Celebrity Claims American Airlines Forced Her To Undress In Front Of Cabin

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Several weeks ago American Airlines was in the news for forcing a passenger to cover up on a flight. There were accusations of body shaming and racism, as many suggested a less curvy white woman wouldn’t have faced the same scrutiny.

Now American Airlines is getting media attention for allegedly asking a passenger to take off her clothes in front of other passengers — but is there any merit to it?

In this case it involves a celebrity. Aubrey O’Day is an American singer-songwriter (apparently — to be honest I hadn’t heard of her before this story), and she is throwing quite some accusations at American Airlines.

Did American Airlines Force A Passenger To Undress?

Yesterday evening O’Day Tweeted at American, claiming that a flight attendant made her undress in front of the entire plane because he didn’t like her shirt, and made her turn it inside out in order to fly (I’ll just quote the content of the Tweets but won’t link to them, since I don’t think it’s cool that she included the flight attendant’s name):

never have I flown & had the steward treat me like a punished lil child in timeout the entire flight.. including making me undress in front of the entire plane because he didn’t like my shirt & made me turn inside out in order to fly.
[name of flight attendant] NEEDS TO BE FIRED.

When fans responded supporting her, she expressed her shock, saying she “had” to have her breasts in a bra out in front of “everyone” around her in order to not get kicked off:

yeah. I was SHOCKED. I literally had to have my breasts in a bra out in front of everyone around me in order to not get kicked off. The girl next to me held up her blanket cuz she felt bad.

When American Airlines asked her to share details about the incident, she said she had no interest in dealing with them:

I gave you his name. I literally have no interest in dealing with your airline any further. I’m that offended and disturbed. I wish I took @JetBlue

When someone on Twitter calls the flight attendant a sick perv, she says she doesn’t think he was a pervert, but rather that he just hated her:

I didn’t get pervert vibes. I got someone that I feel genuinely hated me. he wasn’t kind. and I don’t believe his feelings were handled correctly.

There are a couple of things that stood out to me when I first saw the Tweets:

  • What did the shirt say? Several people asked her what the shirt said, but she refused to address it.
  • Was she actually forced to take off her shirt in front of everyone, or was she just told she needed to change, and she decided to do it in front of everyone?

What Other Passengers Say

Not that TMZ is the world’s most reliable source, though according to them, other passengers have a different story:

  • O’Day was wearing a black shirt with bold letters across the front that had the “F” word on it, uncensored
  • When the flight attendant asked her to change the shirt, she complained and said she was going to post about it on social media
  • O’Day claimed she didn’t have another shirt, so she was then told she’d have to turn the shirt inside out if she wanted to fly
  • She could have gone to the bathroom, but chose to do so at her seat

I can’t personally vouch for any of the above, though I would imagine at least some of those points are accurate.

A Clue As To Her Shirt?

I do think it’s interesting to note that O’Day has posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing a “F*** TRUMP” t-shirt. She posted it with the caption “Make America Gag Again #MAGA” (you know, a campaign slogan we can all get behind!).

That shirt was also black and had bold lettering. So it sounds like that could have been the shirt, or maybe it was another one.

What’s American Airlines’ Dress Code?

American Airlines has a pretty simple dress code. They say:

Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed.

If she was in fact wearing a shirt that had the “F” word written on it, I would agree that’s offensive, and she should have been asked to change.

Bottom Line

We don’t know all the details here yet. O’Day is making some really bold accusations, but isn’t forthcoming with the details, and one would assume there might be a reason for that.

It seems likely that she was wearing a shirt violating American’s policy against “offensive” clothing, given reports from other passengers saying she was wearing a shirt with the “F” word on it (whether the shirt had anything to do with Trump or not is something I’m not sure of).

Unless the flight attendant was a complete perv (which O’Day herself admits she doesn’t think he was), I can’t imagine she was asked to change in front of the cabin. I imagine they asked her to change, and she just decided to do it at her seat.

If any passengers were on the flight and have more information, please let us know.

  1. If its just the “f word” on it thats reallt crass.

    But if it’s “f*** trump” then that’s a reasonable sentiment, like saying “f*** cancer” or “f*** nazis”.

  2. Half the readers will automatically love her because of the shirt.
    Half the readers will automatically hate her because of the shirt.

