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Amazon and American Express have just launched a promotion that doesn’t appear to be targeted. This is a bit different than previous promotions we’ve seen between Amazon and Amex, but it still has the potential to be useful.

With this promotion you can get $20 off at Amazon when you make a single purchase of $50 or more with an Amex card by July 22, 2020. To take advantage of this promotion:

  • Purchase items worth $50 or more using your American Express consumer card on Amazon; products need to be shipped and sold by or Amazon Digital Services LLC in order to qualify; purchases of Amazon e-gift cards don’t qualify, but other third party gift cars should qualify
  • Receive a confirmation email with the reward link once your order has shipped
  • Follow instructions on redemption link to purchase from the Moments store; the $20 credit needs to be redeemed by August 22, 2020, through the Amazon Moments store, which includes thousands of items rated four stars or more

There’s nothing in the terms indicating that this offer is targeted, so while you’ll only receive the $20 credit after the fact, it does seem like it should work. I’ve made a purchase and haven’t yet received anything, but based on the terms I would imagine it’s still coming.

This is easy enough to take advantage of, especially since it can be as easy as buying a third party gift card from a company like UberSouthwest AirlinesAirbnb, Whole Foods, DoorDash, Starbucks, etc.

Bottom line

There are some limitations with this Amazon and Amex promotion, but spending $50+ with Amex should score you $20 off a future purchase from the Amazon Moments store. If you’re going to spend $50+ with Amazon anyway, then taking advantage of this should be a no brainer.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

  1. Are you back from your toad trip yet? I’m planning something similar next week and am hoping to hear your firsthand thoughts before then. Hope you returned healthy as well!

  2. Looks like the Doctor of Credit post was updated to indicate that even third party gift card purchases likely won’t qualify.

  3. Commenters on DoC have pointed out that third-party gift cards do not show “Promotion Applied” beneath the total on the checkout page, so it appears they do NOT qualify for the promotion.

  4. @ Ben — Uber? What’s that? It is amazing how things have changed. We’ve gone from $250/month on uber to zero for almost 4 months now.

  5. I just saw another promo by Amex on Amazon:

    “Activate now”

    Click on the “Activate now” button to activate this promotion and apply points to your next order. You MUST click on the button to receive the promotion credit

    Spend $80 or more
    Add $80 or more worth of eligible products, sold and shipped by to your shopping cart.

    Use Membership Rewards points at checkout
    Membership Rewards points will be temporarily set as your payment method at checkout. To redeem this offer, you must use Membership Rewards points for at least a portion of your order.

    $20 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page if the items in your order are eligible for the promotion

  6. Anyone having issues using these AMEX/Amazon offers that are restricted to items sold by We buy a lot from Amazon but so much of their website is sold by third parties!

  7. As I read it, you don’t get $20 off your initial purchase, nor do you get a $20 credit for future Amazon purchases. What you do get is a $20 credit at the Amazon “Moments Store”. Not the same thing at all, unless you were planning to purchase something from the “Moments Store” anyway. 😉

    Even then “Due to inventory changes, some products might be temporarily ineligible”. ???

  8. Ben,
    I did this several days ago. Bought a $50 dollar whole foods gift card on amazon with my amex platinum card. I still have yet to receive anything informing me that I have a $20 credit to use on Moments. What am I doing wrong/missing? Thanks.

  9. Although the initial offer specified: “Limited-time offer, expires 7/22/2020”,
    as of 7/17/2020, the current offer page (accessed through the link above) indicates:
    “This campaign has ended. Thank you for your interest!”

    That is unfortunate, because I finally found an item that i wanted to buy to take advantage of this offer.
    This is an awkward deal, where you only get your acknowledgement AFTER your purchase.
    Did anyone receive a confirmation email with the reward link?

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