American miles for donations to Haitian relief

Via Gary:

American is offering miles for donations to the American Red Cross to help with Haitian earthquake relief.

Through February 28, the offer is 250 bonus miles for a minimum $50 donation, or 500 bonus miles for a donation of $100 or more.

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  1. LOL. I notice the FF community is silent on this one. The lust to accumulate miles in any way possible (and as cheaply as possible) leads to parsed and detailed analysis of the real price of the miles being accumulated.

    Where’s the analysis on this? It’s pretty simple:

    1) GOOD: The donation is tax deductible (and though the value of the miles need to be excluded from the deduction, that won’t happen in close to 0 cases) and decreases the NCPM (net cost per mile)
    2) GOOD: You’ll be helping the people in a piss poor country who are dying by the 1000s everyday help isn’t properly distributed in-country.
    3) BAD: If you give more than $100, your GCPM (gross cost per mile) increases.
    4) BAD: I can spend my money and get miles cheaper elsewhere.

    Nah…not a good investment for miles. I’ll go buy delivered flowers for 10 miles per dollar spent!

    …..thus the silence.

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