British Airways also introducing lifetime Executive Club Gold Guest List status

Yesterday I shared the news that British Airways is introducing lifetime Gold status in the Executive Club program. Lifetime Gold status requires 35,000 Tier Points. Ordinarily you need 1,500 Tier Points to qualify for Gold status, so in other words it takes ~23 years of qualifying for Gold status to earn lifetime Gold.

What I missed is that British Airways is also introducing Gold Guest List status for life. For those of you not familiar with Gold Guest List, it required 3,000 Tier Points per year, so double as many as Gold status.

Anyway, British Airways is offering Gold Guest List status upon earning 100,000 lifetime Tier Points. That’s the equivalent of 34 years of Gold Guest List status. I think this may just be the highest threshold for lifetime status I’ve seen in any program…

I have to wonder if anyone in the Executive Club program is even close to having reached that threshold.


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  1. Interesting news from BA. Anyone know when they started tracking tier points? I joined in 1993, but they only have me earning life-time tier points from August 2000. I’ve got 31,000 and I feel like I’ve been flying permanently for 20 years, so would love to hear about the person who’s reached 100,000 !

  2. Concorde room access does not come with GGL by default. CCR requires 5,0000 TPs per year and is not included in lifetime GGL.

  3. For me shows that I need 35.000 to become lifetime gold, and right now I need 800 tier points a year to maintain gold membership (next year will be 1.500)

  4. If one flies down to Australia once a month in First. They’ll make 100k tier points in 23 years.

    By that calculation, I’m sure there are plenty of 100k lifetime tiered people already around.

  5. @Lewis: The Lifetime GGL does come with a CCR-card. But you’re right, this is an exception as usually CCR is separate from GGL and is only granted at the 5’000 TP threshold.

  6. My father-in-law currently has 1.45 million avios, commuting between Houston, Trinidad, and London as he does, so I suspect he’ll be one of the few to benefit from this program.

  7. @Mangos – avios are different from tier points.

    It would be possible to have 1.45million avios without having 35,000 tier points.

  8. I have reached 65,000 in 21 years and suspect I need another 7 years to get to 100k – If I manage to fly that long – getting tired of it.

    Concorde Card will be an additional benefit for those at 100k per ba website

  9. I have 37500 tier points and qualified for lifetime gold. I used to have the Concorde Card which I got for flying Concorde frequently but they confiscated it when they introduced the 5000 to per annum. It only gives access to 2 lounges in the world which I get into anyway, so what’s the point.

    The idea of taking away hard earned rewards is more than irksome.

  10. I have been a member since 1993 but BA only have me down as a member since Sept 2000. Hardly what I call rewarding me for a “lifetime” of membership. Am trying to find out why from customer services but they are being evasive and generally completely unsympathetic. It would be interesting to see how many others are being hacked off by the inappropriately-named “lifetime” tier points as it does not reflect the lifetime of loyalty to BA.

  11. Dont you get a complementary Silver Status Card for a friend of yours with Lifetime Gold too?

    If you dont have anyone – I’d volunteer for it!

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