  3. She sounds like an idiot. If she had the F word on it, then it’s not appropriate under any circumstances and the flight attendant was correct which sounds like was the case. She sounds like another spoiled (non) celebrity that is trying to use this to get attention. NO ONE knew who she was.

  4. I thought American was starting to offer strip-teases on front as a way to improve passengers mood or to make passengers pay attention to safety procedures. 🙂

  5. Sounds like she wanted attention. She got it.

    Also, people who wear political clothing in today’s culture of ideological hatred are most likely looking for trouble.

  6. She was a guest judge on one of the earlier seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Other than that I hadn’t heard of her.

  7. @alpha you can’t be serious?? You must be joking. Having F**** ANYTHING on a shirt is inappropriate and if you were wearing that on a plane and my kid was sitting next to you I would tell you to put your jacket on.

  8. Its unfortunate Trump is being brought up in a travel blog, but I will point out the tidbit that she was a contestant on celebrity apprentice and was described as follows: “O’Day received a significant amount of criticism for her conduct while competing on the show, being described as “narcissistic, self-centered, evil, and vicious” by the media and viewers of the show”. To me this sounds like a person that you may not want to rush out and give the benefit of the doubt to in a situation like this over someone with AA who is just trying to do their job.

  9. The F word in public is gross….nothing wrong with shaming someone for doing it.

    But the most offensive thing about her are those nasty hair extensions…gawd!

  10. The first word refers to a normal and healthy activity. It’s the second word that is offensive, and one that causes most normal people to cringe and avert their eyes.

  11. @chuck….despite what you think about him as a person, he is the duly elected president and the office should shown respect. Unfortunately, Leftists have lost their cool. Don’t like him? Put up a better candidate and beat him at the polls…I keep awaiting a great Dem candidate…

  12. So someone sitting in a seat so cramped you likely couldn’t see not tell what it says is offensive?

    Whatever. AA FAs have power trips. The point is airlines make their policies so vague as to allow this crap which is exactly why the FAs have power trips. Unless you bow down to them you get kicked off.

    Honestly, who cares WTF a shirt says. Honestly Ben. As your sipping your Krug in 2A your really noticing what someone’s shirt says in 13b.

    If they really cared and wanted to make sure some nuns eye weren’t offended they would have and probably should have said something at the gate.

    Sure. She’s a drama queen and likely I agree with the other passengers account. But it doesn’t relive the FA of any wrong in instigating the situation

  13. So we got an attractive woman, wearing a bra, no top, walking around in broad daylight. She’s flouting society’s conventions. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!

  14. shame on the alleged celebrity, whom I have never heard of.

    Profanity has no place on shirts worn in public. She chose to change in the cabin instead of the lavatory.

    Perhaps, she’s desperate for some publicity. Regardless, she should be castigated.

  15. And honestly. If airlines want to have 1959 policies maybe create the same culture as back then. When you create a spirit airlines culture don’t go complaining when 30 yo people wear f trump shirts and bring brown (from sweat) pillows and stuffed animals and wear sweat pants.

    You can’t have a dress to impress expectation for passengers while treating them like cargo. Fullstop.

  16. If she was stupid enough to change in the cabin instead of the bathroom then it’s all on her. She could have made that choice. Seems she did it just so she could make a stink and get some publicity because she desperately needs it………no one knows who she is!

  17. It’s no different than when after being delayed for over 24 hrs upon finally boarding one of the FA and I made contact and she said welcome aboard and I said something like this is the first time in 2 days I have heard welcome from AA. She proceeds to have the male FA come back in the airplane and shame me for not being chipper with the other FA and to see if we were going to have a problem.

    Absolutely ridiculous. AA has many problems and yes FA power trips due to their union is a significant one. Half of them should be fired.

  18. This is ridiculous! Seriously if you are offended by the F word then pls stay home! I canNOT understand the fashion police – ‘change your shirt, cover up’ we live in a world where everyone has different values & likes – who cares what her shirt says! Who cares how small it is! Smdh!!

  19. I just googled her, apparently she had an affair with Don Jr.

    Her sweater is not a political statement, just a factual one…..

  20. @Lacy – thank you. I agree with Ben 80% of the time but my lord. You’re a gay man. Really? What on earth would offend you that someone wears in their shirt and if so just stay home.

  21. I would like FAs to put more effort confronting passengers with bad body odor than be wannabe fashion police officers. Who cares what someone’s shirt says if they are not an employee of the airline? You will always encounter people who don’t share the same views as you. If it’s something harmless like a phrase on a t-shirt or a decal on the back of their car, just let it go and don’t worry about it. You will live a longer and more happy life if you do.

