Earn 10,000 Amex Points For A $300+ Mr. Porter Purchase

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At the moment there’s an awesome targeted Amex Offer for Mr. Porter. This seems to be a fairly narrowly targeted offer, as I only see it on one of my cards — The Platinum Card® from American Express.

Through this targeted Amex Offer, you can earn 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when you spend at least $300 on mrporter.com by October 18, 2017.

That’s a huge bonus. I value Membership Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so that’s like $170 back on a $300 purchase. Furthermore, you can use a shopping portal to earn additional miles. For example, according to evreward.com, it looks like you can earn an additional three AAdvantage miles per dollar spent.

That means you could earn the following points on a $300 Mr. Porter purchase:

  • 10,000 Amex Membership Rewards points (through the Amex Offer)
  • 900 American AAdvantage miles (through the AAdvantage eShopping Portal)
  • 300 Amex Membership Rewards points (for your actual credit card spend)

I value those points at ~$190, meaning you’re getting nearly two thirds off the cost of a Mr. Porter purchase.

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Porter, they describe themselves as “the global online retail destination for men’s style,” and carry over 180 brands. For the most part they have expensive stuff, and most of us would never pay their prices. However, if you can get the equivalent of about two thirds off a Mr. Porter purchase, some of their products start to sound more tempting.

They also carry some pretty high-end fragrances and skincare. For example, they carry Le Labo cologne, which some people love, but is also insanely expensive. $180 for cologne is crazy expensive, if you can get Le Labo for the equivalent of two thirds off, maybe it starts to sound more reasonable.

Or if you’re an Aesop fan, they have all kinds of Aesop lotion, cleanser, etc.

Mr. Porter isn’t usually somewhere I’d shop given how expensive everything is, but if a $300 purchase nets me back nearly $200 in rewards, they certainly have my attention, and I fully intend to take advantage of this promotion.

The full terms of this offer are as follows:

ENROLLMENT/ELIGIBLE CARDS: Enrollment limited. Must add offer to Card and use same Card to redeem. Only U.S.-issued American Express® Cards that are enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program at the time of purchase are eligible. Your enrollment of an eligible American Express Card for this offer extends only to that Card. Your enrollment does not extend to any other Cards that may be linked to the same Membership Rewards program account (such as Additional Cards). Offer is non-transferable. ELIGIBLE PURCHASES: Valid only on US website. Valid only on purchases made in US dollars. Valid only on shipments to US, Puerto Rico and USVI. Not valid on shipments to Guam and American Samoa. Excludes NET-A-PORTER. Purchases may fall outside of the offer period in some cases due to a delay in merchants submitting transactions to us or if the purchase date differs from the date you made the transaction (for example, the purchase date for online orders may be the shipping date). If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the additional points. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you may not receive the additional Membership Rewards points if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party. EARNING POINTS: Limit 1 enrolled Card per American Express Card online account and limit of 10,000 additional Membership Rewards points per Card. These additional points are in addition to any points you would normally receive for purchases on your Card under the terms of your Card Member Agreement and the Membership Rewards program. When we calculate the additional points benefit for Amex EveryDay® Card products, points awarded under this offer will not be included. Additional points will be credited to your Program account within 90 days after 10/18/2017, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Terms and conditions for the Membership Rewards program apply. Visit membershiprewards.com/terms or call 1-800-AXP EARN (297-3276) for more information. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice. The value of Membership Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them. To learn more, go to www.membershiprewards.com/pointsinfo. By adding an offer to a Card, you agree that American Express may send you communications about the offer. Bonus ID: B3MF POID: G9CZ:0002

Were you targeted for this offer, and do you plan on taking advantage of it?

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

  1. Hey lucky, try some due diligence; Aesop soap is half the price on Aesop’s own website. Although I do appreciate the originality (and not just suggesting to flip gopros)

  2. @ Bobby D — Hmmm, are we looking at the same products? All three Aesop products I posted a screenshot of are priced the same on Aesop’s site and Mr. Porter. I just checked again.

  3. @ Ben — The last thing I need to buy is toiletries! I have enough for several lifetimes (and fortunately, several veterans charities).

  4. This is actually super timely because I’ve been wanting to splurge on some Le Labo stuff, to include Santal 33 cologne. The $300 price point keeps me from going to the store in LA, but this sure as hell incentivizes it for me. But of course I wasn’t targeted. Maybe that’s a sign that I don’t actually need $300 cologne.

  5. I was not targeted for the 10,000 point offer on my AmEx Plat, but did get an offer for $100 off a $300 purchase from Mr. Porter on my Blue card.

  6. Anyone who spends $300 on fragrance or soap has more to be concerned about than miles and points accrual. Just sayin’…

  7. Looking at points and miles as a rebate on things only applies if I actually want/need the product. Unless it’s a great deal to get points then I’m out…

  8. MrPorter is a high end men’s retailer

    Prices are inflated, and you can get cheaper prices if you shop at farfetch or italist.com

    But $850.00 for a pair of John Lobb shoes is not for everyone.

    They have good sales sometimes. That would be a deal.

  9. Did not get this offer on my Plat Card but did get the $100 off $300 on my Hilton Surpass Card, and I just redeemed it. Strategy was to look for items I need or would like to have for which I’d be willing to pay $300 (or combinations totaling that much), and then trying to hit the $300 before tax mark without going over by much. Lucked out with an Orlebar Brown down vest (or “gilet”, in their parlance) plus some Blind Barber shampoo and body lotion (which cost more than Pantene at CVS but much less than Aesop or Le Labo). Given the Mr. Porter has free 3-day shipping, this was like a 33% off sale for new merchandise that’s rarely marked down, so I consider it a great deal. Particularly since I hate most bricks-and-mortar shopping.

    Also got immediate notification from AmEx that I had succesfully used the offer.

    What does this have to do with travel? I’m going to Kazakhstan this winter and need an additional layer of warmth between whatever sweater/shirt I’m wearing and my coat, particularly to remove in overheated buidlings.


  10. This deal won’t be for everyone that is targeted but I was looking to buy a Tom Ford scent anyway and they are rarely discounted so 10k AMEX MR points for a $300 purchase is a good deal as I got the offer on my AMEX EDP card.

  11. @Drew…how can you get this offer on the HH Surpass card when you earn HH points with that card and this offer is for AMEX MR points?

  12. @Christian

    There’s a comparable offer of $100 off $300 for HH Surpass, no MR points just HH points plus the $100 “rebate” to the Card.

  13. @BobbyD and @Lucky

    The Aesop products are not cheaper on the Aesop site, they’re the same price on Mr. Porter. That brand tightly controls their pricing so it’s the same everywhere.

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