Alaska Board Room Members Have Cathay Pacific Lounge Access At SFO

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This isn’t actually new, though somehow I wasn’t aware of this. Back when I lived in Seattle I’d fly Alaska to/from the Bay Area a ton, though since leaving Seattle earlier in the year I haven’t flown Alaska on that route.

This summer Alaska Airlines closed their Board Room in San Francisco. This was due to their terminal change, whereby they were moving from Terminal 1 to the International Terminal.

The Alaska Board Room at San Francisco Airport was a tiny lounge, though the staff were quite friendly and the food and beverage selection was decent for a domestic lounge.

What I didn’t realize, however, is that Alaska Airlines now has a lounge agreement with Cathay Pacific in San Francisco.


Since the Cathay Pacific Lounge is also in the International Terminal, Alaska Board Room members (and their guests) traveling on Alaska Airlines can use the Cathay Pacific Lounge San Francisco.

Cathay Pacific Lounge San Francisco Airport

The downside is that those otherwise eligible for Board Room access don’t have access to the Cathay Pacific Lounge. Specifically:

  • All Alaska Airlines Board Rooms participate in Priority Pass, though the Cathay Pacific Lounge San Francisco doesn’t
  • Ordinarily paid first class passengers on Alaska (whether revenue or award) get Board Room access, though they don’t get access to partner lounges, including the Cathay Pacific one

While this isn’t my favorite Cathay Pacific Lounge in the world (it’s certainly not to the standard of The Wing or The Bridge), it’s certainly nicer than just about any US airline lounge.

If you’re departing around the same time of day as one of the two daily Cathay Pacific flights, the food spread should be quite good, including the made-to-order noodle bar. Unfortunately the lounge will also likely be pretty crowded.

Cathay Pacific Lounge San Francisco Airport made-to-order noodles

So if you are a frequent Alaska flyer out of San Francisco, this is a reason to potentially pick up a Board Room membership as opposed to a Priority Pass membership.

  1. Meh… not missing much, I think. SFO CX lounge is known to be among the worst CX lounges out there, though your point about being above most US airline lounges is probably correct.

    What lounge would you recommend at SFO, Lucky, if you had access to all of them at the same time?

  2. Yes, but does the Cathay lounge have a pancake machine like the old Board Room did? That thing was both awesome and an affront to nature at the same time.

  3. The great news is that Alaska flyers can use the new AMEX Centurian with a Platinum card………win-win for Alaska and AMEX. Love how AMEX nurtures free agent status…………..

  4. Any idea if you are able to use Board Room passes to get into the Cathay lounge? Asked AS customer service and they said they were not sure.

  5. @ Lucky: is the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse located at International Terminal? and how to gain access to it, which credit card? Thanks!

  6. @ David — No credit card gets you access. You have to be flying them or can be flying Virgin America in first class and buy a day pass, if I recall correctly.

  7. I don’t know about you guys…but I personally think the CX SFO lounge is one of the best ones offered outside of their homoe base in HKG!

    I usually fill up with at least 3 orders of noodle before my flight.

  8. Hi Lucky, what lounge in the International terminal do you prefer? I suspect T3 isn’t accesible airside from the international terminal.

  9. I’m an Alaska Airlines Board Room member and spent time in this lounge on 11/3/14. While I’d been looking forward to the visit I ended up feeling quite let down. What you experience here truly is dependent on the time of day.

    From the post, “If you’re departing around the same time of day as one of the two daily Cathay Pacific flights, the food spread should be quite good, including the made-to-order noodle bar.” I’d put emphasis on the word “if.”

    I was in the lounge mid- to late afternoon. The only food items were a bowl of pasta salad, some leftover muffins and boxes of cereal from breakfast, a few pieces of fruit, and some bags of Sun Chips and potato chips. No noodle bar, no soup, no hot food at all — not even any carrot sticks, cheese or crackers.

    In terms of food offerings, the off-time at this lounge can be a Dead Zone …

  10. Completely a YMMV situation but I was here around 6PM 11/2. I had tweeted AS regarding the BR closure and asked about PPass access, said ” You can try!”. I entered the lounge and literally nobody was there. Do I just go in? Finally an agent came to the front desk. I politely asked – ” I understand that Board Room members get access to this lounge is that true? I have access via Priority Pass, can I enter?” An initial no. I then inquired about a day pass. The agent then said something similar to “Well, nobody is really here right now – why don’t you join us.” Certainly should not have been let in, but beats sitting in the terminal and I had some decent food. Once CX pax started to arrive (along with some wine).
    Success would probably be better when the lounge is less full…

  11. @ sxc — Funny, because I really wasn’t a fan when I visited it, given how crowded it was and that there was no first class section.

  12. @ Chris — They do have a reciprocal lounge agreement, so SkyClub members can access the Board Room if flying Alaska or Delta.

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