American Refreshing Look Of Award Charts — NO CHANGES

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For good reason we get very suspicious when airlines update the look of their websites, especially when it comes to the section about redeem miles (or in the case of some airlines, when they eliminate award charts altogether). The assumption is always that these updates come as a result of impending changes.

Someone from American corporate communications sent me an email this morning to let me know that American is refreshing the look of their award & upgrade charts today, though no changes are being made to the content of them.

American has been refreshing their site quite a bit lately to be more in line with the feel of the “new American,” and that includes their award charts.

Their old award and upgrade charts, while incredibly practical, do look straight out of the 90s:



Here’s what the new charts will look like:



In terms of functionality I do prefer the old award chart, since you could see a single global award chart on one page. Though for the average traveler, the new chart is less overwhelming, since each region has a different page.

But most importantly, American isn’t changing their award or upgrade charts as part of this refresh.

  1. Hope they keep the system as is. Would like to see some of the US Air awards available but no devaluation is the most important thing.

  2. Lucky,
    What is your prediction for when the devaluation comes? April 12th or whatever the join date will be seems like as good a date as any to “harmonize” the award charts or something like that. Do you have any insights?

  3. Ben, I have been enjoying the updates lately. You have been on top of it the past week!

    Unfortunately I was late on the mistake fare, too bad !!!

    I value AA miles very high, they are some of the most valuable points in the game.

  4. @ Lucky

    Let me ask using AA miles if I am travelling from Europe-Australia via the Middle East as my connection in F. The cost is 80K for that award but at the moment only have 60K. Can I grab the Middle East-Australia leg in F now and then when I get the 80K add the Europe-Middle East award onto that in F at a later time? Or if I do that will get charged 2 separate awards so at 100K for the 40K Europe-ME then 60K ME-Australia?

  5. It doesn’t matter! AA has wiped every SAAver award to Asa. I can’t find one seat in F to Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Beijing.

    None!!!!!! NADA!!!! Nothing!

  6. @Tim – why would you want to book an award in AA international F? JAL or CX in F would surely be a much better option?

  7. @ Tim — If going to Asia I’d hope you’re redeeming on Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines and not American.

  8. @ Daniel — You’d have to cancel and rebook if you’re changing the regions between which you’re flying.

  9. @ Tom — No insights, but if I had to guess I’d say a devaluation happens late this year or early next year.

  10. Personally I think award charts are mostly noise and mean nothing. What good is an award chart when American makes many routes across all levels (the high level rates for points instead of saver) It is great to have a chart that says saver numbers, that means nothing when no such seats exist for months at a time if ever. They can have an award chart that makes the frequent flier community feel good. However they control all inventory and what point rates will be shown.

  11. Lucky- Many flights already show less than favorable routings or routings that dont make sense as American tosses in extra legs into the trip. Not to mention routes where no low level inventory is offered. A friend of mine wanted to go to Japan in June. His options were very limited to say the least with American. He could not fly at all on American metal as all were sky high rates via points. They had a ton of empty seats on those flights. I could not find any seats low level as far out as I could see from several ciities. Delta gets bashed non stop. I found a number of available tickets on Delta with Korean air etc at a fair rate of points. And for his flights there was zero available in C and Japan air routing that he took was really lousy schedule IMHO.

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