ALPA doublespeak….. surprise, surprise!

“We’re not fighting over a larger piece of the pie. We want a bigger pie.”

I interpret that quote to mean that “we” are working for the success of “our” organization, because if the organization does well and grows, we grow with it. Who knows, maybe I’m misinterpreting that though, since that was a quote from CAL MEC Chairman Jay Pierce, but it doesn’t sound to me like that’s what he meant.

I was linked to a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve gotten a couple hours of quality entertainment out of it since. The videos on the website seem remarkably similar to what I envision TSA training classes being like, but maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, I found the above quote by Captain Pierce from the June 18, 2008, Smith Street Rally to be interesting, given some of the other things he says earlier in his speech, like:

“We don’t want to kill the golden goose; we just want to choke it until it gives us every last egg.”

“To those that say they want it all and they want it now, I say our turn is coming. Our goose just needs a little bit of fattening up before we wrap our fingers around its throat.”

Now, no matter how you spin it, that’s disgustingly greedy. Even worse, doesn’t that directly contradict the quote above from Captain Pierce? Or maybe I’m just misinterpreting what he was trying to say.

I also love this quote:

“I can’t imagine why management would change the frequent flyer program, further limiting access to BusinessFirst seats for our rest requirements. These are all easy, no cost issues.”

Yeah, I mean I really couldn’t imagine any reason that a frequent flyer program would actually want to release some award seats to their loyal passengers. How peculiar.

Anyway, if you want to be entertained, check out that site.

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  1. I’ll go out on the limb and say that Cpt. Pierce sounds like your usual union scum. I’ve given up on trying to see where they are coming from since in many cases many of these union hell raisers have no idea where the management is coming from. In the USA, the aviation industry is based on cost, which in turn the airline manasgement looks how they can be efficient with costs when it comes to labor, fuel, equipment, and services provided. These are combined into the fare that is passed onto the customer, with every effort to make the bottom fare as efficient. I find it amusing that this union genius is going on about wanting better pay when oil closed that day at $136 a barrel. Obviously, this fellow has no understanding of the airline industry beyond how to fly the plane.

    If this baby is supposedly such a high value pilot, I would suggest he seek alternate employment instead of complaining about his current job. When I wanted more money I switched jobs. However, I doubt any airline would pay him any better and I’msure that any airline that would consider hiring him would immediately back down because he’s all over the internet being a PITA to his employer.

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