Alaska Offering Priority Boarding To Those With Starbucks Drinks

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Alaska Airlines has been known to offer some unique opportunities to get priority boarding, like when before Christmas they sometimes offer priority boarding to those wearing ugly sweaters.

Well, the company has now rolled out another promotion for priority boarding.

From November 7-10, 2019, Alaska Airlines will offer priority boarding to those with a Starbucks holiday cup. Alaska and Starbucks have partnered for years (they’re both based in Seattle), so I guess this is an extension of that partnership. As they describe it, this gives Starbucks customers access to the “espresso” lane. Hah.

There are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • This is valid on all Alaska Airlines flights
  • Eligible passengers can board early, after Group B (which means after first class and elite members — there is no benefit to this for first class and elite members)
  • Any Starbucks holiday cup qualifies (hot or cold), including reusable ones
  • There doesn’t actually need to be anything in your cup, so it’s fine if you’ve finished your beverage
  • SFO, ATL, and MSP are piloting compostable cups, so they don’t have holiday cups; at these locations a holiday cup sleeve will do

This is a cute partnership and concept, though am I the only one who doesn’t really like an airline encouraging people to board planes with beverages?

  • It slows down boarding, since people are usually fumbling to scan their boarding pass when they have a drink in one hand and their bag in another
  • If I had a dollar for every spill I’ve seen from people boarding a plane with a full beverage, I would have bought an Icelandic airline by now

Anyone plan to take advantage of this Starbucks priority boarding promotion on Alaska flights?

  1. @david….. Regarding your comment “Not ever buy from that liberal company”….

    Try getting an education and learning basic grammar. With those skills you might have a different perspective on the world.

  2. Oh how very interesting. I was once denied boarding with a Starbucks coffee in hand so had to throw it away. Taking hot beverages on board, is that at the airline’s discretion?

  3. “If I had a dollar for every spill I’ve seen from people boarding a plane with a full beverage, I would have bought an Icelandic airline by now” Love that! Question is, would your new airline prioritize cargo? I hear there is a huge market for the transportation of goods between Iceland and the States

  4. It’s *CHRISTMAS cup Ben, not a “holiday” cup. They’re clearly Christmas-themed, so you need to specify which “holiday” they’re celebrating. Don’t be part of the war on Christmas this year, please.

  5. Schar – Please continue posting. The nonsense spouted by insecure Christians at this time of year is always hilarious!

    Your insecurity also gives me hope that your assessment is that Christianity is in decline (hence the need to help promote it) and people are starting to develop a rudimentary level of logic and common sense.

  6. Couldn’t it also be in celebration of Hanukkah, Schar? Not a big celebration at all in my part of the world, but at least I’m aware of it and its significance (and I’m Christian).

  7. @TC If they had Hannukkah themed cups, absolutely! But it’s only Christmas themed, and yet they find the need to erase the term and label it as a generic “holiday”. It’s a war on Christmas and it’s sad.

  8. Schar – How on Earth are they Christmas themed?

    The only “sad” thing here is your insecurity combined with your attempt to force your religion on others.

  9. As I Boycott Starbucks, maybe now I add AAL to the list….and Starbucks coffee mostly burnt and terrible as well.

  10. Alaska airlines is giving priority to those that support a company who told a police officer to get out of the store because he made somebody “uncomfortable.” Starbucks the company that wouldn’t give any water to the Firefighters who had been working on a fire next to the Starbucks, unless they paid full price for it. I won’t go further with the political actions of that company.

    I wouldn’t buy from them if they let me ride in the cockpit!!!!!!!!

  11. Instead of a SB drink in hand, will a gate agent allow a passenger to board early if he/she gives them a $5.00 gift card?

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