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A brand new Amex Centurion Lounge location has just been revealed.

Centurion Lounge DCA opening late 2022

American Express has announced that it will open its 16th Centurion Lounge at Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport (DCA).

The new lounge is expected to open in late 2022, following the airport’s completion of Project Journey, a $1 billion capital improvement project. The lounge will be built from the ground up, with the entrance located in National Hall near Terminal B, after security.

While details of the lounge are limited as of now, it’s expected that the Centurion Lounge will feature floor-to-ceiling windows and airfield views. It will also feature special local touches, and signature amenities like a complimentary custom bar and food menu, premium restrooms and shower suites, high speed Wi-Fi, noise buffering workspaces, and more.

Rendering of the new Amex Centurion Lounge DCA

Centurion Lounges at SEA & SFO being expanded by late 2022

In addition to announcing an all-new Centurion Lounge, Amex has also announced the expansion of lounges in San Francisco and Seattle, with both projects expected to be completed by the end of 2022:

  • The Centurion Lounge Seattle will triple in size to over 13,800 square feet and relocate to the mezzanine level of the Central Terminal
  • The Centurion Lounge San Francisco will nearly double in size to 16,000 square feet, and will remain in Terminal 3; it will also feature a new seasonal menu, and new amenities like a second bar, a cafe area, additional restrooms, private phone rooms, and more private workspaces

Rendering of the Amex Centurion Lounge SEA

Bottom line

By late 2022 we should see a new Centurion Lounge at DCA, as well as expanded Centurion Lounges at both SEA and SFO. At least that’s the claim as of now, though historically these projects almost always get delayed, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see timelines slip to 2023.

It’s always great to see Amex’s lounge network expand, as the lounges are in most cases significantly better than what you’ll otherwise find at airports. This is especially true at airports like DCA, which don’t otherwise have great lounges.

Are you excited about the new Centurion Lounge DCA?

  1. Depending on the security situation/setup, I’d be sorely tempted to re-up to Amex platinum for this lounge.

  2. Lucky, with all due respect, I seriously beg to differ about there not being great lounges at DCA. While the offerings and service might otherwise be par for the United course, United’s lounge at DCA is fantastic. The views are unbeatable – both of the iconic DC skyline and the tarmac – and the space itself is historic, having originally been the National Airport restaurant when the airport first opened. As such, it is loaded with classic Art Deco air travel and period art and touches. What’s more, there’s a curious exit onto an outdoor roof that could easily be converted into a rooftop dining/bar area someday. The Admirals Lounge and Delta SkyClub at DCA, by comparison, elicit only the tiniest “meh.”

  3. DCA-based flyer. The Admirals Clubs aren’t great, but the views more than compensate. And for most of us who live in DC, you can still arrive landslide an hour before departure and have more than enough time for a quick stop and a coffee. No complaints.

  4. @ Bobby J

    When were you last at the DCA Skyclub? While the Delta lounge used to be rather lackluster, after the complete remodel a couple years ago, I find it to be one of the best non-hub Skyclubs. The space is bigger than it used to be, clean, and has better offerings than most clubs (or at least did pre-pandemic).

    Either way, we agree that DCA is not completely void of decent lounge options.

  5. This will likely be a crowded lounge. Lots of Amex Platinum cardholders in this town. When dining and shopping it’s the main card I see folks pulling out of the wallet.

  6. I agree with @BobbyJ regarding the UA Club, from a historic point of view it is unbeatable…

    Also @CFFrost has a good point, hopefully Amex doesn’t have another SFO disaster on their hands by building way too small a space for all the Plat Card holders in the area…SFO’s lounge and its never ending capacity issues are the #1 reason there have been so many restrictions and changes to the admission policy…

  7. I was at the DL DCA lounge last week and they had better offerings than LGA,ATL,DTW and most of the lounges out there. Their evening spread was 3 hot items, amazing salad bar, snacks. And the food quality was restaurant grade. I could not believe it myself.
    AA and UA are like 5 levels under that.
    Precovid DCA was actually one of the better airports since it features 2 PP restaurants.

  8. I am a fan of one of the DCA admirals clubs, as the bartender has made the some of the best Bloody Mary drinks.

  9. Very excited about this.

    Agree with some of the positive comments on the DL SkyClub. Granted I am usually there in the morning, but it is always bright and airy and has space to work and decemnt food offerings. In fact, all things being equal, I will fly Delta out of DCA to take advantage of that club. The new Centurion Lounge will be a welcome addition for when I fly AA.

