Austrian Airlines Adds Boston Flights, Cuts Miami

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Austrian Airlines has today announced an adjustment to their US route network.

Austrian Airlines Adding Boston Flights

Austrian Airlines has today announced a new nonstop flight between Vienna and Boston. The Star Alliance airline will commence service in the market as of March 29, 2020, with the following schedule:

OS91 Vienna to Boston departing 1:25PM arriving 4:30PM
OS92 Boston to Vienna departing 6:52PM arriving 8:25AM (+1 day)

The flight will initially be operated 4x weekly, though as of mid-April frequencies will be increased to 6x weekly (every day except Monday). The flight is blocked at 9hr5min westbound and 7hr33min eastbound.

Austrian intends to use a Boeing 767-300 for the ~4,050 mile route, featuring a total of 211 seats. While it’s not exactly the world’s most modern plane, the 2-3-2 configuration in economy is quite comfortable, and Austrian has the same business class on the 767 and 777 anyway.

I’m a big fan of Austrian Airlines in general. While I don’t love their business class seats, I enjoy their soft product — they have excellent DO & CO catering, and of course their famous coffee menu.

Austrian’s 767 business class

Austrian’s DO & CO catering

Austrian’s famous coffee service

Austrian is part of the Lufthansa Group, so they’re joining Lufthansa and SWISS in also flying to Boston. Lufthansa flies to Boston out of both Frankfurt and Munich, while SWISS flies to Boston out of Zurich.

Boston will be Austrian’s sixth US destination, after Chicago, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Newark, and Washington.

Austrian Airlines Cutting Miami Flights

Austrian Airlines has a fairly small long haul fleet, as they have just six 767-300s and six 777-200s.

Naturally they’ve having to cut a route to make this happen, and it looks like their Vienna to Miami route is the one that’s getting cut, as it has apparently been unprofitable.

Just about all of Austrian’s new destinations come at the expense of another route. For example, this spring the airline canceled flights to Toronto, instead swapping that for a flight to Montreal.

What do you make of Austrian’s new Vienna to Boston route?

  1. Your friend Matthew spoke a bit about Austrian route cuts on his blog earlier this week – I think Miami is being cut, and LA reduced.

  2. I enjoyed my trip on Austrian Airlines although the routing was a pain. If I remember correctly it was BWI-ORD-YYZ-VIE. Made for a long day but the food was excellent for a plane meal.

    Boston would definitely be more convenient.

  3. They need consistent wifi, like Swiss, which I choose for that reason. I could be wrong but I seem to remember being without wifi…

    But I also like Austrian, will take them or Swiss over the mothership anytime, especially if I can avoid Frankfurt.

  4. Far too much competition in Boston. I doubt this will succeed given the size of the two markets in ratio to the plethora of flights already to BOS from Europe (and soon to grow with jet Blue and Delta adding). I think a better option would have been Houston. Would have allowed for Eurasian and M/E oil areas to have an easy connection option in VIE to Texas. Lesser competition to Europe, good Star Alliance hub, and easy connections to the rest of Texas, West Coast, and even Central America and Mexico.

  5. @Norman – agreed. As a 6’5 man with size 14 feet, Austrian 767 C is the worst ”modern day” business class I’ve tried. Never again. Austrian’s 777 is a close second but at least I still fit in the seats, unlike in the 767s.

  6. I don’t think this will be a viable route for them, at all. Lufthansa and Swiss, both sister airlines, all fly Boston to FRA/MUC and ZRH and handle the bulk of connecting traffic. I would think more pax on BOS-VIE are connecting at VIE to points beyond than ending their journey there and so all this does is dilute margins on the LH/LX operated flights. Seems like OS continues to struggle despite a very solid soft product, clean, well maintained planes, and a user-friendly experience at VIE.

    My guess is they dropped MIA not so much to make BOS happen but because the yields there were also trash with LH and LX in the mix.

  7. I flew on Austrian Boeing 767 from Frankfurt to Vienna and while it was a short flight, it was enough to introduce the product and the new seat design. While the FA’s were the most hospitable, overall the hard product was nice with lots of legroom and a comfortable seating. Its a decent seat and would be comfortable enough for the Vienna to Boston flight (in my opinion – you can check out my full review here:

  8. I have or had a booked Miami to Vienna flight impacted by this. Now it appears that I’ve been rerouted via Frankfort on LH. I specifically picked Mia to avoid changing planes. 🙁 . Now my seat reservations are gone from Austrians website. I plan to call them later this week. But I’m bummed and disappointed that I’ll never get to try Austrian airlines. I never got any notice from them either I discovered this by routinely checking my reservation

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