British Airways introduces lifetime Executive Club Gold status

British Airways announced today that they’re introducing a lifetime status program. If you log into your Executive Club account you should now see your lifetime Tier Points listed at the top right, which includes all Tier Points earned in the past.


They’ve also introduced lifetime Executive Club Gold status after cumulatively earning 35,000 Tier Points.

You typically need 1,500 Tier Points to earn Gold status, so this is the equivalent of lifetime Gold status after requalifying for ~23 years. On one hand that seems like a lot, though on the other hand there are no requirements as to what elite status you must have each year, how long you have to be a member for, etc. So theoretically it’s possible to become a lifetime Gold member without ever having been Gold before.

The press release suggests that they may be rolling out other lifetime elite tiers in the future as well (bolding mine):

It also gives every Member of the Club the chance to accumulate enough Lifetime Tier Points to achieve the new rewards we’ll be introducing in the future – starting with the launch of Gold membership for life.

It’ll be interesting to see if they introduce lifetime Silver or Bronze status, and if so, how many lifetime Tier Points that takes.

Kudos to British Airways for this!

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  1. They also launched Gold Guest List for lifetime – including the Concorde Room Card for lifetime. All you need is 100,000 TP: That’s 34 years of GGL…

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