Which Airlines Give Out Rimowa Amenity Kits?

Reader Trevor asked the following question on the “Ask Lucky” page of the blog:

Second question (referencing James (9334/5)) – Is there a resource to be able to tell which airlines are giving Rimowa kits on which routes?

While I’m not usually much of a collector, I am mildly obsessed with Rimowa amenity kits. I’m not exactly sure why, because I’m not actually a huge fan of Rimowa luggage. But what I love how the Rimowa amenity kits have the individual airlines’ logos on them, and given how many colors they’re in, they look kind of awesome. I’m so much of a fan that I kinda sorta took a trip to Asia in part to pick up my “missing” Rimowa kits.

I actually prominently display them in my living room, along with a bunch of airline teddy bears and rubber ducks (the rest of which are by my bathtub):


Yeah, and my mom wonders why I’m single…

Anyway, I can certainly appreciate the desire for Rimowa amenity kits, so figured I’d provide a quick rundown as to which airlines are offering them as of now. Keep in mind airlines are constantly changing whether they offer them or not, so this post is only current as of now.

ANA Rimowa Amenity Kits

  • ANA presently offers Rimowa amenity kits in first class on all flights to Japan.
  • On flights from Japan they offer Samsonite amenity kits.


EVA Air Rimowa Amenity Kits

EVA Air is the Star Alliance’s newest member, and after joining the alliance began offering Rimowa amenity kits.

  • They’re the only airline to offer them in business class, but only on longhaul flights with Royal Laurel Service (which is their new business class).
  • EVA offers Royal Laurel service on all their flights from Taipei to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris, Amsterdam and London.
  • If you’re on one of their flights with the old configuration (on the A330 and 747) then the premium cabin is Premium Laurel Class. They don’t offer Rimowa kits on those flights.


Thai Airways Rimowa Amenity Kits

While I love many aspects of Thai Airways, they’re one of the most inconsistent airlines when it comes to almost all aspects of their operations. They do presently offer Rimowa kits, though Thai doesn’t seem to provide the kits on all flights.

  • Anecdotally it seems like flights to Australia sometimes don’t get them, while just about all other longhaul routes seem to get Rimowa amenity kits with some consistency.
  • Thai does offer the kits on their Bangkok to Tokyo Narita and Beijing routes as well, though don’t offer any sort of amenity kits on their shorter flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong, for example.
  • When a Rimowa kit isn’t offered on a longhaul flight, Thai instead provides a Tumi amenity kit.


Lufthansa Rimowa Amenity Kits

Lufthansa Rimowa amenity kits have been on quite the hiatus. I got my last one back in 2008, so it has really been a while.

  • However, as of last week many are reporting them being available again in first class on Lufthansa longhaul flights.
  • Some reports indicate that flights are often stocked with both Bogner and Rimowa amenity kits, so you may have to ask for one.


Best award routes to book to secure Rimowa Amenity kits

If you’re looking to somewhat plan your award routing around collecting Rimowa amenity kits, here are what I think are your best options for doing so:

  • You can fly from the US to Tokyo Narita on ANA, and then from Tokyo Narita to Bangkok on Thai (which will potentially get you two Rimowa amenity kits). That should cost 70,000 United MileagePlus miles one-way in first class (if booked before February 1, 2014).
  • You can fly from the US to Frankfurt on Lufthansa, Frankfurt to Tokyo on ANA, and Tokyo to Bangkok on Thai (which will potentially get you three Rimowa amenity kits). That should also cost you 70,000 United MileagePlus miles one-way in first class (if booked before February 1, 2014), though the catch is it can be really difficult to find ANA first class award space between Europe and Tokyo.
  • EVA Air business class is readily available out of the US, and can be booked for 60,000 United MileagePlus miles one-way (if booked before February 1, 2014), or 90,000 US Airways Dividend Miles roundtrip.

Anyone else a big fan of Rimowa amenity kits?

