Alaska Airlines — Seattle’s Hometown Airline

Alaska posted a new marketing video to their YouTube channel yesterday, entitled “Seattle’s Hometown Airline:”

First of all, it sure makes me miss Seattle, especially as summer is upon us. I don’t think there’s a more gorgeous place in the world than Seattle in summer…

But beyond that, this is actually a really brilliant marketing technique on Alaska’s part. This is just another part of their “battle in Seattle” with Delta.

Since there are many areas in which Alaska can’t compete with Delta, they might as well try and appeal to what gets Seattleites every time — feeling a “sense of community” (but not too much community, because then the “Seattle freeze” might just melt). šŸ˜‰

Seattleites are bizarrely loyal to Alaska. Like, they have more pride in Alaska than Singaporeans have in Singapore Airlines. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alaska because of their frequent flyer program (which allows me to fly Cathay Pacific first class and Emirates first class at some ridiculously reasonable mileage rates), but Seattleites fly Alaska because they’re actually convinced that Alaska is the best and friendliest airline.

Anyway, well done Alaska. Neat video!

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  1. “a really brilliant marketing technique on Deltaā€™s part.”

    Did you mean to say “…on Alaska’s part” ?

  2. We Seattleites are a rare breed. We are fiercely loyal to anything that is a part of our community. And on top of that, they are a great airline, customer service is outstanding, redemption for miles are the best you will find. Delta can try all they want to win us over, but they will find that all they will do is piss us off even more.

  3. The video is nice and I learned something new – didn’t realize that Alaska had an all-Boeing fleet although that certainly makes sense.

    @ Ryan – Delta is making SeaTac a hub so they are going to do whatever they can to get Seattleites to switch over.

  4. I’m a Seattleite, and while I think AS generally runs a good airline, I don’t understand the level of loyalty and fanboy-ness that many Seattleites seem to have toward AS.

    Many years ago (like in the late 80’s and 90’s) AS may have had a substantially superior product, especially in terms of food and sometimes employee attitude. Today they generally run a good operation, with good on time performance and completion rates, and mostly their employees provide good service. But it’s really not that different than any other airline, and just like on any airline there are good employees and bad apples and some that go out of their way and many that just go through the motions. And AS’s food and hard product have lagged, with no economy plus-type seating, no in flight entertainment (other than the lame DigEplayers for rent), no power, tight seat pitch and limited recline in F.

    I do fly AS but it’s not dramatically better than others. My favorite feature is no change fees for MVPGs and the fact that they have nonstop to a lot of destinations, although DL now has most of the ones I care about covered. I don’t doubt that if the UA move to revenue based earning holds, that AS will go that route as well, so the main difference between AS and DL will be that AS still has no change fees.

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