The Best Airline Boarding Music To Enjoy At Home

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The longer I’m at home and not flying, the more I try to incorporate aspects of aviation into my life at home. One aspect of that is boarding music, though the reality is that I’ve been listening to boarding music for fun for a very long time.

The best airline boarding music

I know I’m a weirdo, but I really have a thing for airline boarding music. I tend to think we associate a lot of memories with music, either based on what we were listening to when something happened, or just because different music sums up different moods.

As someone who is obsessed with flying and associates a lot of memories with it, I can’t help but notice the boarding music that airlines use. To me it’s a small touch that can help set the tone for a flight.

Almost without exception, I remember the boarding music (or lack thereof) that airlines use. For many people boarding is a stressful time, so I think a good soundtrack can help set the tone for a relaxing flight.

Given that most of us are stuck at home, I wanted to make an updated list with my favorite airline boarding music for a couple of reasons:

  • For those just getting used to working at home, I feel like some kinds of music really help with productivity, and for the most part airline boarding music music is great in that regard; it’s intended to be relaxing without being distracting
  • For many of us this is such a nice way to be reminded of our favorite airlines

With that out of the way, here’s a list of my favorite airline boarding music:

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways only introduced this boarding music a couple of years ago (to coincide with the introduction of Qsuites), but I find it to be so incredibly relaxing and calming… ah! It even highlights a local Qatari composer, Dana Al Fardan.

2. Etihad Airways

Next on my list is Etihad, because they actually have two “generations” of amazing boarding music. Personally their boarding music from several years back is my preferred one of the two, and this is my go-to track to listen to while working.

Their more recent track is great as well, though.

3. Emirates Airline

I love Emirates’ old boarding music, though unfortunately they don’t play it anymore. Now they just play radio hits, which to me just can’t compare. There was something so familiar about stepping onto an Emirates A380 and hearing the below music.

4. All Nippon Airways

When I listen to the below track I close my eyes and imagine myself boarding ANA first class, with endless “thank you for waiting” and “so sorry” apologies.

5. Oman Air

Yep, the Gulf carriers seem to get boarding music right. I love flying with Oman Air in general, and in particular love their boarding music.

6. Turkish Airlines

Okay, this isn’t actually boarding music, but I can’t talk about any airline music without mentioning Turkish Airlines’ ridiculously addictive (and probably not in a good way) hold music.

PSA: LISTEN AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION, because the music may be stuck in your head for weeks.

In all honesty, Turkish’s actual boarding music isn’t half bad either.

Bottom line

I’ve been listening to airline boarding music at home for years. It’s fantastic music to work to, because it’s relaxing without being distracting.

I’d love to hear what other boarding music you guys enjoy, and ideally even include links to the songs, because I’d love to add more music to my rotation!

  1. I know we’re not too thrilled with United right now, but Rhapsody in Blue puts me back on a plane every time.

  2. Don’t you have anything better to do???? If you have no content it’s ok to not post

  3. The 13-minute Etihad track is in my work rotation.

    It generates a nostalgic (tho maybe somewhat orientalist) Gulf State vibe for me.

  4. Another really enjoyable tune is the old LAN music. Especially coupled with the images of seemingly obscure destinations that accompanied it.

    It’s hard to decide whether this music is actually good or just evokes nostalgia. For the LAN music, I’m guessing the latter. But the Etihad music is SO FREAKING GOOD.

  5. Eva Air always has my vote. I’m biased though, since I’m Taiwanese. They have boarding and landing music. Personally I like the landing music which is orchestral versions of two traditional Taiwanese songs 雨夜花 and 望春風. I think they are particularly distinctive examples of classic Taiwanese compositions that never fail to remind me of Taiwan. I think airline music should try to emphasize the airline brand and the destination and I feel Eva Air does that very well.

  6. The best for me is still Air Serbia’s “The wings of Europe”! Very relaxing.

  7. Cathay Pacific’s (not sure if older or newer one) is one of my favorite!

    Also Garuda Indonesia’s “The Sound of Indonesia” was amazing for me:

    Great post! Could I ask for a request post? Seeing that you also collect Airline memorabilia, would you consider creating a list/post of which airlines have those “Special Edition Teddy Bears” I really want to collect as much as I can but currently only have ANA and EVA. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the article, I’d love to find an album work all of them together!
    I seem to remember that that, back in 2009, EK used to play “it’s a wonderful works” before landing.
    More modern in style, I love late Joon’s incidental music
    I have actually downloaded it into my ITunes library.

  9. The newer/recent Etihad track sounds like it could have been used in a Harry Potter movie.

    (Although United’s reputation is suffering serious damage in my eyes,) concur with the likes for Rhapsody in Blue. But was that piece actual boarding music, or just in the TV ads for United?

