American Airlines Details New Tokyo Haneda Flights

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In August the US Department of Transportation formally granted US airlines 12 additional daytime slots for Tokyo Haneda. This is Tokyo’s most convenient airport, and there was quite some competition for these slots, as American, Delta, Hawaiian, and United, all wanted to launch flights to this airport.

So far both Delta and United have revealed the full details of their new Tokyo Haneda flights, and now American has revealed the details of their additional flights as well.

American Was Granted Two Additional Haneda Flights

As it stands, American has one daily flight to Tokyo Haneda, operated out of Los Angeles. When more Tokyo Haneda slots became available, American requested the following four additional frequencies to Tokyo Haneda:

  • 2x daily Dallas flights
  • 1x daily Las Vegas flight
  • Additional 1x daily Los Angeles flight

They ended up being granted 1x daily Dallas to Haneda flight, and a second daily Los Angeles to Haneda flight, for a total of three daily flights to Tokyo Haneda.

The airline has now revealed the full details of this new schedule, and these flights are expected to go on sale as of September 30, 2019.

American’s New Dallas To Tokyo Haneda Flight

As of March 29, 2020, American will launch daily 777-300ER flights between Dallas and Tokyo Haneda. The flight will operate with the following schedule:

Dallas to Tokyo Haneda departing 12:35PM arriving 3:55PM (+1 day)
Tokyo Haneda to Dallas departing 6:15PM arriving 4:25PM

This is pretty significant, given that American only uses the 777-300ER for their flagship routes, as it’s their only long haul international plane with first class.

American’s 777-300ER

American’s 777-300ERs feature a total of 304 seats, including eight first class seats, 52 business class seats, 28 premium economy seats, 28 extra legroom economy seats, and 188 economy seats.

American’s 777-300ER business class

This will only be American’s second flight from Dallas to Asia on the 777-300ER, as the airline also flies the plane from Dallas to Hong Kong.

First class passengers will have access to American’s Flagship First Dining

This year the airline also started flying the plane seasonally between Los Angeles and Tokyo Haneda, though it’s not yet clear if that route will get the 777-300ER again next summer (it could very well be, given the Olympics).

American’s Expanded Los Angeles To Tokyo Haneda Flights

As of March 29, 2020, American will launch a second daily flight between Los Angeles and Tokyo Haneda, which will operate with the following schedule:

Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda departing 12:40AM arriving 4:45AM (+1 day)
Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles departing 11:55AM arriving 6:30AM

This flight will be operated by a 787-9, featuring a total of 285 seats, including 30 business class seats, 21 premium economy seats, 36 extra legroom economy seats, and 198 economy seats.

American’s 787-9 business class

The schedule of this flight nicely complements American’s existing Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda flight, which will operate with the following schedule next spring, also with a 787-9:

Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda departing 10:15AM arriving 2:20PM
Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles departing 4:25PM arriving 10:25AM

I will say that I think the schedule of the existing Haneda flight is significantly better. Landing at Haneda on the new frequency before 5AM is brutal, regardless of whether you’re traveling for business or leisure.

American’s 787-9

What Happens To Tokyo Narita Flights?

With American Airlines introducing new flights to Tokyo Haneda, the airline has also announced that they’ll be reducing flights to Tokyo Narita:

  • American will cancel 1x daily Dallas to Tokyo Narita flight as of March 30, 2020
  • American will cancel 1x daily Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita flight as of March 30, 2020
  • American will cancel 3x weekly Chicago to Tokyo Narita flights as of March 30, 2020

That means American will only have a single flight to Tokyo Narita anymore, out of Dallas. Furthermore, this means that American will actually be overall reducing capacity to Tokyo in 2020, which is pretty incredible.

I was expecting they’d cut some flights to Narita, but I’m surprised to see that they’re actually reducing overall capacity.

American has a joint venture with Japan Airlines, so they have a lot of connectivity beyond Tokyo. Furthermore, with the Olympics in Tokyo next year, you’d think in the short term they’d at least want to keep capacity up.

Japan Airlines has a big presence at Tokyo Narita

Bottom Line

Of the “big three” US carriers, American was allocated the fewest additional Tokyo Haneda slots. What’s interesting is that initially they filed to fly the 777-200ER between Dallas and Tokyo Haneda, though they’re now going with a 777-300ER. That’s great for passengers.

