American Express Centurion Lounge Miami Coming Late 2014

About a month ago I wrote about American Express’ intentions to open a Centurion Lounge in Miami. American Express presently has two of these lounges in the US, in Las Vegas and Dallas/Ft. Worth. They’re absolutely stunning lounges and in a different league than any lounges run by US airlines.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

It’s not surprising that they’re trying to expand their network of lounges, as American Express Platinum/Centurion cardmembers lost access to American Airlines Admirals Clubs and US Airways Clubs as of March 22, 2014.

While American Express’ intentions to build this lounge seemed pretty solid last month, I’ve received official confirmation today that the Centurion Lounge Miami will open by the end of 2014.

Here are the details they’ve shared:

  • American Express will open an approximately 8000 square foot Centurion Lounge at Miami International Airport.
  • Located in the North Terminal, the Lounge will feature locally-inspired cuisine and cocktails from award-winning talent, a spa with complimentary treatments and a family room.
  • Additionally, Card Members will enjoy access to high-speed Wi-Fi, personal computers and noise-buffering workspaces.
  • More details on the culinary team and specific menu offerings will be available closer to the opening of the Lounge.
  • The Centurion Lounge in Miami joins a network of Lounges in key airports across the country, including LAS, DFW, LGA (opening summer 2014), and SFO (opening late 2014)

And here’s a quote from American Express:

“We’re thrilled to bring The Centurion Lounge experience to Miami International Airport, a critical hub for domestic travelers as well as the nation’s largest gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Lisa Durocher, SVP of Charge Cards and Benefits, American Express. “Barring unforeseen construction circumstances, we are aiming to open the new Lounge in Miami by the end of 2014, which will give our Card Members a new location to enjoy premium service and amenities, helping them relax, recharge and reboot during their travels.”

I can’t wait to use this lounge when flying American domestically!

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  1. I never thought about this before, but Amex has precise data on exactly which airports their Platinum/Centurion customers transit the most based upon the detailed ticket data they get from ticket purchases made with their cards.

  2. So if one is not an AmEx Platinum card holder but has an AmEx card in general there will be a $50/day fee to use the lounges, correct?

  3. I visited the DFW Centurion Lounge last Friday. Nice but I wouldn’t call it stunning. No where near as nice as some of the business class lounges I’ve used in Asia. The breakfast choices were okay but clearly being kept warm (not fresh, and we were there at 8:30 a.m.). Seating was comfortable but the chairs weren’t meant for long-term use, e.g., sleeping.

    Was it nicer than the typical Admirals Club? Yes, somewhat, but I certainly wouldn’t get a Platinum card or pay $50 just to use the lounge.

  4. The DFW Centurion lounge is a nice place, but I was disappointed in the food. As Dave said, it was kept warm rather than fresh. The food layout, type of serving platters and utensils makes it cumbersome for the user, which results in spills on the buffet. It frequently looks messy. Ive visited a number of times so this is the norm, not the exception. Overall, the food is very tasty but its not visually appealing.
    Its a good club and far away better than the Admirals club. But, its potential, it could be so much more than it is if they would focus their efforts more on the food.
    For me, its worth the annual membership, especially with the included Priority Pass membership.

  5. What I want to know is how can you access the DFW when arriving international? You’re in term D, but have to exit thru passport control & customs. Even with global entry queue, you still exit. Is there any way at all to visit the lounge when coming in on an international flight? It’s easy to do this for domestic arrivals- just skylink train from c to d. It’s all post-security. But international arriving in D already?

  6. @Lucky: According to SFO, it is ‘Centurian’! 🙂

    Next to the new T3 Elite Security Theater, there is a boarded off area. The sign read:

    SFO Ascent 2020: Opening in the Fall of 2014 the new Centurian lounge

    So, at least at SFO, perhaps you need to be 100 years old to enter?

    Seriously, I am excited to see this lounge opening. It will be a great addition to T3.

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