Alaska Airlines Will Fly From Everett Paine Field To 8 West Coast Cities

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Last May, Alaska Airlines announced an interesting way in which they’d grow their presence in the Seattle area. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has experienced a huge amount of growth the past few years. Not only has Delta turned it into a hub, but hometown favorite Alaska has continued to grow, as have several other airlines. So while SeaTac was a mid-size airport several years back, it now feels like a major international airport, and is having capacity problems.

At the time, Alaska Airlines announced that they’d start offering passenger service to Paine Field (located North of Seattle) as of the fall of 2018. Paine Field is home to the Boeing Everett Factory, which is the world’s largest building by volume, and also where Boeing’s widebody aircraft are assembled. This will make for some great plane spotting for avgeeks flying out of the airport. Alaska’s logic for adding service out of there is that for many residents North of Seattle, this could save them over an hour of time for their airport commute. That’s a big community, as the North Sound is home to more than a million people.

Today Alaska Airlines has revealed the routes that they’ll initially serve out of Everett’s Paine Field.

Alaska Airlines will offer 13 nonstop daily departures to eight cities from Paine Field-Snohomish County Airport in Everett, when they start service this fall. Alaska Airlines intends to operate all jet service out of Paine Field (presumably Embraer 175s) to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Exact flight times will be announced later in 2018, subject to government approval.

I’m pleasantly surprised by just how many destinations they’ll be flying to out of Paine Field. Having 13 flights to eight destinations means that most flights will likely be once daily, while a few routes will offer multiple daily flights (who knows, maybe we’ll see several daily flights to Portland, which seems like the most logical route, and once daily flights in other markets).

On one hand that’s logical enough, and I imagine over time they’ll try to increase frequencies out of Everett. There’s certainly some tradeoff here for those living in the area. On one hand, they’ll potentially be spending a lot less time getting to the airport. On the other hand, they’ll have access to much more limited schedules — rather than the dozen daily flights that Alaska operates in some of these markets out of SeaTac, passengers will have access to once daily service.

I can’t wait to give one of Alaska’s Paine Field flights a try later this year!

What do you make of Alaska Airlines’ Paine Field routes?

  1. “I can’t wait to give one of Alaska’s Paine Field flights a tray later this year!”

    “Try” not “tray”

  2. I live directly under the final approach to Paine, and even though I will be affected I am supportive. Ubers to Sea-Tac for me run around $60 along with the lengthy backups in Seattle’s traffic hell. This is a huge positive development and one I will be using.

    I’m surprised not to see a daily flight to Charleston to serve the 787 infrastructure.

  3. Who knows, maybe by the time these services start, Boeing will own/joint venture with Embraer, making this peculiar equipment choice more palatable.

    If I lived up there, this would be my first preference by a country mile, given the traffic and parking/uber fees for SeaTac.

  4. @Tom : after the Airbus+Bombardier tie up to rescue the C-series, there has been reports of Boeing and Embraer in “discussions”, whatever those lead to, so I guess it’s not all that odd to fly E75 more.

    If DL really wants to give Boeing the huge middle finger, they’ll find a way to get those CS100 and fly SLC-PAE with them.

  5. 20min back road drive for me! Yay! I am not sure how often I will need to travel to those places at the limited times. Note also United will be flying out of there to DEN and SFO.
    Great opp to visit the Boeing Factory and Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Museum there (was there 2 days ago).

  6. As a fairly frequent traveler from Seattle to Mexico, I’m really hoping they time these flights to make MX connections possible. Most of these destinations have AM connections to SJD and PVR. As a north-ender I’d take departure from PAE over SEA in a heartbeat.

  7. I live in a market that has nonstop AS service to SEA, and would be able to get to PAE in one stop (either via PDX or SJC). As my travel to that part of the world involves points north of SEA, I’ll choose PAE every time over SEA to avoid the hell that is downtown Seattle, so long as the ticket price is less than flying into BLI.

  8. Local residents tried to stop all flights. Approval is for only a 2 gate terminal. United already has planned flights. AS won’t be able to increase it much beyond 13 flights a day. Maybe 15 at most.

  9. This is a great news for all living around the Sound.

    However, as @Dave states, this is happening in spite of he wishes of many local governments.

    It’s amazing that even a two gate terminal was approved. However, it’s testament to the fact that every level of government in this state is incapable of doing anything grand, far-reaching, or aspirational.

  10. I work in Everett and live in Lynnwood, and this is going to be awesome. Getting down to Seatac is a pain in the ass most of the time.

  11. @Heather: You’re still going to be better off flying into SEA to get to the Victoria Clipper terminal – PAE is more than 20 miles from downtown Seattle, as opposed to the ~10 miles between SEA and downtown.

  12. Great news – I have lots of family in the north end, and the cities listed are regular destinations for us. I’m in Seattle proper, so either airport works for me, and this just gives me more choices.

  13. Alaska should shoot for the highest yield that can be obtained with 14 737-900/900ER flights eventually. At the start, maybe E175’s but with only two gates and 6 United flights already planned, gate space will be at a premium.

    One ANC flight could be the answer eventually.

  14. I hope they’ll boost public transportation options. It looks like there’s currently nothing there at the moment and planning only for cars will likely quickly increase congestion, not to mention expensive taxi rides.

  15. @JDH (just above)
    Looks like there’s Community Transit Bus 105 that arrives at PAE around 5:30 am -9:23 am and again between 2:23 pm -6:14 pm. So if one has a morning flight or late afternoon-early evening flight or arrives before 6:09 pm (more like a 5:15 pm arrival), you can take the 105 bus.

    I plan to check out (sort of like mileage run) PAE probably some time in the first half of 2019 unless demand is so great that airfares are high.

  16. @Heather

    “Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get from the Victoria Clipper terminal to Paine Field.”

    You’d be way better off taking light rail from downtown Seattle to the airport. I’d grab an Uber and head to the International District station.

  17. My late Uncle worked for Alaska in avionics when it was at Paine field . Good to hear Paine Field will be utilized again

  18. This is awesome! As someone who has to decide whether to fly out of SEA or YVR (YVR being slightly farther but with better connections though usually less award flight availability) I’d be more than happy to drive 20 mins to Paine Field in minimal traffic as opposed to an hour+ in bad traffic.

    I wonder what the parking situation will be? Hopefully not too expensive.

  19. Anybody know the mechanics of changing a station from Skywest to Alaska?

    About 20 years ago, I saw the change of a station from Express Airlines I to Northwest. The person taking care of check in in the ticket counter and at the gate (same person) was hired by Northwest.

  20. if pricing is close to SEA then these will be 737, at east some, as the demand will be very strong. from Bellevue it is faster to go north than south on 405. I predict 2 daily to LAX and 3 to PDX.

    as long as we vote politicians who make decisions (any kind) out of office, we will never have decent govt in wa. and more or less, that’s the local story.

  21. I can confirm for you Lucky that Alaska will be using the E175’s operated by Horizon out of PAE for these flights.

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