American 777-200 New Business Class Seat

American has been redefining their international product with their new 777-300ERs, which feature reverse herringbone seats in business class. This is my favorite business class hard product in the world, and is just about as private and spacious as many first class suites out there.

American 777-300ER reverse herringbone business class seat

In early March American unveiled their new 767-300 business class product, which is a different product than what’s found on the 777-300ER. That’s because the cabin isn’t quite as wide, so it’s tough to efficiently install a similar product on a narrower aircraft.

The 767-300 has a fully flat, forward facing business class product, which is good, though not my favorite product out there. That’s because the foot “cubby” is quite tight, so when trying to sleep you don’t have much “wiggle room” for your feet. That being said, for a 767 it’s about as good as hard products get. I also think they did a great job with the “finishes.”

American 767-300 fully flat business class seat

The big question remaining was which hard product American would put on their 777-200s. They’re going to begin reconfiguring that fleet shortly, and in the process will be eliminating their first class cabin and going for a two cabin layout instead.

In mid-March American leaked the seatmap for the reconfigured 777-200. There are four seats per row, so this led me to believe it would be the same business class product that’s available on the 777-300ER.

American 777-200 business class seatmap

However, it appears as if it won’t be exactly the same product. American posted the below picture on Instagram today of their new 777-200 business class product, with the following caption:

We’re on our way to AIX Expo in Hamburg with plans for a big reveal. Any guesses? #StayTuned

American 777-200 business class seat

The AIX Expo in Hamburg runs from April 8-10, so I guess we’ll find out what the new product looks like in just a few days.

However, this also makes it clear that American will have a modified business class product on the 777-200. The above image is the only one we have so far, and based on that it looks like it will be a reverse herringbone product (since the seat faces the window), though it will be slightly different than the one on the 777-300ER.

On one hand I find it a bit puzzling that they’d introduce yet another business class product. On the other hand, if it’s an improvement on the one they have on the 777-300ER, then it may very well be the best business class hard product in the world.

I also expect they’ll use the same product on the 787s, which they’ll begin taking delivery of later this year, if I’m not mistaken.

Can’t wait to see it!

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  1. If they go with a reverse herringbone on the 787, it’ll be tight — that was my feeling flying the QR 787 — great product but very tight.

  2. What do you think the upgrade schedule would be like? It would be awesome if I could fly in a reconfigured 772 for my trip to Buenos Aires in September.

  3. @ Mike — The first one should be out in a couple of months, though I expect maybe only a quarter of the 777-200 fleet will be reconfigured before the end of the year. So it’s a possibility, but far from a guarantee.

  4. @ oleg — For what it’s worth the windows and cabin wall in the picture suggest it’s definitely not the 787.

  5. Naive question. First time biz class Atlanta to Frankfort with full flat bed. Does attendant set it up for sleep ?

  6. @ Rob Black — In business class there’s typically not a turndown service. I assume you’re flying Delta or Lufthansa? Neither offers it in business class as far as I know.

  7. Good call on the window reminder. US retrofit may be too early, but still potentially possible.

  8. How are the seat cushions? These seats appear to be very similar to if not exactly the same those on Cathay. My one gripe about Cathay’s seats is that the cushions are too firm.

  9. @ Bill — I’ll let you know once we get more info on the seats! So far all we know is that one seat picture.

  10. @ Andrew — In what way? Herringbone faces the aisle, and this one pretty clearly faces the window.

  11. Is the cabin width of the B772 the same as the B77W? If there is no substantial difference why wouldn’t AA install the same seat so you have more fleet-wide product consistency (the B767 notwithstanding for reasons you’ve given above)?

  12. That looks nice. Not quite as nice as a J seat on the ANCIENT 762 I ended up on after an equipment swap, but hey we can’t all be so lucky.

  13. Funny AA spent all this R&D money on yet another seat for the 777 when it’s probably just a minor adjustment from 77W

    So they end up with product inconsistencies, and the flagship plane not having the flagship product

  14. JonNYC provided some detail on this a while back. Apparently the 77W business seat was selected as it was an existing design that could be quickly put into service, while the new 772 business seat was an in-house design that wasn’t ready by the time the first 77W delivery was nearing. Thus the Cirrus seat was selected for the 77W, while design work on the 772 seat continued. This makes sense as well since the 777 will end up being the last of the widebodies to have its fully flat business class seat revealed.

  15. @ Ivan Y — We don’t know exactly, only time will tell. On the -300 the seats are face forwards, while on the -200 the seats alternate between facing forwards and backwards.

  16. @ Lucky – thank you! Catching up so didn’t notice you posted a follow-up article. Sorry! šŸ™

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