  22. Many of the commenters on others sites that have posted this story feel it never happened and she made the whole thing up for publicity.

  23. @Shawn really? Why would a gay man be any less offended by a crass T-shirt than anyone else? I may agree with the sentiment, but I would not impose my foul language upon anyone nearby who can read.

  24. @shanjaya – yes really. No idea if your male or female. Or gay or straight. But sorry gay men are more comfortable and have seen more (or should have) then a straight counterpart. If they get bent out of shape with a f trump. Or at minimum act like it’s a big deal. Then…we’ll you need to get out more.

    You all can act like your panties just rolled up your crack but that’s reality.

  25. This attention whore chose to turn her shirt inside out at her seat instead of going to the bathroom? What a drama queen. Sorry, there are children on a plane and it’s in their contract of carriage you can’t wear offensive clothing. If she can’t discern that the F word is offensive, perhaps she’s too stupid to be flying unaccompanied.

  26. AA did the right thing. I would have been offended with someone wearing an F shirt on my flight… Just the way I was raised. She’s chose not to use the restroom…obviously wanting the attention.

  27. @Brian~ maybe no-one has heard of her in her apparent new drag-queen persona (see picture). That big-hair wig can’t be real, right?

  28. She is an idiot. I do not know who she is but she is definitely someone who I do not care to know. Good riddance.

  29. sorry, hon…. nobody can MAKE YOU take your clothes off in front of plane full of people. Is she a robot? Typical stunt of the day for attention! Ridiculous.

  30. What a stupid idiot, there were probably children onboard and it’s offensive and it violates the Co Farber of carriage

    Secondly scrolling through her Instagram she seems to have no problem “having her breasts and bra out”

  31. We should just have security cameras on planes now days. We can get rid of all these he said she said crap and also keeps the power hungry FAs in check.

  32. Everyone should just *ignore* her! She’s obviously just another Despicable Progressive Loser and Narcissist who so desperately seeks attention that was *not* going to come her way, anyway! This was her 1-nanosecond of notoriety!

    She’s obviously just overly envious of Melania, who actually does have “access” to POTUS! 😛

    Give that AA flight attendant an AAward for doing the “Right” thing!

  33. Just a nobody desperate for attention. No matter what your politics, the shirt is offensive. She just wanted to show off her boobs. I imagine Jet Blue would have asked her to change as well. Really sad she feels the need to get attention with such a dumb stunt/tasteless t-shirt.

  34. Its offensive and in general bad taste. AA has rules that you must follow and if you don’t then don’t fly them. I think the “celeb” was being a rude bitch and decided it was time to get some free press.

  35. If this was indeed a matter of AA policy, why wasn’t the woman told that before boarding the flight? Why leave it up to the FA?
    Restrooms with private stalls are available before boarding the plane.

  36. Which F word are we taking about? “Fuck”? That one? This is news (albeit, not important news, but still news). Even the Grey Lady has said “fuck” in the service of an accurate description when warranted. The alleged person her shirt refers to says “fuck” all the time.

    It’s 2019. Fuck.

  37. The bottom line is she has no class. She is a tasteless attention seeking celebrity wannabe, who wanted and got her 15 minutes of fane! Now let’s move on to some real news.

  38. The F*** word is no longer obscene. It is in everyday usage ( …over used); it has no shock value, it offends very few. It’s in every movie, on tv all the time. Courts have ruled that it’s not an obscene word ( at least in Australia).
    On the other hand, what possible value is there in wearing a shirt with that message? But it’s not up to AA: they are not the arbiter of good taste.

  39. So many of you are offended by a shirt with the F word in it? Calm down people, the world is full of real problems one could and should complain about. But maybe its Just a difference in culture that I do not understand your Point. I cannot Imagine that here in Europe a FA would act as a fashion police.

  40. I’d be offended if the teacher of my children wore a T-shirt with this word on it. So why should they be exposed to it in another environment?

    This ‘celebrity’ obviously thinks it has some unpleasant connotations or she wouldn’t be wearing it.

    And cannot the liberals think of something new?

  41. She makes a spurious accusation then doesn’t back it up.
    The disappointment is that there really are no negative effects on/ for her – meanwhile somebody doing their job has to then go through the process of explaining it to the airline hierarchy.

