American & US Airways Lounge Reciprocity For Day Passes

American and US Airways have been offering some level of reciprocal benefits since earlier this year, including when it comes to lounge access. Admirals Club members receive access to US Airways Clubs, and US Airways Club members receive access to Admirals Clubs.

I’ve frequently been asked when day passes could be used on a reciprocal basis, and it seems like we finally have an answer for that.

I just received the following update from American:

On July 2nd, all One-Day Passes will be valid in our combined network of nearly 60 Admirals Club and US Airways Club lounges worldwide and will be available for purchase for $50.  We are also aligning our guest policies for One-Day Passes which allow for up to three children under the age of 18 to be admitted at no additional cost if accompanied by an adult day pass visitor.

So as of July 2, 2014, you’ll finally be able to use American lounge day passes to access US Airways lounges, and US Airways lounge day passes to access American lounges.

The only downside here is that they’re aligning the costs of one day passes at the two lounges. While they both charged $50 for one day passes, US Airways offered discounted $29 rates when making the purchase online. That discounted online rate will be eliminated as of July 2. On the plus side, at least these day passes are actually day passes and not one time visit passes (meaning if you make multiple connections you can receive lounge access at each airport with a single pass).

As was the case previously, you can take up to three kids under the age of 18 with you at no additional cost.

US Airways Club Tampa

Bottom line

It’s exciting to finally be able to use day passes at the other airline’s lounges, given how many of them are given out through co-branded credit cards. The elimination of the discount for purchasing a US Airways Club day pass online is of course disappointing, though.

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  1. The Barclays US Mastercard day pass specifies domestic lounges only though. I guess we wouldn’t be able to use it at the international AA lounges then?

  2. @ Rick — Hmmm, I wouldn’t be surprised if they accepted them at international Admirals Clubs, though I could be wrong.

  3. Does this mean the Citi Exec card that allows for Admirals Club access can be used to access USAirways clubs?

  4. @ Greg — As Matt noted, that has been possible for quite a while now, so no need to wait till July 2. 🙂

  5. Too bad this wasn’t in effect earlier… I attempted to get into the Admirals Club in LAX a few weeks ago using a Barclays US Airways pass and was shut out…. I would’ve gone to the US Airways club, but oh wait, they closed it down because of the merger.

    The pass will probably go to waste now, unfortunately, and they’re non-transferable.

  6. I have 2 US airways lounge passes that came with my Barclays US Airways card. I am wondering if I would be able to use them even though I will be flying on United that day? Do I need to show a US Airways boarding pass? Anyone have experience with this?

  7. I have a companion cert for 2 to fly with me, I have a complimentary us airways club pass can I get my tow travekl companions in with me??

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