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  1. Recently flew TG on an F award ticket from NRT-BKK, got a gold-coloured Rimowa kit.
    I asked if I could have an extra kit for the girlfriend, unfortunately the F cabin was full that day and they didn’t have any extras…..at least that’s what I was told….

  2. Would it be wise to remind readers that those MileagePlus redemption numbers will change drastically in a few months? Or is that just pouring salt on the wound…

  3. Was given white (f) and black (m) on LH fra-yvr last week. Very nice but the Emirates bvlgari leather kit is by far the nicest I have collected.

  4. Such a cute collection you have got there! BTW, I don’t really believe you are single now 😉 Seems impossible for a catch like you to still be available in the market.

  5. Hi Ben,

    On an unrelated note, is this a valid route on United miles? US (Mainland) -NRT-BKK-SIN-DEL/BOM on a one-way trip? if yes, what is the miles required for travel in First/Business?

    Trying to sample Thai and SQ first class on an itinerary to India and want to see if I can do it in 80000 miles…


  6. Wait……. There is a Mommy Points teddy bear??? When is the One Mile at a Time collector teddy bear coming out??? Or is Lucky working with Hello Kitty on the licensing??

  7. I have several from Eva air. I don’t really understand what the obsession is about. I frankly like the delta Tumi amenity kit better. it’s great for short trips, but i kinda wish it was a bit larger for longer trips.

    The lack of flexibility in the rimowa case is a downside.

    Where did all the teddy bears come from and what happened to elmo? And yes.. why are you scaring away the single ladies with stuffed animals and hello kitty toilet paper. Enjoy your early 20s.

  8. @ coalharbour — Worry not, I’m working on a full collection of One Mile at a Time teddy bears AND rubber ducks. 😉

  9. @ JetsettingEric — I’ve started picking up airline teddy bears whenever I see them in the duty free magazines. I figure airline branded teddy bears are pretty awesome.

    Elmo is hanging out in my closet nowadays. He doesn’t see much sunlight anymore!

  10. Easiest way to collect all Rimowa amenity kits: a quick visit to Bellevue while Ben is away (i.e., most of the time). 😉

  11. Thanks for the post Lucky! I’ll be flying via FRA on LH later this month (still waiting for F to open up), will report if they are giving them on the FRA-IAD route. I’m also working on an itinerary to take advantage of the other routes (it looks like NH is flying the 77W ex-IAD next year)… Hard to find the space though!

  12. Lucky- a little while back i googled thai first class trip reports and the non A380 flights all seem to give out tumi kits. Has that changed? I m on a mission to collect rimowa kits. Thankfully I was targeted for usairways 50% mile rebate promo so wanted to take advantage and have been searching for thai A380 and ana ex-US flights. If thai gives out rimowa kits on non-A380 flights, i won’t have to search so hard.

  13. @ mangoceviche — I’ve read many reports of people getting Rimowa kits on non-A380 flights, so I don’t think it’s exclusive to the A380 (though I do think the A380 has the highest chance of getting them, probably).

  14. Fyi:
    TG Rimowas sell for EUR 40-70 on Ebay in Europe (sealed complete ones)

    Just in case you run out of storage…

  15. @ Haldami — It’s a legal routing. It might not automatically show up online, but if you find the space on the individual segments and call to book the award it should price fine.

  16. I got one from LH from Vancouver to Frankfurt 🙂 how does the Samsonite kit look like? you have a great collection btw.

  17. My mom finds SQ bears super-adorable (as a plus, they are relatively small) and better looking than LX bears. FWIW, our family thinks the girl bear looks fancier. To those wondering how to get SQ bears, they aren’t in SQ duty-free magazines — you have to ask for them very nicely 🙂

    @ Lucky – when you were in Salzburg, did you see a store near the bridge that had a display full of different rubber ducks? Most were in traditional clothes but also had Mozart ducks. As soon as I saw them, I thought of you and snapped a photo 🙂

  18. @ E – I think you got confused, BR only gives out Rimowa for long haul in Royal Laurel (77W), TG is the one would give out Rimowa for flights over 4 hours and in F only, that include BKK-NRT/HND/KIX/PEK.

