Wear An Ugly Sweater And Get Priority Boarding On Alaska

Friday, December 21, 2018, is National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day (apparently?). To celebrate, Alaska Airlines is offering priority boarding to those who wear ugly holiday sweaters on that day. This is also a promotion they offered last year, so I guess you could say they’re bringing it back by popular demand (or something).

Here’s what Alaska’s managing director of marketing and advertising has to say about this:

“This time of year, we consider ourselves the ‘merrier carrier,’ so we love going above and beyond to help our guests embrace the fun, festive side of flying during the holidays. Whether you’re heading home to celebrate tradition or jetting off to a sunny destination to escape the cold, we recognize your journey begins with us, and we’re happy to make your travels even brighter any way we can.”

This is a cute concept, though arguably there are already enough people with priority boarding, and this will only make things worse, especially given that December 21 is a Friday, which is a really popular travel day before the holidays.

Heck, that might be enough to encourage some people to wear ugly sweaters, since priority boarding can be valuable on a day where all planes are going to be full, and many people will no doubt have to gate check their bags.

Would you wear an ugly sweater to get priority boarding, if you weren’t otherwise eligible?


  1. What if you wear a (what you think is) normal sweater, but get offered priority boarding? Should you be happy or sad?

  2. @David – Ha! My choice of jumpers/sweaters used to be fall into that category. Now I just wear muted colours…

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