British Airways Introduces At-Home First Class Dining

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If you’re in the UK, you could soon be enjoying a British Airways first class meal at home.

British Airways’ first class meal kits

British Airways has teamed up with catering partner DO & CO and food delivery service Feast Box to give people the chance to experience a British Airways first class meal in the comfort of their own home.

With this initiative, British Airways has created a limited edition cook-at-home meal kit that mirrors the British Airways first class dining experience.

Each meal kit includes a four course menu, with customers being able to choose vegetarian, fish, and meat dishes in their kits. Note that these aren’t meals you just pop in the microwave — rather customers will prepare the meal at home, as the kit contains a recipe sheet and an information card in the form of a passport.

The kits are available for order as of today, and deliveries begin next week. Those who order will receive a complimentary box from Feast Box’s regular menu, plus a voucher for 10% off a British Airways flight.

As Hamish McVey, British Airways’ Head of Brands and Marketing, describes this:

“We hope that this exclusive First experience will allow our customers who are missing flying to enjoy an amazing dining experience at home. British Airways, Feast Box and DO & CO take huge pride in offering top quality international cuisine, and although it might appear a little different being delivered to a customer’s door rather than at 38,000 feet, we hope it will be just as exciting.”

What’s on the menu?

Currently there are four different menus you can choose from:

  • Each kit is four courses and serves two people — there’s a starter, a main course, a cheese board, and dessert
  • Really there are two different starters and two different mains, which is why there are a total of four options, so you can choose which combination you want
  • Fortunately the food seems to be British Airways’ pre-pandemic first class catering, and not what’s currently being served
  • The below prices include taxes but not shipping

For vegetarians, you can order a whole grain salad as your starter and handmade agnolotti as your main, which costs £80 and has a cook time of 55 minutes.

Alternatively, you can order smoked salmon as your starter and handmade agnolotti as your main, which costs £80 and has a cook time of 45 minutes.

You can also order smoked salmon as your starter and beef cheeks as your main, which costs £100 and has a cook time of 50 minutes.

You can also order a whole grain salad as your starter and beef cheeks as your main, which costs £100 and has a cook time of 60 minutes.

Bottom line

Those in the UK can now order a British Airways meal kit to enjoy at home. We’ve seen airlines get creative during the pandemic, though British Airways isn’t the first airline to introduce at-home first class meals — Singapore Airlines had a similar concept a while back, though it was much more expensive, and also included a lot more (including caviar and champagne!).

For avgeeks in the UK this could be a fun dinner plan for one evening. The one consideration is that this is probably mostly for people who enjoy cooking, since there’s still quite a bit of prep time and work required.

Anyone in the UK plan on trying their hand at British Airways first class catering? 😉

  1. Hi Lucky,

    Having ordered this, I can tell you the price also includes shipping within the mainland UK or at least the invoice marks shipping as £0.00.

    The first 500 people also get a bottle of the English sparkling wine that BA serve onboard.

  2. 80 quid seems a little steep for a cook-at-home pasta meal box. I suppose one might get value from the 10% off voucher?

  3. I’m not fond of their first class offerings either before the pandemic or now. I can’t think of a valid reason why I would want to recreate a mediocre experience at home.

  4. Brilliant airline
    take your miserable premium onboard dining experience with you right into your home
    All customers get a voucher for guaranteed lost luggage on their future flight with a minimum 45 min wait on a line to authenticate the British Airways experience and may or may not be contacted afterwards

  5. You cannot recreate BA first-class beef unless you cook it behind number four engine on take-off. My microwave doesn’t have a setting that high.

  6. This reminds me of the United Airlines cookbook…why on Earth would anybody want to make bad food at home on purpose? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Alex said it right, I don’t eat their rubbish on the plane and definitely not going to pay to order it to my home.

  8. So many dumb armchair experts here commenting on BA decision to test this offer. Even though their food is crap, there are plenty of gullible folks willing to pay for it. In the end, what matters the most is how much money they can extract from people barred from flying.

  9. This looks terrible. I understand the enthusiast appeal of airlines that are legitimately delivering catered and cooked meals including airline cutlery to customers, however why would someone pay 200-400% to buy the raw ingredients when they can go to Tesco and buy them themselves and cook it much healthier, cheaper, and with less environmental cost

  10. Mark, you mentioned UA’s cookbook. Didn’t Lucky promise us to try cooking some of their recipes?

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