Airbus Has A Message For Boeing On Their 100th Birthday

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Boeing is celebrating their 100th birthday this year, which is an incredible accomplishment.Ā While Airbus and Boeing are neck-and-neck in terms of orders, Boeing has been around significantly longer.

So, what does Airbus have to say to Boeing during this incredible milestone? Watch here to find out:

I don’t think the message as such is that surprising, though kudos to Airbus for the production quality in this video, as I think the message could have gone the other way as well. šŸ˜‰

  1. Great video. Love the message – competition makes us all better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Typical Airbus tricks. Taking a Boeing anniversary and making it all about themselves. You can build airplanes but you can’t buy class.

  3. This whole video has nothing to do with Boeing. Has everything to do with Airbus. Every frame had Airbus word and logo. When you say Happy Birthday Jeff, you don’t put your name Bob on the birthday card. Sorry, but it is an ad for Airbus

  4. As somehow who competes with Airbus for a living (albeit not at Boeing), I think it was a nice touch. There is far more comity between the large aerospace companies than an outsider would expect there to be.

  5. Every time theres an Airbus crash on Auto Pilot they blame human error . If it ain’t Boeing I ain’t going .

  6. Wow… never thought I would use this word in public, but that is one of the cheesiest videos I have seen. Strictly speaking, the competition has not exactly been played on fair grounds. As we all know that both companies receive excessive subsidies in one form or another by respective governments (i.e. Boeing Defense), Airbus tends to receive a significantly larger proportion of funds from the major EU players even for its commercial divisions. So technically, the message should be: “Here is to competition (albeit with a lot of free money coming in from the bankrupt EU governments to bolster our performance) over the next 100 years.”

    Interesting to see about 20 shots of the A320 while only 2 shots of the A380 in the background. Clearly, they are proud and disappointed with the A380 program.

  7. Boeing is my go to choice when I company flies all Boeing. Airbus 320s might have alittle more room, but I will take my little baby Boeing any day.

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