Write A Loved One’s Name On American Plane For $25 (Last Chance)

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At the beginning of the month I wrote about a really awesome concept that allows you to add a loved one’s name to an American Airlines plane for just $25.

American is partnering with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), and as part of this they’re painting an Airbus A321 in a special livery.

Anyone who makes a donation of $25 or more to the organization during the month of July can add the name of a loved one to the plane, whether they’re a cancer survivor, are currently battling cancer, or lost their battle with cancer. 100% of the donations received will go to support SU2C’s cancer research programs.

American will also add the name of all of their employees who self-identify as cancer survivors or who are currently battling cancer to the plane.

The plane will begin flying this fall, and will be wrapped in a special SU2C livery that includes all the names submitted.

Elise Eberwein, American’s EVP of People and Communications, had the following to say:

“Our national collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer was driven by their proven approach to cancer research and our corporate purpose to care for people on life’s journeys. In a few short years, we’ve seen donations contribute to scientific breakthroughs and more access to meaningful clinical trials. Today, we ask anyone who has been impacted by cancer join us in our shared goal to make every cancer patient a long-term survivor.”

American is working with Tim McGraw on this, so here’s an ad for the new campaign:

You can make a donation at aa.com/standup through today (July 31), and then you can visit aa.com/standup in late September to see where on the plane your submitted name will appear, before the plane begins flying.

This is a fantastic cause, and a very nice initiative. I make a donation to add my mom’s name to the plane. I might even get emotional if I see this plane out in the “wild,” as it will even more put into perspective just how many people are impacted by cancer (not that this comes as a surprise). Ugh.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a reminder of this opportunity, since today is your last day to get someone’s name written on a plane. This really is something special and awesome that American is doing.

  1. Wait..are we to trust the same airline that shafts its employees, stiffs its customers, and tickles and dimes every passenger that they would. indeed use that $25 to write a name? Really? I don’t know who Doug blows to keep his job butI swear it isn’t me.

  2. This is a cool idea. Perhaps the mechanics will have the decency to at least keep this plane in service.

  3. Awesome!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Guys what do you say we keep the negative comments out of this one?
    Thank you again

  4. Thanks for sharing. Just donated to add my grandmother’s name (may she Rest In Peace), hope I see this plane around

  5. Just added my wife’s name to the plane. She stood up to breast cancer in 2016 and kicked its A$$.

  6. Thanks Ben for brining this to everyone’s attention. My friend and I donated for another friend’s mom who lost out to lung cancer. Take care.

  7. I’m a an AA employee and a cancer survivor of 2 yrs. I think this is an awesome concept! I can honestly say I could not have gotten through my battle without AA and the every day support I was given by my AA family

  8. @Ernest Alleva: American never touches this money. It’s 100% through the Stand Up To Cancer website. Stand Up To Cancer will share the list of names with American at the end of the campaign. Of course, I’m assuming your question wasn’t rhetorical. -Susannah from American Airlines

    Here’s more on Stand Up To Cancer:
    A rating on Charitywatch: https://www.charitywatch.org/ratings-and-metrics/entertainment-industry-foundation/149

    Meets all standards via BBB Give Wisley: http://www.give.org/charity-reviews/national/entertainment-industry-foundation-in-los-angeles-ca-2730

  9. Give $25 direct to a trusted organization. American Airlines is a scam of a company. It’s not a negative comment. It’s the truth. Donate but to a place that won’t steal some of that money.

  10. Morning. I’ve. Also donate. $25. To this. Beautiful. Plane. That’s. Going to. Fly. Around the. World. Thanks. To. Tim. McGraw. For. His. Advertised. Messages. As of. My. Sister. Gail. Morris. In. Stage. 4. In. A. Coma. Status. I just. Pray. Pray. that. In. Time. Future. Comes. A. Cure. God. Blessings. Joan. Morris

  11. my Mom’s name is going on this plane. She certainly instilled in me the sense of wanderlust I still carry ’till today. RIP.
    Nice project, AA!

  12. Couldn’t people just donate $25 without getting a name on a plane?

    Seems like the name on the plane is more important than the donation to most people. Interesting perspective on charity.

  13. Wish you could add a picture, it would be much more dramatic. It would put a face on the fight against cancer. It’s a horrible disease and it effects so many lives.
    Fight, Fight, Fight!

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