    @ Lucky – TPE-AMS is a 332, so no Rimowa.

  19. @ ORDnHKG — Unless I’m missing something, Taipei to Amsterdam is operated by a 777-300ER through the end of the schedule.

  20. I came across this googling the amenity kit, but … that bear with the goggles is too cute! Where did he come from?

  21. I recently flew Lufthansa First on 15th March from Newark to Frankfurt—-I only got a Bogner and when I told the Chief Purser one of the reasons why I flew Lufthansa First was for the Rimova. She kindly wrote me a note together with her name card explaining the situation and told me to send to Customer Service for one. Got an email from Lufthansa today saying Rimova Amenity Kit is no longer available!!!! Don’t know whether they BS me or they hv fallen hard times and cannot afford them any more for First Class Passenger!!!

  22. @ David C — Was a temporary thing, unfortunately. They no longer offer Rimowa amenity kits on Lufthansa. Hopefully they return soon.

  23. Dear Amenity Kit Lovers 🙂

    My mum just wishes one of the rimowa amenity kits as birthday present. But for me it nerarly impossible to get one. I would like to ask, if somebody can offer me his or hers for a good price. I only need the little suitcase.
    Is there somebody out there, who can help me????


  24. Hi,
    U can find them on Ebay—-they come in different Color.
    I hv collected 6 on my last NYC Bangkok trip! 🙂
    Good Luck!!!!

  25. Ooo I am a fan, but never ever get to travel on F class 🙁 it is always dream to get one of these. You are lucky that you have soo many of them 🙁

  26. I too am keen for one. but not willing to fork out the extortionate prices on ebay for them 🙁

    Is there anyone who has a spare kit that they are willing to part with?

  27. Rosemary – If you actually read the article from the top, there is one airline that would give you the Rimowa in C class, that is BR. If not, you can always use your miles for a one way F class for TG NRT-BKK. Prices on ebay for the Rimowa are sometimes extortionate but not all the time, you have to look frequently, I bought one off ebay for $50 including the shipping, it is expensive but not out of reach. (I bought it just because for the missing color that I didn’t get). You can also go to airline collectible shows to try your luck, these shows are all over the country at different times of the year, do a search to see if there is nearby where you live. You may find surprises at these show sometimes at a really good price, much cheaper than ebay.

  28. Thanks,unfortunately I am in NZ, so we do not have these airline collectable shows etc.. Nor does BR travel to NZ 🙁

  29. Hello Lucky,

    I recently found this website and I think your experience can bring newbies like me a lot of fun and save me a lot of money.Thanks in advance. I have around 200k united miles after receiving united credit card, ritz-carlton,marriott credit card and bonus offer from fidelity. what is the best way to find ANA first class award ticket? I tried to use the tool on united.com including Multiple Destination, it is so hard to find ANA first class. Do you have any suggestion or other method? my destinations are usually Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Melbourne and Taipei. Thanks

  30. Upcoming F flight on ANA but unfortunately it looks as though they aren’t giving out the Rimowa kits anymore…

  31. Hi,

    I was actually reading about TG Royal Silk Cabin ammenity website. It mentioned ”


    THAI Royal Silk Class passengers also receive the most generous hospitality during their flights. For resting times, soft blankets and pillows will comfort them, while their lavish multi-course meals are served, gourmet restaurant style, with a tempting choice of Asian or western dishes.

    For flights four hours or more, a travel kit is presented, containing a selection of toiletries and cosmetic products, together with an eye shade, comfort socks and toothbrush set. On flights to Japan and Korea, slippers are offered as a substitute to socks.”

    Does that mean that might be a possibility for rimowa?

    The exclusive Royal Silk Class toilets are generously equipped with leading brands of toiletries, such as eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, and moisturizing hand cream.

  32. Hi Lucky, I recently flew Lufthansa from Munich to Dubai and they provided Rimowa kits to the first class passengers. I got a nice blue one. 🙂

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