Promo Code: Save 10-20% On Alaska Airlines Flights

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At the moment Alaska Airlines has a pretty good promotion for anyone who is planning travel this winter.

Technically this promotion is being run in conjunction with Starbucks as part of their Happy Hour today, and they tell you to download the Starbucks app to find the promotion code. That seems unnecessary, though.

You can save 10-20% off the base fare of any Alaska Airlines flight by using promotion code IFLYALASKA. There are some things to be aware of:

  • The 10% discount applies when traveling on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, while the 20% discount applies when traveling Mondays through Thursdays
  • You need to book by 11:59PM PT on Friday, December 13, 2019
  • You need to travel between January 7 and March 4, 2020
  • Up to six people can be traveling on one reservation while using this promotion code
  • This works on all economy class fares, though doesn’t work on first class fares
  • You can travel one-way or roundtrip
  • This is available on Alaska’s entire route network, including both domestic and international flights

When you do the search, you’ll see a little symbol next to the price if the promotion code was successfully applied.

If you are going to book an Alaska flight, also keep in mind that there’s a targeted Amex Offer at the moment that can save you $40 on a $200+ Alaska purchase, which can get you an even better deal.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this Alaska 10-20% off promo?

  1. 10-20% off flights that are typically 30% more expensive than Delta or Southwest and even American.
    Not enough blogs cover the fact that Alaska flights have become expensive compared to the competition and their mileage redemption has gotten even more expensive.

  2. Huh? Alaska having flights typically 30% more expensive than SW or Delta? #fakenews

    Which flights are these? I Just checked flights from IAD-LAX, and SEA-LAX for this Mon, Delta is higher in both comparisons. So much for that theory..

  3. Ben – thank you so much for the Alert – super helpful. I was able to take advantage and booked tickets @ $27 each for intra-California. Haven’t seen price that low in decades!!! THANK YOU for all you do on this Blog. I have learned soooo much from you, and enjoy everything I read here. Keep up the excellent content and coverage – you have many fans out here 🙂

  4. AGGGGGGH! I’ve been waiting for a goddamned deal on an SEA to IAD flight on *3/12/20*, AND I’ve got a damned $25 customer service discount I need to use!

    (meanders off swearing to himself)

  5. @Lucky – Thanks for the article with tip on AMEX Platinum (targeted) offer. I have taken advantage of it for some travel planned on Alaska Airlines next February by buying my tickets now.

    @Mike – Alaska’s fares from DAL seem to be less than from DFW and in any case beat most competition here from either airport. Your experience with Alaska’s fares doesn’t seem to hold everywhere.

  6. @Mike
    Not true in my case. I book flights along the west coast every other month and alaska has been consistently cheaper than united, delta and aa. Southwest is the only one with cheaper flights. Jetblue does as well but routes are more restricted on jetblue along california. In some cases Alaska first class is cheaper than united basic economy sooooo yeah.

  7. @Mike – I’ve had the same experience, but I think it’s seasonal. This past summer, flights to SEA and PDX were ridiculously expensive, but that’s when most people travel to the PNW. It’s cheap now because it’s winter.

    Also, I’d much rather fly Alaska, even if it is a little more money. In my experience, it’s well worth it.

  8. @Mike, I haven’t experienced that and I fly a lot (75k with Alaska and Gold with Delta). Delta is nearly always more expensive than Alaska. Southwest is very dependent on when you book. And comparing Alaska or Delta to United and American is a bit like comparing a Mercedes to a Pinto; who cares if it’s cheaper, it sucks.

    Thanks for the reminder on this promotion Ben! Saved me a couple hundred bucks today as I canceled and rebooked a few flights with this deal. $250 round trip from SEA-PHL is a heck of a deal!

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