  10. I love this post, as I’m so with you Ben! After listening to EK’s boarding music on YouTube a few weeks back, I tried my best to recreate their Arabic mezze for lunch, while wearing my EK pajamas 🙂

  11. For me it’s Qantas. Heard the Qantas boarding music hundreds of times but always enjoy it

  12. Qatar is great. For very brief moments Delta and AA had good boarding music many moons ago!

  13. Finnair boarding music is pretty relaxing as well.

    Reminds me of these Nordic frozen landscapes with attractive blue-eyed ladies starring at you while radiating your strong masculine presence

  14. I didn’t realise this but was surprised tp learn the corny Turkish hold music song is actually sung by Sertab Erener who is quite a big pop star and won the Eurovision Song Contest for the country in 2003! I just played it and my partner immediately recognised her voice, and upon googling sure enough it’s her! Amazing!

  15. This gets my vote for Post of the Week <3 Just sent it to Daughters #1 and #3 so they could relive our October 2019 trip to Japan in ANA First 🙂

  16. Thank you, Ben! This is awesome! The Qatar boarding music is hypnotic and I love it!

  17. @JoePro and @UnitedEF

    When does United actually use “Rhapsody in Blue” during boarding? I only recall hearing it as hold music or in commercials and safety videos. During boarding one is usually subjected to awful Top 40 dreck from Maroon 5 and the like.

    VietJet plays this mawkish tune:
    Maybe it has a prophylactic effect against coronaviruses. It certainly repels me.

  18. This was an awesome posting. Thoroughly enjoyed and brought back so many great memories.

    Now if only had tech skills or to food someone to combine them to listen to as one.

    I so enjoy your blog – B471ST

  19. I echo JLs opinion on Eva. I found their music very soothing and relaxing and it calms me down (I have anxiety). The other good one is STARLUX – the new Taiwanese airlines. They even have their music available on Spotify

  20. Many Thanks Man! This is really nice. Appreciate it very much especially during this time of uncertainty and confusion………..

  21. Is it just me or does the Etihad music sound like a Harry Potter soundtrack? In a nice way, of course.

  22. Cathay Pacific plays “Awake” by Tycho as pre landing and “See” by Tycho as boarding music. Both are excellent.

  23. Love this! I’m also looking at things like this to make up for the trips that I would otherwise be doing!

    Perhaps next you could look at airline ads. This one, from the early 90’s, absolutely fried ,y imagination. I must have been about 14 at the time and I remember it so vividly!

  24. Did you know that Etihad has changed their beautiful boarding music to a generic jazzy one about a year ago?
    I was shocked and saddened by the ‘elevator music’ they play now

  25. What a GOOD (BAD) post.
    I’m crying like a idiot when I’m typing this.I miss the time everyone can fly.I miss it so much.

  26. Absolutely timely post now that majority of us are all on lockdown. Thai Airways released a new landing song (about 2 years back) which was sung by a famous Thai music group Room39; also Thai Airways collaborated with another Thai singer Violette Wauttier. I have heard both songs on board during boarding and landing both of which I find are rather soothing as well. I have attached the links below if anyone wants to give it a listen!

    Fly With Me (Be My Love) – ทอม Room39 –
    ปลายทางคือคุณ (Sound of Places) – Violette Wautier –

  27. This might be before your time, but American Airlines had some great boarding music for its international flights in the 1990s. They combined it with relaxing videos that played on all the screens.

    If you’re looking for something to listen to at home that will remind you of prior trips, try listening to the 4-5 second jingle that the French railway SNCF uses before announcements in the stations. The Spanish railway Renfe also has a memorable pre-announcement jingle.

  28. I am so blessed to have featured all of these in my travel videos on board these airlines, with the exception of Qatar Airways which I have yet to travel on. Saving the best for last one could say . The old Etihad Airways music was the best.

  29. Lucky thanks so much for posting this!

    Just flew NH F in January and this song made my day.

  30. Back in the 90s, SQ used Amigos Para Siempre for their boarding music. It was hard not to hum or sing a few bars along. As for a proper composition, Rhapsody In Blue has got my vote.

  31. Several years back, a coworker played a chill/meditation type playlist for me. It was either a remixed version of/inspired by an Asian airline (I can’t remember the country). The artist had a real love for boarding music from the 1970s & incorporated boarding calls & in-flight announcements in the mixes. I cannot find it online anywhere- does anyone here know who the heck the artist was?

  32. Has anyone heard Fiji Airways boarding music. It’s so soothing. I tried searching but can’t find any links to it.

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