way to Maui, valid for a year. Guess it was an introductory offer.

  6. Luis, I wish, but no time machine, just a good service out of Germany that I pay about $ 200
    a year to get prime info about deals like that.

  7. mauipeter

    I have’t seen BA CW fares anything as cheap as that “special” fare they offered a couple of years ago. Evidently it was too cheap.

  8. The fares listed are typical for BA. They consistently have the lowest F fares. $5k R/T from the US to India for example is a bargain, if willing to pay for BA F.

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