Save $50+ On Airbnb Through Amex Offers

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We’ve written previously about Amex Offers, which is a program through American Express which offers discounts and statement credits for using your linked card at a variety of retailers.

These offers save me hundreds of dollars throughout the year, be it on hotel stays, cell phone bills, or even Amazon. It typically takes just a few moments to register, and the statement credits post automatically.

The latest Amex Offer is for $50 off a $100 purchase at Airbnb. I actually have an upcoming family trip to Thailand where we’ve been seeking out more-local accommodations, so the timing of this is perfect for me. Even if you don’t have an immediate use for an Airbnb stay, the promotion specifically allows the purchase of gift cards, so you can buy now and use the credits whenever.

Registering through

At the bottom of the American Express home page you should see a section with offers:


These are specific to each card, however, once you click that “add to card” button the offer generally won’t appear for other cards in your account. The workaround here is to open each card in a new tab, and then add all the offers at once.

By using this method, I was able to add the Airbnb discount to my Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express, The Platinum Card® from American Express, and my Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card.


Registering through Twitter

In the event that the Airbnb Amex Offer doesn’t show up in your Amex account, you’re not out of luck. You can sync your American Express credit card to Twitter, and register for the Airbnb promotion that way, using the hashtag #AmexAirbnb.

Buying Airbnb gift cards

This is actually the most complicated part of the process (though it’s still not all that hard), but there are a few caveats:

  • You must be logged in to your account to buy an Airbnb gift card
  • The account used to purchase the card cannot be used to redeem the card (they take “gift” seriously)
  • You can only use one gift card per transaction when it comes time to pay

Now, none of those are a big deal for me, as I have an upcoming trip planned with other people, so the extra few minutes spent to shuffle cards around isn’t an issue. Definitely something to be aware of as you’re plotting out how to maximize this promotion.

In my case, I’ll be traveling with my cousin Heather, so we each just linked our respective Amex cards, and then purchased gift cards for the other person.

Before buying gift cards, go to your airbnb account, and select Settings > Payment Methods. You’ll want to add your registered Amex cards here, as you won’t have the opportunity later on.


From there, enter into your browser, which will bring you to this page:


Click “Send a Gift Card” and choose the denomination and recipient (increments of $100 are the best way to maximize the offer), and make sure to pay with your registered American Express card:


You’ll receive a confirmation:


And your recipient will receive an email as well:


Once the gift card has been accepted, it will be automatically added to your account balance:


Gift cards don’t expire once they’ve been added to an account, which is nice.

Bottom line

I love Amex Offers, and enjoy Airbnb stays when they make sense, especially now that I can earn miles on Airbnb stays. The timing of this couldn’t be better for me, and will literally cut the cost of our family vacation in half!

If you think you might want to register for the statement credit, I recommend doing so ASAP, as enrollment is always limited for these offers.

Is anyone else taking advantage of the Airbnb credit? 

(Tip of the hat to FrequentMiler)

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  1. You must be logged in to your account to buy an Airbnb gift card
    The account used to purchase the card cannot be used to redeem the card (they take “gift” seriously)
    You can only use one gift card per transaction when it comes time to pay

    That information will save people a lot of time and trouble. Thanks for posting!

  2. In regards to this point:

    You can only use one gift card per transaction when it comes time to pay

    It’s not the first time I’ve heard this but as I was running test booking, it seems to apply all the credits in my account, including the $25 credit through your referal

  3. Thanks for sharing as i was going to book an airbnb today (Rincon, Puerto Rico). All this talk about gift cards, cant i just use my platnium amex to pay the tab and get a $50 credit?

  4. And also found a $50 off $250 at Embassy Suites where I just happen to be staying at Sun-Wed this week. Awesome.

  5. @lopere – are you implying that because the SPG amex is a hotel branded amex, they wouldn’t have any other hotel related offers? Cause that is not true.

  6. I understand the whole buy gift cards for bookings after 12/31. But I wonder if I book something by 12/31 for a stay in March 2016 for example, would I get the credit anyway? Making the whole gift card shuffle unnecessary. I guess it depends on whether airbnb charges my card at the time of booking or not. Anyone know?

  7. “You can only use one gift card per transaction when it comes time to pay.”
    I wonder if what you mean is that you can’t split payment between gift cards that are in seperate accounts. In other words, you and your cousin can’t apply the gift cards in each of your accounts to one reservation. If the gift cards are all in one account, don’t they all get applied?

  8. @turgutbey Airbnb charges your card when the host accepts your booking (within 24 hours of you submitting the request), so you can pay any time up until the end of the year (12/30 to make sure that the host accepts in time) and qualify for the $50 statement credit, regardless of the date of travel!

    We just made a booking for May 2016, which was accepted within an hour, posted to Amex 2 days later, and got $50 statement credit.

  9. I haven’t used Airbnb yet but I am planning to next year. I have multiple cards so I would like to be able to use multiple gift cards during 1 transaction. Can anyone confirm that only 1 gift card per Airbnb stay?

    And yes I understand that you have to “gift” the card to someone so that isn’t a problem.

  10. @Lori the Amazon deal was a super old one from the beginning of the year.

    Also, has anyone actually went through the process and sent a gift card? I purchased one and the pending charge is being processed by BRAINTREECHARGE.COM. Im not sure if I won’t get the credit since it doesn’t look like an actual Airbnb charge. I usually get the emails (“thanks for using your enrolled card”) but didn’t get it yet, thats why I’m not sure if it’ll work.

    Any data points on this one? Thanks guys.

  11. For those that have been charged for an Airbnb stay but have not stayed yet, you can email to send you a link to change your payment information to charge your AMEX and they will refund your original payment. Just changed my payment info to my AMEX to get an extra $50 off. Thanks Tiffany!!

  12. @Joe Same with me, but the terms of the offer specifically INCLUDE gift card purchases, so either the charge will formally post as coming for or you can contact AMEX and tell them you didn’t get the $50 after a few weeks.

    Since the terms include gift cards, you won’t have to obfuscate your purchase when contacting them.

  13. And this from :

    “Why doesn’t my statement show the name of the business I made the purchase from?
    Since our merchants use Braintree to securely send payment information to your credit card company and bank, our name might temporarily appear on your statement. Once the transaction is finalized by your bank (within 7 days), you should see the name of the business where you made your purchase.”

    My guess is when this posts to the account, it will show as Airbnb and we’ll get the $50 credit then.

  14. I was only able to enter 5 credit cards as payment options for AirBnb. Even after the first 5 were deleted I could not add another. Trying to get this on several Amex cards. Anyone else run into this?

  15. Purchased $300 in Airbnb gift cards, all transactions have posted to my Amex cards as “airbnbGC” on 11/4. Still no statement credit! Usually I receive statement credit within a day or so. Anyone else have this issue?

  16. I have the same issue too. Initially the charge pends as and becomes AIRBNBGC when the charge posts. It doesn’t seem like AIRBNBGC charges is coded to trigger the reward, and I assume only AIRBNB charges (i.e. Those when used to make actual bookings) are. I contacted Amex and the CSR was noncommittal. Anyone tried contacting them?

  17. My Dec. 18 transactions still hadn’t credited as of today — so I finally phoned Amex. I was transferred upon explaining the situation… Amex’s ISU (?) team explained that Airbnb gift card purchases didn’t “code” as expected under the Amex-Airbnb promotional agreement. Therefore, automatic credits weren’t issued for my GC transactions. The same rep. manually applied all missing credits.

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