  10. Agree with everything said here – DC resident and I might just get the Platinum card again so that I could use this lounge. The Delta SkyClub at DCA is great as well – spacious and with great food and employees. Also really enjoy the views from the other clubs (Admirals and United), and the priority pass restaurants. But most importantly, DCA is easy to arrive at quickly and speed through – no need for a lot of ground time there before a flight.

  11. I bet it will be in the old United Red Carpet locations upstairs across from the Admiral Club. It’s not a big space

  12. ORD is the one sorely lacking. I’m really hoping that the T5 expansion provides room for Amex to move in.

  13. @C Brown:

    “The lounge will be built from the ground up, with the entrance located in National Hall near Terminal B, after security.”

  14. Very excited about this – may be enough reason for me to get the Platinum card once it is open. I agree with the other comments that the DCA Delta SkyClub is really fantastic – beautiful space and at least prior to the pandemic, it had an extensive and fresh food display

  15. Amex Plat card holder, DC resident here too. Looking forward to this addition. Also completely agree that the DCA SkyClub was much, much improved with their recent renovation of a couple years ago. Much better use of space, lighting, drinks/food. Great club now, one of the better domestic ones in the system for sure. Assume Ben hasn’t yet visited. The Admirals Clubs are really dumpy. Agree on the views, but that’s about the only positive. Really poor quality offerings, wasted space, 30 year old furniture. Unfortunately I’ve never made it into the United Club. Agree that there is a decent selection at DCA, and I think there will also be a new AA club in the new terminal wing. The other AA clubs really need to be upgraded, seeing as how DCA is an AA hub.

  16. @BobbyJ – the United club at DCA still hasn’t reopened. A closed lounge is a useless lounge, whereas the DL and AA lounges remain open. United sucks.

  17. As someone who flies out of DCA a lot, this originally made me very happy. Now thinking about it longer I find myself not caring at all. The great thing about DCA is its proximity to the city proper and also the fact that you can show up 45 minutes before a flight and be totally fine. No way am I going to start arriving early to use a lounge and DCA is not a connection hub for anyone. Just not sure when I would ever use it.

  18. Good news. The SkyClub at DCA is pretty nice, with solid food offerings.

    The United Club has very cool architectural details.

    The B tier Admirals Club, the old AA one, is OK, but has been unpleasantly overcrowded since the merger.

    The C tier Admirals Club, the old US club, is.absolutely.awful. Falling apart bathrooms (literally, toilets coming off walls), crummy furniture, barely any plugs, horrible foot set-up.

  19. To clarify this location — appears to be in the new terminal, currently under construction. And ‘after security’ means all DL, UA and AA flyers (and some others) will be able to access the Lounge without having to clear security (again).

  20. Will see what the new Admirals Club looks like in the 35X terminal then make a call on swapping CSR for Amex. Nice to finally have a shower option at DCA.

  21. I would assume that the DCA lounge will take over the Term B AA Admiral’s Club and maybe part of what used to be the original United Lounge next to it (which has been offices since UA moved over to the CO lounge).

    AA is opening a new lounge in the new Terminal wing – so that would leave AA with the current C lounge and the new one.

    Security moves to the new buildings being built between the Current Terminal and Metro Station. So the entire Concourse will be airside – so easy to get to all the lounges without going through security.

    Terminal A will still be a separate terminal. There was spaces for lounges there – NW had two lounges, then one become the CO lounge before it moved to current Terminal B and C.

  22. @Randy – it looks the the new lounge will be over the new security building that is still be built as Project Journey.

  23. @Eric C – thanks for update. Then I wonder if AA is going to have 3 lounges at DCA. AA terminal B location and the old UA club would certainly be the most central and convenient location.

    There are two security building being built – so I wonder which one it would be – North or South? That is not going to be as convenient, since they are not centralized.

  24. It’s about high time Amex put in a lounge in DCA. They also need one at Washington Dulles (IAD). Interesting how large the D.C. (metro/suburbs) area is, yet Amex has had zilch/zero lounges until now (end of 2022).

  25. RayFlyer – I think you’re wrong about the location. The post mentions Terminal B and the National Mall. Terminal B is the current pier hosting Delta in the current terminal. National Hall is the area with shops and restaurants currently pre-security in the current terminal.

  26. JCDCA – you are right – I stand corrected. A closer look at the picture says this new Amex lounge will be between the new (1997) terminal and the old, art deco terminal. The air vents and control tower in the background should have told me. Thanks for the correction.

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