AMAZING: Alaska Airlines Safety Dance Gets A Oneworld Twist

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I can’t even put into words how happy this made me…

I loved the Alaska Airlines safety dance to begin with…

In December 2020 we had the pleasure of seeing the Alaska Airlines safety dance for the first time:

It’s just so adorable, and catchy, and amazing, and fun. What makes me like it even more is that it features real Alaska Airlines employees, who filmed the video in a hangar over the course of three days. They were given the routine to practice at home, then there was an eight hour dress rehearsal, and then the actual filming happened over the course of two days.

For those who couldn’t understand the lyrics, here they are:

S-A-F-E-T-Y safety dance /
We can fly where you want to, we can leave your house behind, but if your friends don’t mask and why don’t they mask well they won’t fly this airline /
You can fly if you want to ’cause we do safety right, we have air that’s clean and disinfectant machines zapping germs like an arcade space fight /
And we dance, do the dance, everybody wash some hands /
Do the dance, do the dance, while always wearing a mask /
Do the dance, do the dance, no seriously please wash your hands /
Do the dance, do the dance, HEPA filters cleaning commence /
Alaska’s safety dance, Alaska’s safety dance, Alaska’s safety dance…

…but the oneworld version, OMG!

With Alaska Airlines joining oneworld as of today, there’s a new “global” safety dance, featuring both executives and frontline employees from oneworld partner airlines:

There’s so much to love about this video, and it simultaneously puts the biggest smile on my face, and also makes me miss international travel endlessly. From oneworld CEO Rob Gurney, to American Airlines President Robert Isom, to employees of British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Fiji Airways, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, S7 Airlines, and SriLankan Airways, I just can’t stop watching this. IT’S SO GOOD. The only thing that could make this video any better is if Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker participated, because I feel like he’d have some great dance moves.

Bottom line

There’s a new “global” safety dance now that Alaska Airlines is in the oneworld alliance, and I dare anyone to tell me it’s not amazing (and if you do, don’t even @ me, you’re just a grouch). Thank you to everyone who participated in this for this much needed entertainment, all with a great message.

What do you think of the new global Alaska Airlines safety dance? Is it the best thing you’ve ever seen, or do you love it?

  1. This is pretty cool. Love when people from different airlines collaborate like this. Reminds me of all the flight attendants making the “No Rush” tiktok videos which definitely put a smile on my face during the early days of the pandemic

  2. Akbar Al Baker probably didn’t participate because he wasn’t allowed to rock the Keytar in the Video

  3. The YouTube version is slightly different than the Instagram one on the AS and oneworld accounts. First airline shown on the IG version is AA after the AS Flight attendants. Not the same for the YouTube version

  4. Was my comment removed because it ran afoul of the commenting guidelines, or because I was responding to a comment that ran afoul of the commenting guidelines?

    In any case, I’m glad the comment I responded to was removed.

  5. @Ivan, I’m going to leave to Ben and his team to choose to respond to your comment. As I said, I agree with the decision to remove it, so no reason to describe the inappropriate comment. Kudos to them for quickly enforcing their commenting guidelines.

  6. It’s a great video, but the irony is that Alaska doesn’t have any monitors in places to play them on….big miss there.

  7. @Gus – sure, but having done mileage runs on Virgin America during the AS/VX acquisition, I can say that I was very quickly tiring of the VX safety video. As much as I enjoy the current video, I think it would wear on me( and probably other ff’s) to see/hear it every time they boarded an AS plane.

  8. @ Nate nate — It was removed because it was in response to a comment that was deleted, not because you did anything wrong. You made a good point, and I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

  9. I suspect that somewhere out there is a video of “Big Al” Baker doing some kind of dancing.

  10. Def a fun deal. I wonder if Ivan (Men Without Hats) cut a special deal for use of their 80’s hit.

  11. Awesome video………. No all we need is people to keep wearing masks for a little while longer, even after getting vaccinated, so we can get back to normal faster!! The fools that DO NOT wear masks, such as the recent spring breaker mobs across the globe, are going to only prolong the Covid-19 mess!! I hope they stay off of airplanes, or try flying w/o a mask and get banned FOREVER from flying again!! That will teach those fools a lesson….. I hope they enjoy Greyhound! Hahahaha.

    Thanks Ben for sharing this immediately as I haven’t seen it on tv yet.

  12. Very cool video and an awesome way to welcome AS into One World.

    I do agree with another commenter though what planes is this shown on? I fly AS a few times a year and have yet to see a video safety demo. But granted I am Midwest based so maybe have just been unlucky.

  13. @ Shawn, AS does not have video monitors as a rule, except for some of the old VX planes, which they are sending to the boneyard/ending the leases!! All AS planes have GoGo Entertainment systems where you can stream 1,000s of choices for free on your own device!!

  14. I really disagree with Alaska joining OneWorld. Coordination between airlines as huge as AA and AS should have been scrutinized even further, and potentially blocked.

    Watch this space; Alaska is likely on the road of being acquired by AA.

  15. I know it’s a blog…can only expect so much. But, wow, the negative people…how about you just enjoy enjoy your cave? This is a happy post!

  16. @Ted.. No, they have been wearing the same uniform for quite a while now. There was a plan changing their uniforms couple of years back.. but it didn’t materialise.

    “The only thing that could make this video any better is if Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker participated, because I feel like he’d have some great dance moves.” Seriously .

  17. @Abdul

    Not in this video, I think, but MH did change their male FA uniform from the matching, and individual all green to the current dreary boring and totally uninviting grey. Now they don’t even look like the same crew, when they are together. How stupid. MH please bring back the matching green, and signature brocade lapelled cabin jackets which were so stylish.

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