    Perhaps the airline could actively suggest that she not fly with them?

  42. I think for the first time I am praising AA. Well done. What a joke this individual is. I’d say she is not even a wannabe celebrity. Who the heck does this two-bit individual think she is? I Don’t give her the time O’Day!

  43. TIM, receiving foreign aid in an election = duly elected? Good to know. It’s refreshing to see, in hundreds of examples since late 2016, just how low Trump supporters are willing to set the bar.

  44. Fathiss, no, you don’t get it. Progressives refuse to allow your efforts at normalizing Trump’s consistently abhorrent behavior, including cheating in an election and lying about it.

  45. All I can say is think of the young children instead of yourselves when you choose to wear or stick up for such vulgar displays of words in public. Apparently she is a crass individual that lacks all morals, character and values but her stink shouldn’t affect the innocent and cause a small child to have ask their parent “what does that mean on that ladies shirt?” I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Baby Up In This B*t*h”. I guess some of you liberals on here think that’s okay also? Or is that different because it possibly degrades women? Can’t have it both ways, can we?

  46. @Chuck — “receiving foreign aid in an election = duly elected?” + “… including cheating in an election and lying about it.”

    Exactly WHAT foreign aid did Trump receive? Please be VERY specific, because even Mueller does NOT agree with you ONE IOTA! Furthermore, exactly HOW did he cheat and WHAT did he lie about, as opposed to HRC/DNC, who PROVABLY engaged in REAL Collusion with BOTH Russia AND Ukraine to BRIBE for foreign assistance in trying to tilt the 2016 election in her favor? And she, to this day, STILL lies about everything, despite having committing untold numbers of Felonies and Treason that the Deep State keeps COVERING UP for her!

    You’ve managed to totally MIS-identify the ACTUAL party about “… cheating in an election and lying about it”!

    Finally … there’s NOTHING to “normalize” here, since THE TRUTH is THE TRUTH, and NO amounts of fabrications and distractions/diversions using Despicable Progressive LIES and Propaganda can change that, as have just been PROVEN this past week, with BOTH the (UN-corrupted ORIGINAL) phone call transcript AND those FRAUDULENT and PATHETIC so-called “Whistleblower” claims that amount to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CREDIBLE — just another Failed Deep State attempt to smear Trump!

  47. AA’s Contract of Carriage Section 8 paragraph 6.f. is the provision the flight attendant was applying.

    Look through the Contracts of Carriage for all U.S. based airlines, and you’ll find the same provision.

  48. @billc this is not the correct forum , that being said, trump is an illiterate uncultured troglodyte.

    Even watching him with the sound off makes me nauseous

    The state of many Americans when they travel and reading about all these dramas on US flights involving apparel , emotional support animals , meltdowns due to lines for the toilet and so forth makes many people wonder

    Fortunately there are also many who are immaculate , well educated etc It still has many positives

    That’s my vent

  49. I think the party of the jackass has finally found a worthy candidate to run for President in 2020. Female, young, outspoken, wears black, hates Trump, has never falsely claimed to be a Native American and has never blackmailed a foriegn country to remove a prosecutor. Aubrey O’Day checks all the right boxes. Since I am neither Republican or Democrat, all Aubrey needs to do is forgive all my student loans and she has bought my vote.

  50. Your snide remarks: (you know, a campaign slogan we can all get behind!) Are simply not necessary, I enjoy your blog but am totally turned off by your political bias which is not necessary to interject. Can’t you Trump haters just be quiet anywhere??

  51. Maybe she thinks she is a celebrity. Never heard of her and already forgot her name. Not taking political sides here but anyone with a shirt like that no matter who the president is and how bad he/she is should not be allowed to wear that. Like it or not the president of a country elected by the people oft he country should at least be respected. Don’t need to like the president but respect him/her.

  52. Santastico, “… installed by the Electoral College…” There, I fixed it for you. Also, respect is earned. Explain your theory about how a dispectful troglodyte has earned respect. He’s the same person he has been for decades; his self-serving behavior is nothing new but is still unacceptable in the office he holds. He does nothing do respect the office.

  53. WHAT ARE YOU DOING LUCKY? HOW IS THIS RELEVANT OR IMPORTANT? You really jumped the shark on this one. Half baked story-quoting TMZ? You are displaying a total lack of maturity and editorial discipline.

  54. @fathiss your blame the liberals is a tired pathetic lie.

