Westjet To Suspend All International And Transborder Flights

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Hot on the heels of the Prime Minister’s announcement that Canadian borders will be closing to all but a select few this afternoon, Westjet has announced that it will be suspending all international operations, including flights to and from the United States, by midnight on Sunday March 22.

Domestic flights are scheduled to continue, and international flights, inbound and outbound, up to 11:59pm on March 22 should be unaffected. If that changes, passengers will be contacted by the airline.

If you are out of country with a booking to return to Canada after the cut-off, check westjet.com to try and find an earlier flight. I’d recommend moving fast on this, as Westjet’s stated “Plan B” for these passengers is registering with the Government of Canada for repatriation, and that’s far from ideal.

If you are in Canada, with an international trip booked to start after the deadline, or booked to straddle the deadline, you should check whether your flight can be cancelled or changed online. If not, Westjet will be in touch to talk through options.

OMAAT continues to recommend cancelling non-essential travel for at least the next few weeks, as both the border and commercial availability situations are extremely volatile. We’ll keep you updated from our socially-distant locations as things develop.

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