When Will All American A321s Have In-Seat Power?

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While American Airlines’ “Oasis” planes are hardly comfortable, arguably the most frustrating planes in American’s fleet are their ex-US Airways A321s.

American Airlines’ A321s without power

American has around 220 Airbus A321s in their fleet, and over half of those are planes that American “inherited” from US Airways (the others are really nice — some have the special A321T transcon configuration, while others have a standard domestic configuration, but with TVs).

These are not the A321s I’m talking about

Unfortunately American hasn’t done much to update the interiors of the legacy US Airways planes, though, other than reupholstering the seats.

Not only do these planes not have personal televisions (which will eventually be the case on most American planes), but American doesn’t even have in-seat power on these planes.

These are planes that are largely used for transcon flights, especially out of Charlotte and Philadelphia, so suffice to say it’s incredibly disappointing to step onboard a five or six hour flight and not have power ports.

All American A321s should have power ports by May 2022

When should we expect these planes to feature power ports? Over time it seems like American has constantly pushed back the timeline. American can reconfigure planes at lightning speeds if they have an incentive to do so, as they’ve done with their Oasis planes.

Meanwhile if changes just improve the passenger experience but don’t add capacity to planes, they seem to take their sweet time.

After yet another flight on an A321 without power this morning, I reached out to American to ask when we can actually expect all of these planes to have power.

The answer? You can expect that all American A321s will feature in-seat ports by May 2022. Yes, that’s well over two years from now.

That’s because American isn’t just installing power ports on these planes, but rather they’re installing power ports as they retrofit these planes with “Oasis” interiors. So far only a few A321s have been reconfigured with these cabins.

I believe American might just stick to that timeline (which isn’t exactly aggressive anyway), given that they seem to think the Oasis configurations are good for their bottom line.

American’s “Oasis” A321s

American’s old legacy US Airways A321s have a total of 187 seats, including:

  • 16 first class seats
  • 18 extra legroom economy seats (which are really just exit row seats, as there’s no dedicated Main Cabin Extra)
  • 153 economy seats

Meanwhile the new Oasis A321s feature 190 seats, including:

  • 20 first class seats
  • 47 extra legroom economy seats
  • 129 economy seats

Yep, somehow American is increasing the seat count on these planes by three while also adding four first class seats and 29 extra legroom economy seats, which tells you just how tight all of these seats are going to be.

Still, on balance I’d say that these Oasis planes are preferable to the old A321s. That’s because they have more first class seats, more extra legroom economy seats, and power.

I never thought I’d say this, but… American can’t “Oasis” their A321s fast enough!

The Oasis cabin on American’s 737s

Bottom line

You can expect all American A321s to feature in-seat power by May 2022.That’s also the point at which they will all feature the Oasis configurations.

In the meantime these are planes to avoid — hope that you’re either on one of the few A321s already to be reconfigured, or that you’re on a legacy American A321, which features in-seat power, personal televisions, and more.

  1. On these planes, the exit row seat in the second row of the exit row seats with no seat in front of it is the best economy seat in America. Don’t @ me.

  2. No power port? No big deal. If you need power just fly on a different airline. That’s what I do even though I’m Platinum for Life with American.

  3. Funny, Ben. When I DMed AA and asked them why my flight from PHL-DEN didn’t have power, the response I got was “most of our planes have power.” And when I said that was great, but the plane I was on did not have power, they told me some of the older US Airways planes are configured in a way that doesn’t allow for power. Huh? Sounds like a blogger gets an honest, albeit disappointing answer, while a customer just gets lied to.

  4. Flew to Hawaii on one of these last week. Not only was there no screens or USB power plug-ins, but the Wifi and free entertainment on the app were down as well. Not a great experience for a 6 hour flight.

  5. This is so #$%#$%#@$% messed up. How many years have they had these planes now? And yet another two years for them to get their act together?? Most of my travel these days has taken me through Charlotte from LA so I end up always stuck on none of their crapwagons. Sorry not sorry but another two years is really just absurd.

  6. More things to go wrong at 40,000 ft. What is the worst thing for an aircraft in flight…? Smoke in the cabin or even worse fire! Enough already!

  7. Donna, why, the LUS A321 seat is rock hard and has no headrest or legroom? In what way is the oasis seat worse? In my opinion it is the worst seat in their fleet (except maybe the 757).

    Now the LAA version version on the other hand, I just flew it round trip transcon MIA-SEA, one way in exit row 11 and the other way in F. I certainly hope someone decides to keep those planes as they are before AA ruins them. Love that plane and it will be a shame when they get oasised.

  8. Let me guess, these new installs won’t even have USB-C, so by May 2022, these planes will still be incredibly out of date. (especially when Apple finally goes all usb-c with their devices)

  9. I actually prefer the coach seats on the legacy US A321’s. I think they’re more comfortable. My tablet can easily stream for 5 or 6 hours without power. Doesn’t bother me.

  10. I actually prefer the coach seats on the legacy US A321’s to the legacy AA seats or the Oasis. I think they’re more comfortable. My tablet can stream for 5 to 6 hours so I’m fine. I also enjoy reading. First world problems.

  11. Didn’t realize I was on one of these, short connection between flights, also end of day, about 5:30 pm. In first class, paid first, not upgraded. No power, no video screens and my equipment is just about out of power, as it’s end of day. Never again, American!

  12. How tio survive to a 6 hours fly without power ports: arrive at airport , buy a book, turn off the cellphone and socials, read the book you have just bought. So 90s but your brain will thank you!

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