Unfortunately with this development, American is decreasing capacity to Tokyo overall. The Dallas and Los Angeles Haneda flights are direct replacements of Narita flights, and American is cutting their Chicago to Narita flight as well.

What do you make of American’s new routes to Tokyo Haneda?

  1. @Lucky I’m surprised you haven’t written about the American flight that stranded people in Lima for 3 days. Saw it on FT yesterday. I know there are lots of cases that are similar but that one was absolutely insane in terms of how badly AA handled it

  2. Jonnyc ‘s tweet shows that only 1 Dfw-nrt will remain, the other is being replaced by Dfw-hnd. The new lax-hnd replaces lax-nrt, so no more lax-nrt. And that ord-nrt is being discontinued.

  3. I posted that JonNYC tweeted the changes – that DFW-NRT will lose one frequency, that LAX-NRT and ORD-NRT are going away. All that will be left are DFW-NRT (1 flight), DFW-HND (one flight), and LAX-HND (2 flights). Why have you deleted this post?

  4. @Peter that’s more of a current events article. There are many similar stories going on at the moment. Increased capacity to Haneda is much more important.

    Back to the topic of Narita. American still has a flight from Chicago to Narita.

  5. One of AA’s DFW-NRT flights will probably be cut given that JAL also has a daily 787-9 flight from there. I don’t know how long the 4x daily flights will last. Also, I have a ticket booked in June for the Olympics from DFW to NRT. Hopefully I can switch it to the new flight and apply a SWU to get AA First 🙂

  6. I took an AA LAX-Haneda flight years ago that had a late night departure. First time I slept on a flight going to Asia from the US.

  7. The early morning HND arrival is really nice if you are traveling on a tight schedule. I frequently want to spend as much of the week as possible in Tokyo, while spending the weekend at home in the US. With most Japan flights, that means leaving Monday morning, arriving Tuesday evening, and returning on Friday, so only two and a half days in Tokyo. With an overnight from LAX, it’s possible to leave just about anywhere in the US Sunday evening, arrive first thing Tuesday morning, and get three and a half days in Tokyo before heading back on Friday. ANA was previously the only airline that offered this scheduling option and it was crazy expensive, so hopefully competition from AA will make it easier to afford.

  8. First Delta’s dismantling of the NRT hub. Now AA cancels ORD NRT service. All the flights I took as a kid are disappearing.

  9. Not much of a loss with much nicer experience on JAL and ANA 🙂

    Years ago did AA mileage run with great First Class fare out of LAX via ORD Ron DFW with positioning from/to DCA-LAX. Spent my full 24 hours BDay in Air or plane side lounges. Showers at O’Hare. Super views of arctic mountains glaciers.

    Got a pretty Japanese decorated nut ramekin 🙂

  10. Great news! I prefer Haneda much more than Narita. Is to get a room near Haneda for early flights. Narita is haul to get to from Tokyo.

    Here is hoping that AA can get into other Japanese cities!

  11. Cool. This all makes sense to me. Tokyo redeveloped Haneda specifically to appeal to business travelers. Biz travelers are more likely to pay for F and J seats. So it makes sense they’d use the 300ER on that route.

    Here’s a question: I wonder if they’ll pull any of the 300ER’s off of one of the HKG routes and redeploy it elsewhere? Actually, can they even do that (i.e. do others planes in their fleet have the range for DFW or LAX to HKG)? If so, it might make sense, give that demand for travel to HK is down so significantly right now. And they only have like 20 of these birds, so I’m sure they want to follow the market.

  12. Oh great
    First JFK and now ORD. I love how American is giving me less options to Tokyo, it’s either going to be LAX or DFW. I thought those 787s would make the flights viable, it surprises me that AA hasn’t tried JFK-NRT with the 787s or maybe trying the former US Airways hubs instead.

  13. The next sound you hear will be AA locking the doors on its Narita Admirals Club. Truly one of the best AC’s in the system. Ugh.

  14. @ Bill n DC – except you cant use SWU on JL, or GPU on NH (full fare YB only), i guess you enjoy flying 14 hours in Y, as good as JL and NH go, you are still flying Y, you wont get 55″ of legroom or horizontal flat seat.

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