Amazing Jetsetter towncar deal is back for new members: $4-10 for airport towncar service including tax and tip!

Update: It appears as if Jetsetter no longer offers the $25 credit for newly referred members, so this deal may not be as good as I had initially hoped. Sorry!

Back in January Jetsetter had an amazing flash sale in conjunction with GroundLink, whereby they were offering towncar transfers to airports for $29-35 including tax and tip. While that’s a good deal in and of itself, if you’re referred to Jetsetter by an existing member, both the person referred and the person referring get a $25 credit. That meant that you were essentially paying $4-10 for an airport towncar transfer including tax and tip. In many instances, that’s cheaper than public transportation!

Well, the offer is back with more or less the same terms. As was the case last time, the process to take advantage of this is as follows:

Step 1

Sign up for a Jetsetter account. If you use a referral link you’ll get $25 credit for signing up, and the person referring you gets $25 credit after you make your first purchase. I’d certainly be thankful if you use my referral link, though you’re certainly free to use a different link if you’d like (and you’re more than welcome to post your referral link in the comments section so others can use it).

To sign up you’ll need to enter your email address on the first page and click “Continue,” but be sure not to stop there (even though it may look like you’re done).

To complete your registration you’ll want to hit “Sign Up” at the top right of the next page and enter the required information, at which point your registration is complete, and the $25 worth of credit should appear in your account. If it doesn’t appear immediately, try logging out and back in, as it can take a few minutes.

Step 2

Go to the GroundLink flash sale page to decide which voucher you want to buy. As you’ll see, they have a variety of towncar transportation specials, including:

LGA Transfer Voucher for $29
Mobile Voucher (good for $75 worth of credit on for $35
JFK/EWR Transfer Voucher for $39
ORD/MDW Transfer Voucher for $39
SFO Transfer Voucher for $39
LAS Transfer Voucher for $39
LAX Transfer Voucher for $39

All of these prices include tax and gratuity, and there’s a limit of one voucher per person. The vouchers are valid through July 31, 2012. So after you take $25 off of those amounts, you’re looking at $4 for a towncar from LGA, and $14 for a towncar from JFK, EWR, ORD, MDW, SFO, LAX, or LAS.

For everything except the LGA transfer voucher, though, you’re best off going with the mobile voucher, as it’s only $10 and more than covers a transfer from any of the above airports, not to mention leaves you with a lot of flexibility. Just keep in mind that you need a mobile device in order to activate it, and it’s for new GroundLink customers only.

It goes without saying that these are all amazing deals and a lot cheaper than cabs. If you have friends that can take advantage of the deal it’s a great way to rack up Jetsetter credit as well. Just be sure you play by the rules (don’t create multiple accounts), since Jetsetter seems to monitor that closely.

Like I said, if you’re just signing up you can either use my referral link or one of the ones that I’m sure will be posted in the comments section.

All that being said, I’m surprised they’re offering this again. As you can see it’s insanely generous, and last time they offered this promotion they played dirty in regards to their referral program, whereby they removed credit from members. You can see my previous post on the situation here.

The reason I’m promoting it again is because I have used GroundLink and they were excellent, and this really is a great deal. In almost all cases this is both cheaper than a cab and in many cases this is cheaper than public transportation. If you’re just taking advantage of this as a new member buying one car transfer, they definitely shouldn’t give you issues. If you refer dozens of friends they may scrutinize your account, though maybe it’s worth the hassle. Just be sure you (or your friends) aren’t signing up for multiple accounts.

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  1. @ JA — Did you sign up through a referral link where the first page looks like the screenshot taken above? If so, you might want to try logging out and back in, as it can take a few minutes for the credit to appear.

  2. The Mobile Voucher DOES NOT include gratuity. If you want JFK or EWR, you are better off buying that instead of the mobile voucher.

    I used the mobile voucher to EWR and had to pay tolls, gratuity, processing fee and NY Drivers’ Fund totaling $21.24.

  3. The mobile voucher is $75 worth of credit. Whether or not that includes gratuity is based on how much your base fare is. It’s a standard 15% of the flat rate. I took the service and the $75 covered just about all of it. I only paid about $13 of “overage”.

  4. I’d be very careful using phrases like “process to take advantage of this”. I wouldn’t expect Jetsetter to operate in good faith if it doesn’t go both ways.

  5. It looks like the $25 is no longer credited to the referrer and referee upon sign-up. Instead, it is credited to the referrer when the referee books his/her first trip.

  6. I guess no more $25 for free. But if you refer yourself, you can pay $29 and get another $25 referral bonus. Not that bad.

  7. I booked this offer back in January

    After about a week Jetsetter had still not sent me my code. I emailed and tweeted and never really got an answer. And then without any explanation they just credited back the credit card charge and never fulfilled the offer.

    I consider how they handled it unethical and I wouldn’t deal with them

  8. I got excited when I saw this a week ago, almost posted, and realized they no longer offer the $25 to new signups. I’ve had reasonably good luck with Groundlink, even if not so much with Jetsetter.

  9. Thanks for posting this offer…I would have otherwise missed it as Jetsetter totally fell off of my radar. Turns out I had referred my husband back in Jan. so I had 25 credit in my account to buy one for $10…Score!

    This deal at $35 is actually not bad for many metro areas…$35 won’t get you to the airport in a taxi from the DC Suburbs!

  10. Do you know are the Groundlink rates per person or per car? And will they pick you up at a hotel then bring you to an airport in international cities?

  11. I’m not sure why you’re promoting this after they reneged on the referral credit for so many people, including you and Gary Leff.

  12. @ HikerT — Respectfully I don’t think that’s true regarding “taking advantage of.” Yes, you can use that term in a way that suggests you’re exploiting the system, but I don’t “taking advantage of” an offer suggests you’re exploiting it.

    @ Ali — The rates are per car. For a full list of cities they serve you can check out their website.

    @ Ben — I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it if I had realized they weren’t giving new members $25. Still, it’s a great deal, and I think the only people potentially getting screwed are those doing the referring.

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