Buy Discounted Avis Rentals & Status With Daily Getaways

In mid-February I first wrote about how Daily Getaways will be returning this year. For those of you not familiar, Daily Getaways is a promotion, sponsored by the US Travel Association, which has been offered annually since 2011 to encourage US tourism.

The promotion consists of all kinds of travel packages, including offers on car rentals, hotel stays, loyalty program points, and theme park admission. Last week I shared a preview of the promotions that are available this year, and this week the promotion formally kicked off. So far we’ve seen opportunities to purchase discounted Choice Privileges and IHG Rewards Club points.

Today at 1PM ET you’ll have the opportunity to purchase discounted Avis rentals and status. Like many of the Daily Getaways offers, this is pretty niche, but some will find it worthwhile.

Avis one day rental vouchers for $30

Avis is selling one day rentals for $30. Each person can buy up to seven of these packages, and there are a total of 800 on sale. The rentals need to be consumed by May 15, 2019, and are valid at participating Avis locations in the US (excluding the New York metro area), Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. They’re valid for rentals of premium cars (Group G). When redeeming these certificates you’re still responsible for paying taxes, concession recovery fees, vehicle license recovery fees, customer facility charges, etc.

If you successfully buy one of these packages you’ll receive a paper voucher in the mail within 10 business days, and can then make your booking online or by phone.

There are plenty of cities where you won’t really find car rentals for under $30 per day, where this can be an excellent deal. For example, weekday rentals at SFO are $80 plus tax for non pre-paid rentals, where this would be a great deal. Everyone can crunch the numbers for themselves.

Avis President’s Club status for $750

You can also buy Avis President’s Club status for $750, and there are 20 of those packages available. Prior to last year, Avis sold Chairman’s Club status, which is their super top tier invitation only status level. President’s Club is one level below that. Here’s what they advertise as the benefits for President’s Club status:

Start your journey with a guaranteed car – Avis will always have a car for you, even when you don’t have a reservation. Avis also provides other exclusive services to President’s Club members, including a complimentary two-car-class upgrade (subject to availability), when you reserve an intermediate-level car or higher.

I don’t have any experience with this status, so can’t really speak much to it.

Bottom line

This deal isn’t for everyone, but I think buying Avis rentals for $30 per day could make a lot of sense, assuming you frequently redeem in expensive markets. I can’t quite make the math work on the President’s Club status, though, but maybe I’m missing something.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of Avis’ Daily Getaways promotion?


  1. I bought Chairman’s status in the past; I’m not sure how beneficial President’s will be as it is not top tier…

  2. Got 6 of those. Thanks for the heads up. When you think about it, premium level is a nice perk as well. (And sites that don’t have premium will upgrade you to luxury automatically.)

  3. I bought President’s last year – not worth it. Chairman’s drive back to the airport sealed the deal. President’s measly 2 car upgrade isn’t worth $750 IMHO

  4. I have been presidents club for past 4 years. Not even close to being worth $750. I always reserve full size cars. Some places are nice with giving upgrades to a Lincoln or BMW 5 series. Often times I get a good ole Impala or Taurus and if i want to upgrade to a better car i have to go wait in line and then the service rep has to get a mangers approval. Its often not worth the hassle.

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