    Audrey O’Day is a fame whore desperate to keep her name in the media and this was her latest publicity stunt.

  55. The long and embarrassing nightmare is going to end. That’s a cause for celebration all over the world. Six months and he’ll be gone and no need for vulgar slogans on shirts.

  56. @Mike Saint, you are completely right.
    She wanted the shock and attention of the short, but not the consequences.
    Complete liar.

  57. @Chuck — “… thanks very much for that. That was a beautiful display.”

    Am I’m now qualified to be part of that “Deplorables” crowd? Or do I need further training and practice? 😛

  58. @Icarus — “… this is not the correct forum , that being said, trump is an illiterate uncultured troglodyte.”

    Well … I’ve complained before about how irrelevant American anti-Trump politics always get injected into this forum, but Despicable Progressives always insist on continuing with their bad habits … so I’m merely *responding* to their original posts when those contain overt misrepresentations! Notice that I do *not,* as a matter of practice, initiate such political posts!

    As for calling Trump all sorts of derogatory names and terms, that merely demonstrates just how UN-educated those Despicable Progressive posters are about REAL FACTS concerning Trump, and his numerous dealings!

    As an example, what is TOTALLY pathetic (and CRIMINAL) is that those Despicable Progressives are TOTALLY brainwashed with FAKE NEWS about anything Trump — even resorting to excising and altering critical portions of the original (uncorrupted) telephone conversation transcript between Trump and the newly elected president of Ukraine … just to DECEIVE the public into believing their LIES about Trump’s non-existent (but Progressive-fabricated) transgressions!

  59. @Eric — “I’d rather be a Progressive Loser than a Conservative Troll like you.”

    ROFLMAO! Be my guest and go be that Progressive Loser! That’s your Constitutional Right!

    If you think that I’m a “troll” then I don’t think you understand what a “troll” is, since I deal with FACTS, and NOT Despicable Progressive LIES and Propaganda!

  60. BillC, it is perfectly clear that you have not clue one what truth is. But please feel free to keep going. You’re a hoot.

  61. @Chuck — “it is perfectly clear that you have not clue one what truth is.”

    You must be an aficionado of Biden’s remark that “We believe in ‘truth’ over ‘FACTS'” because “truth” becomes “relative” and always gets SHREDDED to fit Despicable Progressive agenda, whereas FACTS can NOT be so perverted and corrupted!

  62. @Shanjaya — “Unless they’re ‘alternative facts’ ”

    ROFLMAO! There’s NO need for any other FACTS than the ACTUAL REAL FACTS with Conservatives! Only Despicable Progressives must rely on “alternative facts” to go with their “false truths” SCAMS to DECEIVE the ignorant and naive/gullible public!

  63. Enough already! We need to stop giving this narcissistic passenger any more attention. She had her 15 minutes and most of the posters are repeating what other have stated previously.

  64. Enough jibberish about this narcissistic passenger. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame and most posters here are just adding a lot more. AA writes the rules on using profanity on clothing and if you don’t like it, pick another airline.

  65. @Chuck — “Fantastic! Keep going. What else do I believe?”

    Gee … I would think that you should already know, on your own? 😛

  66. You believe in “The Deep State”. How about the Easter Bunny? Sasquatch? I’m keen to hear more of your fantastic insight about the things you believe are true.

  67. @Chuck — “You believe in “The Deep State”. How about the Easter Bunny? Sasquatch? I’m keen to hear more of your fantastic insight about the things you believe are true.”

    ROFLMAO! Nice try! I’ve too often encountered this standard Despicable Progressive tactic to distract/divert attention from REALITY regarding the Swamp in Washington, DC!

    Do you know the difference between the Swamp and the Deep State? If you do NOT, then you won’t understand what I’m referring to!

  68. @Chuck — “Keep going! You clearly are a genius.”

    Since you can now acknowledge this FACT, I am happy to graduate you out of your training status! Congratulations on your promotion! 😛

  69. @Chuck — “You’ve used some big words today. Perhaps tomorrow we will give your crayons back to you.”

    What? YOU are STILL using crayons? Come on — it’s the 21st Century already! Get with the program! LOL! 😛

  70. I’d rather sit next to a F**k t-shirt than the guy in sweat pants, ragged t and smelling like he hadn’t showered in a week that I sat next to last week on JetBlue. As long as you’re clean, doesn’t matter what you wear to me. Smells are harder to ignore.

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