American Improves Qantas Mileage Earning Rates

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American Airlines AAdvantage has just significantly increased mileage earning rates for travel on Qantas, and that shouldn’t come as any surprise.

American AAdvantage Increases Earning Rates On Qantas

As of October 1, 2019, AAdvantage members will in many cases earn significantly more miles for travel on Qantas

Here are mileage earning rates for Qantas marketed flights between Australia or New Zealand and North America, excluding Hawaii:

Meanwhile here are mileage earning rates for Qantas marketed flights in all other regions:

As a point of comparison, here are the old mileage earning rates for all regions:

These all apply for travel as of October 1, so even previously booked travel would be eligible for the increased mileage earning rates.

As you can see, these changes are largely very positive. For transpacific flights, AAdvantage members are earning 100% elite miles for travel in economy, 200% elite miles for travel in business class, and 300% elite miles for travel in first class.

Earn significantly more miles for travel in Qantas business class

So this is a positive development, but also not surprising.

Why American Is Increasing Mileage Earning On Qantas

A few months ago the American and Qantas transpacific joint venture was approved. With a joint venture, airlines share revenue on flights within eligible markets. They also go great lengths to create as much “metal neutrality” as possible, so that people can choose the flight that works best for their schedule, rather than trying to be loyal to American or Qantas.

So along those lines, they also try to align mileage earning rates across airlines. This is similar to how across the Atlantic, American AAdvantage has great mileage earning rates on British Airways and Iberia.

What’s interesting here is that the American and Qantas joint venture had been blocked in 2016, so in 2017 American and Qantas reduced mileage earning rates on a reciprocal basis.

The reason? When they reapplied for the joint venture they had to show it was in the public’s best interest, and one thing they highlighted is how it would be good for the AAdvantage program. In other words, they cut benefits so that they could later add them back and show the public benefit.

Elite mileage earning rates are increasing significantly in economy

Now that the joint venture is approved, they’re increasing mileage earning rates once again.

Bottom Line

You can expect to earn more AAdvantage miles for travel on Qantas, especially across the Pacific. That’s great news. Now if only flights between the US and Australia wouldn’t be so darn expensive in first and business class…

  1. The increase in status credit earn rates for qantas on American has got me salivating over the total shitshow of mechanicals, should I ever consider setting foot back in the US.

  2. @ed
    Just fly delta and credit it to virgin australia, if you want an miles to use in australia while flying in the US, way way less delays and cancellations that way

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