American Flying A321T Between LAX & Toronto For Limited Time

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American Airlines is the largest carrier at LAX, and they also try to cater to the premium crowd there. In particular, they have a great Flagship Lounge and Flagship First Dining, and they operate specially configured A321Ts on flights to New York and Boston.

While American has seen huge international expansion out of LAX in recent years, that doesn’t extend to transborder flights. As of December 2018, American canceled their one daily flight between Los Angeles and Toronto, completely giving the market to Air Canada. They operate up to 5x daily flights between the cities, including some frequencies with 777s and 787s.

There’s an interesting update on that front.

American Airlines’ special Los Angeles to Toronto service

American Airlines will be bringing back service between Los Angeles and Toronto… but only between September 4 and September 10, 2019. American is operating this route daily for seven days in order to fly the Hollywood crowd to Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival, which is being held over those dates.

The flight will be operated with the following schedule:

AA222 Los Angeles to Toronto departing 9:50AM arriving 5:37PM
AA222 Toronto to Los Angeles departing 7:00PM arriving 9:26PM

So not only is American bringing back this route for a week, but American will use their specially configured A321T aircraft for it. These are the same planes they usually use on premium transcontinental routes.

This isn’t the first year that American is operating this special service — they did so for the first time back in 2016. Though at the time that only included them upgrading the aircraft type, rather than resuming the route altogether.

What are American’s A321Ts like?

The A321T has just 102 seats. First class features 10 reverse herringbone seats with direct aisle access from all seats.

Business class features 20 fully flat business class seats, in a 2-2 configuration.

Economy class features just 72 seats, half of which are Main Cabin Extra seats. So it’s a pretty comfy configuration.

Since this is now a “premium” route, business class passengers will be eligible to use American’s excellent Flagship Lounge at LAX.

American Flagship Lounge LAX

Those traveling in first class can use American’s Flagship First Dining at LAX, which offers a sit down dining experience.

American Flagship First Dining LAX

American Flagship First Dining LAX

What about upgrades & awards?

As of now I don’t see any saver award seats in first and business class on the route, though I also think American just recently loaded these flights into the schedule, so that could change.

There aren’t any confirmable upgrade seats either from economy to business class, though there is confirmable upgrade space in first class, which you could take advantage of if paying for a business class ticket.

Bottom line

It’s interesting to see American not only resuming a flight altogether for just a week, but to do so with an A321T. I guess that’s logical enough — Air Canada has a good product in the market, so if they’re going to compete, they need a premium configured plane.

Anyone planning on flying American’s A321T between Los Angeles and Toronto during the Toronto Film Festival?

(Tip of the hat to @andrewrose_)

  1. “As of December 2018, American canceled their one daily flight between Los Angeles and Toronto, completely giving the market to Air Canada”

    Westjet operates between YYZ and LAX as well FYI. So AC doesn’t completely control the market.

  2. Or simply to fulfill the requests from Hollywood for the festival given the many corp contracts based in LAX

  3. “2019 Toronto International Film Festival will begin on Thursday, September 5 and ends on
    Sunday, September 15” They did it last year as well, even with the 321T brochure (for the film festival) in YYZ AC educating guests

  4. Hollywood studio/NY TV network accounts are the only reason AA maintains F ex-JFK to LAX (and tech accounts ex-SFO) after UA and DL have gone with just J transcons. Only natural AA now does this for TIFF to please their studio accounts. Hey Camila, AC’s 787 normal soft (and hard) product in J knocks the socks off the US legacies’ domestic F on any route (save this special AA service).

  5. American does offer a daily A330 flight from LAX to PHL. This week it’s had some pretty terrible delays. AA1799. I’m taking it in August and am a little concerned.

  6. One way first class in the other direction (YYZ-LAX) is sub $1200CAD September 4,5,6. Business class is around $650CAD. Too bad you can’t use the lounge & dining upon landing before connecting.

  7. i dont think anyone smart enough would willingly want to fly delayed, mechanical issue filled American Airlines anytime soon….

  8. I believe that some flights and Air Canada are “co-owned” with United so some of the benefits you Receive as a mileage plus member, you receive on Air Canada Above and beyond star alliance benefits

  9. @United752. Yes and also United. On AA now but wasnt dragged down the aisle so all in all, good flight.

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