And the winner, advancing to the next round, is…

Thanks to all that participated in the Australia Gold Coast giveaway sponsored by Boarding Area and American Express. This afternoon I picked a winner via, selecting a number between 1 and 481 (sorry Kim, you are late when you submit your entry before midnight mountain time when I clearly said the deadline was eastern time). šŸ˜‰

And selected comment 70, which came from reader Blake:

Use your rewards for something you cannot afford ā€” premium class flights, expensive hotel rooms. You get to feel like a star and it has the best % return!

And chose a great entry! Not only is Blake a reader and frequent commenter, but he actually left a worthwhile comment. I was concerned the winner would be one of those dozens of entries that didn’t involve miles and points, was two words, or said “pick me.” Fortunately I didn’t haveĀ toĀ face the dilemma of what to do if such an entry won.

Blake will be advancing to the final round, where he has a 1 in 20 shotĀ of winning a $10,000+ trip to Australia. And you can bet I’m crossing my fingers he wins, as there’s an iPad in it for me. šŸ˜€

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