ANA sells awesome iPhone cases duty free

In the past I never really “got” onboard duty free, since I kind of assumed there were never any good values. And while that’s probably mostly true, I’ve come to realize that sometimes they at least have some neat airline souvenirs you can’t find elsewhere. For example, in June I picked up a Cathay Pacific pilot bear from onboard duty free, and he does a great job guarding my Rimowa amenity kits.


So I once again browsed the duty free catalog on my recent ANA flight, and saw this spiffy iPhone 5 case:


I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever, and after a series of about five “thank you or waiting” phrases by the crew as they scoured the cart for it, it was mine.

Heck, I’ve gotten more compliments about my new iPhone case than I have about my post-Hong Kong wardrobe!

I was planning on buying a couple of extras to give away, though sadly I snagged the last one. Next time. But if you’re in the market for a new iPhone case, ANA is where it’s at!

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  1. How much was this? I’ve decided that the best use of ANA miles seems to be for their shopping vouchers since the fuel surcharge for SJC-NRT was almost the cost of the ticket!

  2. @ Jose @ askmrlee — If I’m not mistaken it was 2800JPY (~$28USD). Not bad given how much iPhone cases otherwise go for.

  3. @ Patricia — Funny, I never thought about that. Assume it’s a coincidence, though would be cool to see some non-Star carriers offer them as well.

  4. A peek at their September-October catalog reveals that the iPhone case is no longer available. So if you must have this case, you’ll need to get on an ANA flight in the next five days.

  5. @Sean – No 4S case. I checked when I flew them in May. I settled on some other great NH branded things though, including a very nice stationery collaboration with Rollbahn.

  6. I bought the same case from them in July! They had a 4/4S case before, and I think they looked pretty good too (clear soft plastic with a plane flying into the clouds)

  7. I got my iPhone 5 case for $5, and I know the merchant is already making a killing on that. $28???? Why would anyone pay more than that?

  8. I dropped my wife off at Haneda Airport yesterday, and wandered into the ANA Festa shop there. If memory serves they sell these cases there as well.

    I use a Galaxy S3 so wasn’t paying super close attention to the iphone cases, but I do recall seeing them.

  9. Ben,
    My first grandchild, a grandson, is to make his grand entrance in approximately eight weeks. How would I be able to obtain one of those pilot bears for him? Every little boy needs his teddy. Thanks —-

  10. @ Rich A — Congrats in advance on the grandson! Hmmm, I believe they’re only available duty free on Cathay Pacific. I fly them quite frequently, so the next time I fly them I’d be happy to pick one up for you.

  11. Ben: Thanks for the offer!
    Joey: Yup, you’re right. They’re no longer available. Bummer. Guess I’ll just keep looking for the right teddy —–

  12. Cigarettes are almost always a bargain from onboard duty free, and booze is sometimes, too. Assuming you don’t share these vices, however, I agree that the catalogs usually don’t have much of value to offer.

  13. No one happened to get an extra case did they? Would love to get my hands on one or another airline’s cause these are pretty awesome

  14. I bought one and love it, get many complements. A really good simple design.I just ordered my iPhone6, hoping they come out with a cover for the iPhone6.

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