American AAdvantage award changes

I’ll make this quick as I’ve had a 24 hour day and have to get up in a mere four hours, but it appears that American is making some changes to their award structure. On the plus side, American is allowing one way awards at half the price of roundtrip awards. That sounds nice in theory, but it comes at the cost of stopovers in many situations. Per, this means that:

• Stopover [allowed] at N. American gateway on awards between N. America and Europe, India, Asia, Central/South America.

• No stopovers on awards within North America.

• In other words, visiting multiple Cities, for the most part will require multiple one-way awards. In substance, a one-way award is an award to a single place where you intend on stopping.

I recently redeemed for an award using American miles, and had a stopover in Hong Kong on my way to Manila, which was my destination. With the new rules, I would need one-way award tickets for TPA-HKG, HKG-MNL, and MNL-HKG, if I understand the rules correctly, which ultimately means a lot more miles for the same award. Ouch!

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  1. I’m rather hoping that UA doesn’t match this. There are some advantages, but the downside is too great. And in this world, I have to believe that anything AA or UA does is designed to benefit them, and anything that benefits them hurts us. There seem to be no win-wins anymore!

    My latest AA award is for our honeymoon in Barbados. (*A has terrible connections there, requiring overnights in YYZ both ways.) So we used AA, and got a stopover in SJU, which is cool, as I’ve never been there. Would this be allowed under the new rules? I guess not.

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