American Airlines’ Stand Up To Cancer Plane

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In July I wrote about an awesome initiative that American Airlines is undertaking. The airline partnered with Stand Up To Cancer to paint an Airbus A321 in a very special livery.

American’s Stand Up To Cancer A321

Anyone who made a donation of $25 or more during the month of July to the organization could have a loved one’s name written on the plane, whether they’re a cancer survivor, currently battling cancer, or lost their battle with cancer. 100% of the donations received were to support SU2C’s cancer research programs.

On top of that, American added the names of all of their employees who self-identified as cancer survivors or who are currently battling cancer to the plane.

This is such an incredible initiative, and I added my mom’s name to the plane.

This Plane Is Now Painted

This special A321 is now painted with 22,000 names on it, and should be flying soon. The A321 will cycle throughout American’s network, so there will be no way to book this plane specifically. It’s expected that this special livery will be around for about 18 months.

There are a couple of cool things worth noting.

First of all, you can visit this dedicated website and type in the information you used when submitting your donation, and it can show you where on the plane their name is written. Given that the plane has 22,000 names on it, it’s unlikely you’d otherwise be able to figure out where the name is written.

Second of all, you can buy a model airplane of this specific A321 with the special livery. You even have the option of adding a commemorative plaque with your loved one’s name.

The model plane costs $53.50 and is now available for pre-order, with an expected shipping date in November. This is from American’s brand store, and it sure would be nice if the proceeds of that also went to SU2C, though it doesn’t appear that’s happening (or at least it’s not explicitly mentioned).

Bottom Line

Putting aside everything else about American, this is a really great initiative, and I hope to see this plane out in the “wild.”

  1. Lucky, what makes you different from most of the other travel bloggers are the unique stories such as this one that really can mean alot to many people. Due to your initial blog about the plane I was able to have my brother Mark’s name put on the plane who passed away from colon cancer and loved travelling as much as you do!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ugh, I had no idea this shop existed. I just lost an hour of my time. But, interesting fact for you–most destination posters are for sale for $2. Except for Tampa. It’s free! Hahaha.

  3. While that’s truly lovely and thoughtful in gesture
    I too have friends and family battling cancer
    I’m sure they still won’t let you use your systemwides you earned 🙁
    I’m not sure I even trust American to pass on all the funds to the charity!
    Not much trust in anything they do!

  4. Careful not to order it just yet if you want the plaque . The fine print states that option is not available until early October and any order received before then will not have that option.

  5. @Michael, great find! I think it’s especially interesting that American sells posters for Dusseldorf, even though they no longer fly there.

  6. My sister is a few rows back from your mother, Lucky. Lost her 6 years ago this month, happy to give her another set of wings.

  7. I wish AA would make some route planning exceptions, and commit to some pre-announced routes for a period of time. My Dad’s name is on the plane. It would be nice to take a trip on it. Can the registration number of the plane be determined?

  8. Didn’t they add the thousands of AA employees who lost their cancer battles, at least those in the past few years, especially considering flight crews seem to have higher than average rates of certain cancers? My sister was one of them. Her work friends came to her funeral in uniform.

  9. @ScottB . Zoom in on the photo and you can see the tail number. Easy to track on several websites. Last night it flew LAX-MCO. We’d like to fly on it too!

  10. My mom’s name is just across the exit door form your mom’s, Lucky.
    When i got the email from SU2C yesterday with her name location, i couldn’t help but cry (for a long time) out of emotion.
    I will definentely buy one of the models and display it in my living room beside a portrait of her. Given that i am aviation-obsessed, there is no better way for me to honor my mom.

  11. It was amazing to receive the email with the location of my father’s name. He is currently battling lymphoma. His name is toward the back of the plane, and we joked with him that I couldn’t get him better than basic economy. <3

  12. Too bad the model airplane doesn’t actually match the real-life one (which has sharklets!). Come on, AA! Get that right!

  13. It does look like they’ll be donating the proceeds to SU2C, the website now says “AA Brand Store exclusive: Overture will be donating portions of proceeds of each model plane to SU2C.”

  14. I’ve chosen to donate directly to cancer foundations rather than this type of thing, I want 100% of monies going exactly where I want them

  15. Aunt Marcy and Uncle Frank let 12 year old, Teryn Sabree Buster’s Grandmother know her name is on the American plane last month. Teryn wrote a song about flying free before she died. Thank you for your love to our crying hearts.

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