Alaska Airlines Now Lets You Pre-Order First Class Meals

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Over the years we’ve seen many airlines introduce the opportunity to pre-order meals when traveling in a premium cabin. I’m not just talking about ordering meals due to dietary restrictions, but actually being able to order from the menu in advance, or sometimes even customize your meal. There are a couple of different ways airlines roll this out:

  • Some airlines let you select from what the menu will be onboard, so you’re not actually getting an expanded selection, but rather can just make sure that you get your first choice (for example, this is how American does it)
  • Other airlines let you select from a much more expansive menu, where you can choose from dozens of meal options that wouldn’t be available onboard (for example, this is how Singapore Airlines does it)

Well, Alaska Airlines is now rolling out the ability to pre-order meals when traveling in first class.

Alaska is rolling this out starting today, October 10, 2017. You’re now able to to pre-select meals for one-way flights from Seattle to Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Washington Reagan, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa. As of October 24, 2017, you’ll be able to select meals on one-way flights in the other direction on the same routes. Over time this feature will be expanded to other routes.

Eligible Alaska first class passengers will be able to select their meals between 24 hours and two weeks of departure, directly through Alaska’s mobile app. Passengers will be able to select between two main course choices, or a fruit & cheese platter served on a first class plate.

Alaska’s site shows how you can go through the process of pre-selecting a meal. Once you’re logged into an eligible reservation through the app, you’ll see a “food reservation” area at the bottom of the itinerary.

Then you’ll be brought to a page with the meal selection for your flight.

Then you’ll be brought to a page where you can reserve your selection.

Even when this is fully expanded, don’t expect to see this feature on most Alaska flights. With the exception of transcon and Hawaii flights, Alaska typically doesn’t offer a choice of meals in first class.

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  1. Big whoop. They don’t offer enough options to make this practical. But their market research probably shows that food quality or choice doesn’t matter as much to the cherished millennials as having a neat-o app from which to order.

    On my must recent upgrade last month to IAD they ran out of omelets so I had the choice between the cereal or the cereal. I took the cereal. Which was fine as I arrived hungry in time for a nice dinner on the ground.

  2. @Grant Its ironic that you say its not practical when you say on our previous flight they ran out of the option you wanted, having this would have prevented that.

  3. Speaking of which, what’s up with the declining food quality on Alaska Airlines? They used to have waffles and scrambled eggs, now on a transcon you get less food than a New York -> Chicago route on any other carrier (it’s always the Omelette or the Granola with a tiny fruit plate and a dry scone.)

    Do they really just think nobody pays for first class?

  4. i’m on 922 right now and the FA announced at the beginning that they were given 4 granola and fruit entrees and 8 quiches, so if there were any food issues , to speak up.

    I think at 9:55 am departure is not a breakfast flight on a work day, so I asked and received a fruit and cheese plate and was given one without a lot of kvetching. I see that this is now an option in the app.

    As for food quality, I received a wrap that was tasty on a paid F (discounted) ticket out of ONT on Sunday — that was it. Nothing else, no salt, pepper or fruit. The FA was mortified. I received a canned response from Alaska Listens, so clearly they care deeply about their passenger’s comments.

  5. Living in Alaska I always fly Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to Seattle, but the food served in first class is horrendous. We always bring snack food; namely cheese and crackers. I am looking forward to comparing Delta to Alaska Airlines first class food this December.

  6. @David I occasionally fly Delta from Seattle to Anchorage. Delta’s prices are better and their food is fine. As fine as Domestic F will ever be, anyhow.

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