American eliminates some award fees for elites

According to JonNYC (a guy that knows what he’s talking about) over at, American will be eliminating some award fees starting tomorrow:

Starting tomorrow, AAdvantage Gold and Plat will be exempt from “close in” ticketing fees.

Also, EPs will be exempt from mileage reinstatement fees and “award ticket changes” on tickets issued from their accounts.

It’s nice that they’re eliminating the close-in ticketing fees for all elites, though I’m surprised they didn’t just eliminate them all around. United and Delta have eliminated all close-in ticketing fees, even for non-elites. But still, this is a step in the right direction.

And American also eliminated the mileage reinstatement fee for Executive Platinums, which is a very nice perk. Executive Platinum members now have as much flexibility with awards as 1Ks at United do.

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